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All about forex trend

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all about forex trend

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For Traders to grasp forex trend trading, they must understand how price moves. Trends can be identified and traded on any time frame. Also, read about Scaling in and Scaling out in Forex. Step 1 Identify higher highs and higher lows for an uptrend or lower lows and lower highs for a downtrend. The way to determine a higher high is by watching the price. If the price moves above the previous high then that is a higher high, look at the image below to see how it works.

There are always higher highs and high lows in an uptrend and lower highs and lower lows in a downtrend. Finding the higher highs and lower lows is the foundation of trend trading, and it is important to understand this so you can find valid entries with a positive risk to reward ratio. Traders continually make trend trading more complicated than it needs to be. There is no requirement for fancy Forex Trend indicators, that will confuse you.

All a trader needs is to see the patterns in the image shown above and learn to identify them on a chart. This article will show you how to find these patterns and entries on a consistent basis. Notice the Swing High and Swing Low in this downtrend as indicated by the pink horizontal line. The image shows an example of an uptrend as identified as the green lines showing resistance areas that initially get broken to the upside continuing the trend in the current direction.

The concept of trading with the trend on the surface seems very simple, but the price does not always respond the way you would think that it would I will explain this in detail in a moment. The market is powered by traders buying and selling, and that is what causes the different responses that you see in trends. Traders will make irrational emotional decisions creating the simple trends you expect to act out of the ordinary. This failure to take out the high caused more selling and move the price to retest the previous swing low.

This type of trend can cause traders to believe that it was a reversal coming. Rather than a continuation of the current trend. The second green line is a failure to take out the previous highs which can get many traders falsely believing that the uptrend is over. This false belief will trap many inexperienced traders in a losing trade. The two pink lines that have lines pointing to them indicate current support and again since the previous high failed it could This type of price action causes head fakes and causes new traders to enter in on the wrong side of the trade.

Then they get trapped in a losing position, and that fuels the buying by the experienced traders. That is why we get a significant move to the upside when the second swing low is tested a second time. The trend has a way to fake inexperienced traders out of their winning positions and into losing positions. It is important for trend traders to know how to identify a change in trend direction to avoid fakeouts and be able to trade with the right side of the trend.

Simple steps to find a change of trend direction Identify the current trend by marking swing high and swing low on your charts. After the most recent swing low of an uptrend or a swing high of a downtrend is broken, then the forex trend direction has changed. Identifying the change in trend is simple also, but it is surprising how many traders get trapped on the wrong side because they do not understand the concept of trend change direction.

The best trend indicator forex is by examing price and looking for a market structure change as seen in the image below. Once the trend breaks a lower high, that is the easiest way to find a new trend. Remember this can be done on any time frame depending on your trading preference. Notice the pick Lower Highs on the image above ramping up into the trend direction change. When you see higher lows or lower highs moving into a counter-trend move such as what is shown in the image above.

Be wary of automatically assuming that the trend is going to change. Predetermine is one of the market's classic moves to get traders to jump in on the wrong side of a trade. Do not be one of the traders that get caught in a trend reversal fake. Understanding Trend Direction Market Structure: Once you fully understand the trend direction market structure, your next goal is to use this knowledge to find excellent trading entries.

Accurate analysis of forex trend direction will give you an edge in your trading. It will also help you to avoid the traps that plague so many traders. In some cases, combining multiple trend indicators into a single trading strategy can be especially effective. If you look at the image here, there is a failed break of the uptrend.

That failed break caused traders to go long, and those traders get trapped. The entry will be one of the most important components of any complex trading position. Now the part that everyone has a firm understanding of forex trend structure now, it is time to start planning a trade. The important part of any forex trend trading system is understanding the setup.

Here are the 5 steps. In the next example, I am going to illustrate a complete forex trend trade plan. The following graphic will contain all five elements of planning a trend trade. Step 1 Identify that the trend is moving down because of lower highs and higher lows.

Step 2 We also mark out the key support and resistance areas as shown by the green and pink lines. Step 3 has been completed as we have identified potential trade areas next we need to determine what the actual entry will be and what price has to do to confirm our trade. We also have to determine what price will do if it proves our trade to be wrong.

The faster we can prove our trade idea to be wrong the better. Because we will put less money at risk if we can figure out if we were wrong quicker. That is why it is better to identify trend direction without using candlestick charts. Instead, line charts should be used for an easy to digest format that will give you a clear picture of various trending factors. Is the line pointing higher as the chart goes on? Is the line pointing lower as the chart goes on?

Is the line flat as the chart goes on? Line charts should not be used exclusively but as part of a comprehensive trading system to help you identify the general direction without getting bogged down in precise details. Moving average is another trend indicator that will actually work. Moving average refers to summarizing past prices, which are then plotted onto a line chart to give you an idea of the moving average of those prices.

A moving average indicator chart will help you identify the overall direction and, most importantly, the strength of a particular trend. For the easiest way to use a moving average to identify a broader direction of a trend, you need to consider these two factors: if the current price is above the MA Moving Average , then the trend is a long-term uptrend. If the current price is below the MA, then the trend is a long-term downtrend.

When you want to use the moving average to determine the strength of a trend instead, consider the following factors: If the price tends to stay above the 20MA, then it is a strong trend. If the price tends to stay above the 50MA, then it is a healthy trend. If it tends to stay below these MA numbers, then it is a weak trend.

In general, this trend indicator is most useful in markets that are in uptrend or downtrend—but is relatively insignificant in markets that are in a range. A trendline is a unique tool indicator tool that you can draw on your trending charts. A trendline will help you more accurately identify the direction and strength of a trend, but only if you are using it in the right way.

Trendlines need to be done accurately to be a helpful reflection of overall trend direction and strength. Once you have the trendline finished, then you can interpret it. If the trendline is pointing higher on the chart, then the direction is an uptrend. If the trendline is pointing lower on the chart, then the direction is a downtrend. How steep is it? How flat is it? As a general rule of thumb: the steeper the trendline, the stronger the trend; the flatter the trendline, the weaker the trend.

Trendlines are most effective in cases where the trends are uptrend or downtrend; it is difficult for the trendline to be useful during ranges. The final trend indicator that will actually work for you is Channels. A Channel is a special variation of a standard Trendline that runs parallel to the trendline and helps you properly identify the potential for opposing pressure on a trend. The Channel can help you get profit ahead of time before a higher probability of reversal occurs.

Channels are plotted similarly to trendlines, except they need to be run parallel to allow you to view both the trendline data trend and the Channel data trend at the same time. Thankfully, online software makes it easier than ever to have Channels plotted on the same chart as trendlines, so you will be able to easily tell the difference between these two vital pieces of information.

You need to take advantage of one of the most overlooked yet precious trend indicator techniques available: looking at the big picture. If you focus on the trees, you miss the forest—if you focus on the water, you miss the ocean. This same principle applies to trends.

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