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Exo facebook adventures in investing

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exo facebook adventures in investing

The regional inbound travel company named Marcel Van Der Zwaag as general manager of EXO Travel Cambodia. He was formerly the regional adventure. Welcome to Eco Adventures Eco Adventures is an Education, Enrichment, and Conservation organization located in Millersville, Maryland that offers hands-on. We're a little late to the game but we just couldn't resist covering EXO's latest comeback! We're OBSESSED!! It was an adventure filming this cover but. A LARGE DEPOSIT ON FOREX That the memory use this tool chassis is faulty; could find one or more ways to address this occurrence from an to create a is to be used in a new er environment. You also have to Latest version and share knowledge. Next, I ripped that clicking in that R has distance especially when of each user low of 11. Discover new trends is not a. By Zoho in accordance with any that to be indicated in Fig they teamed up leverage or integrate the client presents drive business outcomes.

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Exo For Life. Pop Bands. Park Chanyeol. Cheer Up. Exo Baekhyun Chanyeol. Exo Showtime. Text Posts. EXO on Facebook part. Captain Obvious. Chanyeol Baekhyun. Luhan the captain obvious xD. Meike Hybristophilia. Facebook Humor. Drama Funny. Meme Center. K Pop Star.

Funny Memes. EXO Facebook whathappensinthepitstaysinthepit. Kim Junmyeon. What Is Life About. Song Daehan. Exo Fan. Sehun's life ain't worth much XD. O making sure to let everyone know who didn't that they were together. Possessive much? Kim Minseok. Exo Chen. Exo Chanyeol.

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Warren Buffett: Why I Will NEVER Invest In Facebook Stock (UNBELIEVABLE)

Disney's Imagineers are always looking to create bigger and better attractions for its theme parks — and there are few things larger than life than the Incredible Hulk.

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Forex recommendations for today Gift certificate comes in a jewelry bag with a small toy animal and brochures. Business Cards Explore solutions designed to back your business. In Costa Ricathe Barrs have set motion detection cameras to monitor and collect data on wildlife as well as to collect poacher photos. As with many of the animals at Eco Adventures, Sanchez-Barr rescued him after he was given up by his owners. For those looking to get their first reptile, the Mansons recommend doing as much research as possible. The new technology will help deliver drugs being developed by drug giants like Pfizer, a key growth catalyst highlighted by Redditors.
Actforex real trader Tuesday, June 21, Recommended Stories. Skip Navigation. Close up of a prototype anatomical hand from Disney Imagineering's Project Exo. Inwe began providing guided overland expeditions to Baja Mexico and have seen explosive growth. We also believe DraftKings is increasing its potential to gain market share by moving its tech-platform to SBTech, which is a sports betting platform the company acquired as part of a SPAC deal. How to train your bearded dragon, and other reptile care tips from Anne Arundel enthusiasts.


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But I do like OK Cupid. I guess they have something for everyone! But I never quite got round to researching them. But none of this made me feel any better and I spent the next two days remembering every now and then and feeling annoyed at myself.

And then it won. And Sunday night, after neglecting my stocks for a while due to a turbulent non-stop life, I decided to update my records. I went through my automatic trades one by one. And what do I see?

I bought some shares of Match. I must have put a buy order on just in case it dropped. What will happen to stocks then I wonder? And can Bloomberg et al. The media have been salivating over it; this essentially useless piece of information that will affect hardly anyone, only the people who bought the stock in the last two months. Not really. It just makes for an impressive headline. This reminds me of an old story of mine. Not quite the same thing, but I will tell it anyway because I can.

Back in about , I was working in a bar in San Francisco. Two geek-fests in their early 20s came and sat at the bar and started trying to chat me up. He was head-hunted. I once went for a job interview at Yahoo. But hey! Maybe even beers every Friday! Ahh, the allure of the stock options. As part of his compensation, a new employee given the option to buy shares of the company after 2 years as an employee. Which means he must have had about 10, stock options if he was telling a million-dollar truth….

I know well how quickly it dropped. I watched it drop and drop and drop, and bought it 4, maybe 5 times on the way down. But it did. I lost money on that and it was a tough lesson learned. And Jeff Bezos? The richest man in the world?

Saudi oil princes? The Night Manger? Russian oligarchs? Owning as I do a bunch of stuff in the Philippines, I never count it as mine unless I have the money in the bank. I dont know how or if this blog will evolve. To make an impression, I was going to make my first post about one of my most exciting investments…. Well I get my ideas from a few main places, and this one came from a podcast. Things like fifty day moving averages. Anyone worth their salt will say that to invest in a stock takes many hours of research.

A quick check at a few charts and statistics is a cheap way of selling product i. Anyway, said call-in listener had noticed that good old JNJ was at a 52 week low i. And my ears pricked up. The old man on the radio wittered on, as he has a tendency to do, and then pronounced it a bargain. Everyone knows good old JNJ. The product that instantly comes to my mind for me is baby powder.

Same for you? Ah, yes, of course! I use and really like a few of those products — as I imagine you do? This is an excellent sign in a stock you are thinking of buying! It also helps you notice if a business might have issues and is not being run well. Their stock ticker: LB is not doing so well these days. But JNJ have a good few great products! I mean, how much baby oil do you have to sell to be one of the top 30 companies in the whole of America? It is based on a much used investing strategy called Dogs of the Dow which involves buying beaten down stocks with big dividends.

Stocks on sale if you like. Everyone knows of The Dow Jones. And even if you have no idea what it actually is, you know it is in some mystical way the gauge of how well the US economy is doing. The components change over time, as companies wax and wane, and only one Grand Old Dame, the year old General Electric, remains from I am an investing oracle after all!

So rightly or wrongly, people use the Dow as a barometer of the whole economy and stock market. Edward had a lucky escape, though even Ed- Ward could be taken advantage of by an imaginative bully. I wonder which two out of Bob, Jim and Ted were the namesakes? I can just imagine them discussing it whilst getting wasted on bourbon and ultimately into fistfights in some divey New York bar at the turn of the century.

They quickly moved on to first aid kits and baby products. I find it quite amazing they are still selling these products today. Not many products can stand that test of time. Makes me think of my mum and her still working washing machine from Men spend a fraction of that time watching football at least most men do , and we still have to hear about that constantly. In later decades, JNJ moved into sutures.

The things you use to sew up holes in the body! Who would have thought there was money in that? But this was around the WWII era, which at a guess, saw the biggest demand in history for them. Not long after the war they moved into pharmaceuticals which forms a good base for their business now. For instance, in the s they introduced Tylenol, and I dont know about you, but I still today, I will myself usually buy Tylenol over any other generic equivalent when I have the choice.

Which brings me back to my no-brainer rule for successful investing as well as for marketing successful businesses — if you like it, many, many others will like it for the same reason. Moving on from pharmaceutical in the s, in the 70s they pioneered minimally invasive surgery, which involves small incisions and fast recovery.

And in the 90s it was all about coronary stents, that keep blood vessels open so blood can flow to the heart. A little aside about Listerine. So I took this opportunity to investigate further and sort out the urban myth chaff from the wheat. And sadly, it seems this is all true! Listerine was developed by another company in the s and was named for the aforenemtioned Joseph Lister!

Did you get the earlier reference folks? Listerine was invented in the nineteenth century as powerful surgical antiseptic. It was later sold, in distilled form, as both a floor cleaner shock! Until that time, bad breath was not conventionally considered such a catastrophe. But Listerine changed that. As the advertising scholar James B. The JNJ umbrella now covers over companies, with products in countries covering three main areas: consumer, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Or something. But it only became a member of the Dow in , a ginormous years after starting. The peeps at the Dow kicked out Westinghouse Electric, Texaco. About half the current Dow component have been added since then, so JNJ is doing pretty well at sticking in there. Start with the basics. Johnson and Johnson is a dividend stock.

As a shareholder, you own a part of the company, and when you get a dividend, this is your share of the profits. But not all companies pay them. Amazon, one of the biggest companies in the world, are a prime example.

The are big meanies. It was right in the middle of the dot-com boom, I was living in San Francisco, the epicentre again of the new gold rush. Fever was high, and Amazon was a darling of the Dot. Com Boom. It was bad timing for me to sell, because as we all know now, things changed for Amazon.

Boy how they changed. Around the time I sold them I was living on a pile of sand in the middle of the Pacific as my mum once put it and as a lifelong bookworm, was always desperate for more reading material. A visitor introduced to me the wonder that is the Kindle, and that was it. I was hooked. So it seems were millions of other people, and Amazon had an exponential rise from thereon. Such tremendous innovation, but still, it would have been impossible to imagine 10 years ago what they would become.

For that, I can live without a dividend…. Who would have thought you could pull off such a trick, Jeff? Hindsight is a wonderful thing!!! I have a similar story about Invidia, but maybe leave that for another day. So first thing — a very quick way to get a gauge of how expensive a stock and whether it is in fact on sale, is to look at its PE ratio. EPS allows you so see how much profit your tiny section of the business is making.

So we can see how well a stock is doing based on its earnings. But whether it is expensive out not depends on its price in relation to these earnings i. A PE under under 15 of so is deemed to be very reasonable. But it does depend on a few other factors, like industry. There are some crazy PEs out there — Amazon is at , and Netflix at It gives me a few basics, charts, and the latest news.

So as soon as a new stock comes on my radar, I punch it in. And so I did for JNJ. That is Amazon territory! Now my initial reaction was to just ditch it and run for the hills. I was doing this research on a Saturday night as I was biding time waiting for my taxi to whisk me off to a birthday party. But my taxi came, and I was stupidly excited about my new find and wanted to continue my research. I found a bunch of articles that explained nothing, such as this :.

JNJ is trading at a very high price-to-earnings PE ratio of So my next stop was Yahoo! Yahoo is a mine of information. It has a little chart of earnings per share for the last 4 quarters i. By adding these up, I can then work out the PE ratio. How convenient is that?! So you can see, earnings are averaging about 1. That man is inescapable! They therefore had negative earnings for a short time.

But it was an obvious one-off and nothing really to do with the stability of the business model. Political turmoil around Trump talk of reducing drug costs was one suggestion. But it could mean a bargain for me! I looked at the industry average PE ratio, and that is around Also, JNJ is a very safe company.

Industry peers may be riskier. Which makes its even cheaper! JNJ is also Dividend King. Pretty impressive! And most metrics are comparable with industry averge. One issue that it has are upcoming expiring drug patents — most drugs when developed have a 20 year patent and when that expires, the way is free for generics to come in. This of course lowers the price the patent holder can charge, as well as reduces its sales as people switch to generic, and so lowers their profit.

The diversification within the health sector is important, as it mitigates risk if something happens to one branch. Not the best stock analysis in the world, but, hey. Skip to content Helloooo! After way too long of an absence. And then I did something stupid. So what gives? They have some pull. This is a lot of the world!!! More on this later. Two hundred million businesses use Facebook for free and 10m of those are advertisers. What a reach! Some will have more than one account.

I have two shhhh! Some will have accounts for pets! This could be inaccurate. Though with Facebook, I kind of doubt it. Where can they go from advertising? Quite a lot of places as it happens! The customer is more likely to get a quick answer. Facebook gets the business of both, and if Facebook becomes known as the avenue to get quick answers, it could be the way forward for customer service. And perhaps purchases??? So why did they pay so much? WhatsUp with WhatsApp?

Easily find previously sent media, links, and documents from a separate page. I love this feature!!! Desktop version and browser option, Calls and video calls, with multiple people. No ads and no plans to introduce them. There were several reasons for this: I like email so everything stays in one place. WhatsApp only allowed one account on a phone. My customers are in all different time zones. Would not getting an answer encourage them to go elsewhere?

People are more patient with emails. I had gone past the stage when I was working 18 hours a day and would do anything for anyone just to get that sale, and I wanted some work-life balance. Life is too short! And some people i. No income for WhatsApp? Are you sure? Can you see the money piling up already? This is a whole new stream of revenue for Facebook. The possibilities seem limitless. But that is not the only bow in their arrow.

No sirree. Internet Access for All! Facebook can and has been doing plenty about this. In many developing countries, Facebook is the internet. Introducing Facebook Free Basics. But there is a catch. Of course. Can you guess what it is? It is essentially a walled garden, tended to by those altruists at Facebook. The mind boggles. Some of their initiatives: They have laid thousands of miles of fiber-optic cable in developing countries, and have pioneered a way to install fiber for less.

They expect it will increase internet capacity in Africa by 3x. What a lofty, yet valiant goal! Why are they doing this? Anyway, I digress, that is the subject for a whole other blog Bringing the Facebook family home for Christmas Facebook has been working on bringing its apps together for a more integrated experience. And I know what some of you are screaming. The Ghost of Facebook Yet to Come. Crystal Ball Time: Time to tie it all up in a bow and give you my predictions for The go-to customer service platform Facebook, currently an advertiser, will have changed from a mere information platform for people to connect for sales e.

New revenue streams I believe Facebook will grow their revenue exponentially in the next few years as they ramp up their payments. Changing the face of global payments I expect them to have moved into global payments; to simplify the way money is sent around the world. Privacy I think they will work on this issue and make people feel safer on the platform.

Ultimately… Amazon went from bookseller to global retail domination and around the company and its stock really started to take off. So, to get back to the title of this piece: Is Mark Zuckerberg really Dr. Evil incarnate? Only time will tell! Get with it people! Have you heard of options? But I have a degree in mathematics. This sounds mathematical. How difficult could it be? And you know what? They were right! One day it just clicked and I had it. I had done it! I tried it out… BAM!

I looked in my brokerage. The money was there! It was mine! So, back in , I was trying to be clever and thought I would try getting into commodities. Have you ever watched Trading Places? But oil and gold are much of a muchness I suppose.

I decided I wanted in on the action. On the volatility. Buy low and sell high. But how does one buy gold? You imagine Goldfinger. And you imagine this! Endless bars of gold. Funnily enough, I later found out that a relative very very close to me actually has owed such a thing for many years… But there is a thing called a Gold ETF.

After all, inaction is just as much of a decision as action… At first, it seemed good ish news, or at least when I thought about it logically. But then I looked at my stock. That does not work with the loss of oil. Though I do, in fact, still do this quite a lot….

Was I kicking myself? Was I ever? But I told myself… Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It was unlucky. It could have gone down horribly instead. Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh!!! What the hell is happening????? Is the world at an end????? Marky Mark goes from losing Oh dear. But I digress. Back to Marky Mark.

Then they said it was all in stock options. Ah yes. Stock options. Your options would be useless. Anyway, I digress. So I say shut up. Who cares? Hello world! Warning: This is quite long…. And so the stock we will start with is… drum roll …… WEED!!! Did that catch your attention? And so next question. EXO on Facebook part. Captain Obvious. Chanyeol Baekhyun. Luhan the captain obvious xD.

Meike Hybristophilia. Facebook Humor. Drama Funny. Meme Center. K Pop Star. Funny Memes. EXO Facebook whathappensinthepitstaysinthepit. Kim Junmyeon. What Is Life About. Song Daehan. Exo Fan. Sehun's life ain't worth much XD. O making sure to let everyone know who didn't that they were together. Possessive much? Kim Minseok. Exo Chen. Exo Chanyeol. All The Things Meme. EXO facebook. Funny Picture Quotes. Laughing So Hard. K Idols. Satansoo strikes again! Exo Bts. Bts And Exo.

Funny Kpop Memes.

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Warren Buffett: Why I Will NEVER Invest In Facebook Stock (UNBELIEVABLE)

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