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demand side economics investopedia forex

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Demand side economics investopedia forex stock investing strategies demand side economics investopedia forex


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These policies are aimed at increasing Aggregate Supply AS , a shift from left to right. Successful supply-side policies lower the natural rate of unemployment. Fiscal Policy refers to policies affect government spending or tax policy. In Keynesian economics, the level of Aggregate Demand determines the output.

To increase production, we would need to increase aggregate demand. Thus, fiscal policy can be used to increase Aggregate Demand. These policies can be used to help close the deflationary gap. Fiscal expansions tend to be politically popular i. However, fiscal expansions can make existing deficits worse and add to the national debt, which may not be sustainable.

Contractionary policies spending cuts or higher taxes tend to be politically unpopular and less likely to be used even if required by economic conditions. Monetary Policy refers policies that affect the interest rate or money supply. Monetary policy affects Aggregate Demand AD.

An expansionary monetary policy increases Aggregate Demand, while a contractionary monetary policy decreases AD. Monetary expansions are often less efficient and less predictable as compared to monetary contractions. For example, if the Central Bank is concerned about weak economic growth or relatively high rates of unemployment. The policy reaction would be to increase bank reserves excess reserves through open market purchases.

The equilibrium price is the market price that satisfies both businesses and consumers. Related: Implicit Cost: Definition and Examples. There are a few ways supply-side and demand-side economics relate to one another. Here are some examples of their similarities:. Desire for economic growth: Despite their differences, both supply-side economics and demand-side economics aim to inspire national economic growth and prosperity. Need for increased job opportunities: Supply side and demand side also want to encourage more job opportunities to influence economic growth.

Supply side economics aims to incentivize businesses with tax cuts, whereas demand side economics enhances job opportunities by creating public works projects and other government projects. Demand for reducing taxes: Both supply and demand economics use reducing taxes as a method to stimulate the economy.

This is because it increases the amount of spending money an individual or business entity can use toward purchasing goods and services. Use of government projects: Supply-side economics and demand-side economics can both make use of government projects or incentives to stimulate the economy. Supply-side economics usually focuses on creating government projects to encourage the production of goods from a corporation.

In contrast, demand-side economics focuses specifically on creating government jobs, so consumers feel more comfortable spending. Review these key differences to further your understanding of supply-side economics and demand side economics:. Focus on suppliers vs. For example, supply-side economics focuses on encouraging businesses and wealthy individuals to spend money.

In contrast, demand-side economics focuses on the average consumer to help stimulate the economy again. Emphasis on who receives tax cuts: These two economic theories also differ in who receives tax cuts to encourage spending. For instance, supply-side economics gives tax cuts to the wealthy and businesses to encourage them to invest and spend money on business initiatives. In contrast, demand-side economics focuses on providing tax cuts to lower and middle-class individuals to encourage them to make more purchases on consumer goods.

Offer consumers more options versus more money: Another way to differentiate between supply-side economics and demand-side economics is to look at what they have to offer to consumers. In supply-side economics, the goal is to provide consumers with more products and service options to purchase by encouraging businesses to spend money on production and research. In contrast, demand-side economics focuses on helping consumers maximize their income by reducing taxes to spend more on goods and services.

Related: 18 Top Economics Degree Jobs. There are various ways that governments can use supply-side and demand-side economics to encourage economic growth. Here are a few examples that demonstrate the uses of supply-side and demand side economics:. Allowing more free trade agreements to encourage business endeavors. Creating government infrastructure projects or programs that encourage private businesses to contribute their expertise. Devaluing the U. Proposing five new public works projects that require over , employees in total.

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Economics 101- Demand Side vs. Supply Side (featuring Jim Quinn)

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