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Forex trading journal apps

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forex trading journal apps

TraderSync a trade journal and portfolio tracker for active traders looking to find an edge or to keep track of their performance. TraderVue · Edgewonk · TraderSync · TradeMetria · artfuture.space · Journalytix · My FX Book · Trade Bench. This app helps you do exactly that. Keep a detailed log of your FX trades and track percentage-based account performance. Validate trade setups and. ECONOMICALLY, THE FOREX CALENDAR I hope you are able to profile image click. Here is the as the 8th the left panel. A unified computing You can share putting on the series was dead I get from.

Keeping a track of every trade you make will help you learn from your mistakes. Trades can be easily forgotten. With Forexbook you can see exactly where, when, and why you traded. We provide you the tools so you can become good at what you do — trading. See our features below. No need to manually enter your entries and exits. Your trades are synced from Metatrader and only add rating and comments.

More about trading journal. Using strategies helps you define each trade by its specific criteria like trade rules, timeframes to trade, and money management. More about creating strategies. Connect as many accounts as you need. Track and journal trades for your demo and live accounts from any Metatrader broker. More about accounts. Just starting with Forexbook? You can import all your past trades with ease and even import chart images for your past trades.

More about history import. Create an account and copy your personal token code and download EA. Put the Forexbook Expert Advisor into your experts folder, apply it to the chart and insert the api token unique code you copied. Create a free account and get setup in less than 5 minutes.

Become a better trader now! Features Automated trading journal See how convenient it is to journal your trades with Forexbook. Trading Strategies Add trading strategies for better trade analysis. Multiple Accounts Add as many Metatrader accounts as you need. History Import All your past trades are accessible on Forexbook. Sign in Create a free account. Automated trading journal.

Its glitchy, after saving you cant edit. So if your no descriptive enough you cant edit and if you wait too long to save it deletes what you wrote. Brilliant app. Simple and effective. Not built trying to be fancy making it complicated. Only thing is if you could add options for th main cryptocurrencies. Great app for tracking progress, have used it extensively for about a month, and here are a few bits for improvement developer: 1.

All was fine, till I got to 52 trades, and the graph in the performance tab disappeared. CSV file is basically unusable in excell. Crypto News Alerts - Track bitcoin news - altcoins.

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When the patterns are good, you try to keep up with them. And when the patterns are bad, you try to eliminate the cause. When you keep a trading diary over time, it would give you a vivid view of how reliable your strategies are. It shows you how well you have profited from your strategies and how much you have lost. It also reveals how your strategy performed in market trends and other market conditions.

Another insight your trading journal gives is your performance when you set your stop losses too loose or too tight. Having these bits of information helps you know if your strategy needs tweaking or a complete replacement. One of the most destructive habits of many forex traders is that they make trades from emotions.

This is common among novice traders. What this means is that they make trades without getting convincing confirmations from their strategies to do so. An example is you lowering your stop losses when market price nears them, hoping the price would reverse and go your way. This manner of trading could be disastrous to your account. The common cause of emotional trading is the lack of confidence in your trading strategy.

But a trading journal helps you build your trading confidence by giving you reasons to stick with your strategy. These reasons are often in the form of statistical evidence of your performance in past trades. Your trading journal has to have every necessary bit of information from which you may draw the right conclusions. There are two types of trading journals: the excel documents and trading diary software applications.

The advantage of using a software package is that it provides tools, graphs, and tips to help improve your trade. But these software applications are not free. An excel document trading diary, however, does not provide the tools that its software counterpart provides. But unlike journal software, excel files are free. This section is majorly for those who are keeping an excel document trading journal.

Many trading diary software programs already have some of these contents. There are some basic bits of information that should be in every trading journal. Some of them are your entry and exit prices for every trade, the currency pair you traded, and the date of the trades. Typically, your broker should provide these details on their trading platform. The MT4 trading platform, for example, provides your trade history and still allows you to export it in an excel file format.

It's ok not great. Best feature is the amount of notes you can enter. More than characters 4sure. The caveat. Its glitchy, after saving you cant edit. So if your no descriptive enough you cant edit and if you wait too long to save it deletes what you wrote.

Brilliant app. Simple and effective. Not built trying to be fancy making it complicated. Only thing is if you could add options for th main cryptocurrencies.

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TraderWise Review - How to Set Up Your Free Automatic Trading Journal

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