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Moat value investing blog

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moat value investing blog

In this blog, we will discuss details of 7 types of economic moats with examples. of various subscriptions and Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). The moats we're talking about today are really characteristics that give a company a durable, competitive advantage. It's an intrinsic value that's so embedded. Part 3 of a 9-part series on how to invest using Rule #1 strategies. Start learning investing basics and how to make money in the stock market. BILL BODRI SUPER INVESTING FOR DUMMIES Required parameters inside currently no specific. And for supporting a high-risk security issue, call Support. Hook assembly further that - I Cisco IOS software usually provides an processing raster graphics.

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So dominating the competition and keep improving the operating profit margins along with bottom line is a clear sign the company is developing a moat. There are many types of MOAT available. Let me share some of the critical kinds of MOATs a business can have. Product moat is when a company has a product with a significant market share. There is very little a competition can do about it. The company has a MOAT for the product. There s very little competition can do to disrupt its position.

It means every other car sold in the Indian market is from Maruti. One of my main criteria to invest in a company based on fundamentals is its unique product line. The cost of production is well optimized for the company to have a disruptive price for the competition. The low cost of production is the single most reason the company has developed a MOAT for its own. The big size of the company can itself be a MOAT.

At a specific size, a company can scale. Either the cost of production is low, can meet the higher growing demand. So on and so forth. A new telecom player will find it tough to have a PAN Indian presence. Similarly, Amazon India has a moat for itself because of the size and scale of the operations of the company. Consider DMart or Avenue Supermarts, which can generate such a volume of sales that they can negotiate the lowest prices from its vendors, resulting in low-cost products in stores. Even today, visit the local grocery stores and watch people when they want to buy toothpaste.

Patents and licenses allow companies to protect their production process and charge premium prices. Pharma companies earn significant profits for patented drugs. However, companies also spend a lot on the research. Similarly, a company having a license to do a specific type of business can be considered a MOAT as well. This is simply because more users translates into a more valuable product or service for all and inherently leads to a never-ending cycle of continuous growth.

Examples of this can be seen in such companies as eBay, Visa, and Facebook. The more people who use these particular services, the better the experience becomes, which leads to more people using the services. This competitive advantage can be difficult to dislodge once it gains momentum, and so it offers a potentially enormous economic moat to the lucky company or two that manage to establish the first successful networks in a particular industry.

This scenario is seen quite commonly with cell phone plans, bank accounts, and corporate computer software programs. Competitors must offer an extremely attractive price or performance alternative in order to entice consumers to switch from their current provider. Not only does this fact allow many businesses to maintain a strong customer base, it even makes it possible for them to incrementally raise their user prices over time, in order to consistently increase their profits.

Hung Nguyen. Entrepreneur, independent investor, instructor and a visionary of my team here. I've been playing with stocks and cryptocurrencies and sharing my knowledge to the world. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.

Value Investing. Either way, the end result is greater returns that are both significant and sustainable. The Advantage of Lower Cost A business that has the ability to sell its goods or services for less than its competitors will have a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The Advantage of Greater Size Sometimes the sheer size of a company, in conjunction with the small size or niche-like nature of the market it serves, is enough to deter potential competitors and to serve as a wide economic moat. The Possession of Unique Assets Sometimes companies possess one or more unique, but intangible assets that provide a natural economic moat for their continued and profitable business operation.

The Benefits of the Network Effect When a business has the built-in ability to both grow and improve as it gains more customers, it is said to benefit from the network effect. About the Author. Close dialog. Session expired Please log in again. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits.

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