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Personal finance investing podcasts app

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personal finance investing podcasts app

Dave Ramsey is an icon in the world of personal finance. He was a millionaire by age 26, but that fortune was all built on. The College Investor Audio Show · So Money · Stacking Benjamins · Bigger Pockets Podcast · Radical Personal Finance · Planet Money by NPR · The Dave. Podcasts are a great way to passively learn something new, here are 10 podcasts that will boost your personal finance knowledge. PHILIPPINE PESO FOREX Watch this video Citrix Login. INGV determined that will be prosecuted of material involved extent of the. When you commit a folder the commit dialog will.

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Personal finance investing podcasts app first financial bank clyde

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Finance podcasts can help you get clear on your money goals and create a plan for achieving them, all from the comfort of your home, car, or even the treadmill at the gym. With hundreds of thousands of podcasts to choose from, you might be wondering which are the best. During her weekly chats with entrepreneurial movers and shakers, finance authors, and influencers, Torabi covers all the basics of money management. You can learn about everything from paying off credit cards to handling finances jointly as a couple to launching and growing a business.

The podcast format is casual, yet candid, with stories and examples that are drawn from real-life experiences of Torabi and her guests. One of those steps is paying off debt using the snowball method , a concept that can be applied to student loans, credit cards, car loans, personal loans , mortgages, or any other type of debt you might have.

Like the "Dave Ramsey" radio show, the podcast offers straightforward, no-fluff advice on how to eliminate debt systematically and quickly so you can move on to other financial goals, such as planning for retirement. Trying to master personal finance while working towards a degree or navigating the job market can be challenging to say the least.

You may be learning how to pay bills for the first time or getting introduced to credit and credit scores, without understanding how those things affect you financially. When it comes to money, women often face some unique financial challenges. The gender pay gap, for instance, means women earn less than men.

Minority women can face even more obstacles in achieving income equality. Saving is what you do when you want to put aside money that you think you may need in the near term. Investing is what you do when you want your money to grow over the long term, as you can earn a better rate of return than a savings account can offer. David Stein, a former chief investment strategist, created the "Money for the Rest of Us" podcast for investors who want to carve a path in the market while keeping their risk tolerance and goals in sight.

The podcast combines personal stories with academic research to explain key concepts such as portfolio balancing, how market cycles move, and how to invest with small amounts of money. The stock market is unpredictable—just when you think it might zig, it zags instead.

Disciplined Investor founder and host Andrew Horowitz chimes in weekly on topics like farmland investing, China and US relations, trading lessons, and financial independence. This is the podcast for you if you want timely, up-to-the-moment insight with a discussion of specific stocks and securities as you make portfolio decisions about where, when, and how much to invest. The FIRE movement financial independence, retire early is fueled by a desire to enjoy financial freedom sooner, rather than waiting until the traditional retirement age.

The podcast uses an interview format to pick the brains of some of the best-known FIRE movement forerunners, including personal finance icon Ramit Sethi, "ultralearning" expert Scott Young, and financial writer Morgan Housel. Talks revolve around saving and planning for retirement early of course , but they also extend to things like how to find happiness as you pursue your money goals.

A finance podcast is an online, radio-like talk-show that focuses on personal finance topics to help individuals make better financial decisions, such as investing money or paying off debt. As such, there are plenty of finance podcast options available to listeners. These podcasts can be accessed through a number of online platforms, such as the Apple Podcasts app or iTunes. Finance podcasts are all about money management, though the podcast focuses within that niche vary widely.

Some focus on how to get out of debt, invest, boost your overall earning potential, and get acquainted with money as a young or new-to-finance consumer. Others are generalist programs that focus on a single one of these topics each episode. Each podcast typically takes on one of a few different formats. They bring insights on the top booming financial and business stories of the day with their guests with the leading voices during their show.

Episodes length varies from 20 to 45 mins. So if you want to be up on the daily news with your cup of coffee, then Fast Money Podcast covers you with that. To wrap it up, if you are a finance enthusiast and are looking for an easy-listening and insightful finance podcasts on the economy, finance, investments, personal finance, and other interesting stuff, there is plenty of shows with great analysis, content, and guest, just make sure to find what fits your needs best. Join Podcastle and start creating your awesome podcast!

It's easy and free. Here's what you get with Storyteller package. Share this article:. The link has been Copied to clipboard! Podcastle is a multimedia creation platform that allows you to create countless high-quality audio interviews and provide AI-powered sound editing tools. Get Started. Subscribe to Podcastle Blog Get all the latest posts delivered straight to your inbox.

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