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collinson forex limited nzqa

of the regional development efforts and have very limited interest in involving the the stock and foreign exchange (FOREX) markets. Marketing intern at Gallagher Group Ltd, Hamilton, New Zealand. () NZQA course in progress. Athlete at Collinson Forex. Brévands. Core sippod to Inernbonal Counxi fx Research in Agrofoe (IC). od Me and prperty damage caused by flouing; (np ncea food produc0on n quaMy and qualty. PANNELLI FOREX PREZZI PAZZI Professionisti esperti per integrated, economy was del sito e need to run. A: The default about every service required, it automatically when I try password authentication for your compute hosts once you start of Sydney. Persistent, visible The resolve the corner means that the new tickets to even after you. I would also like to mention you a lot.

Reply, Hon. I McBride, K. But, having said' "this much, he must stroke hands -with his socialistic comrades and from that point take a different path. He considered them mistaken in their views. I11M think!

Only " Great view of the sea. TIas 5 h. Buffalo engine. Ground Floor. Heretofore we only handled these sausages on Saturday, but there has been such a demand for them through the week that we have decided to carry them every day. Try two pounds of them today. The house win filled and the audience was bnthu. Tho fin ileal slinallons whhdi sioli a tola PVOfl. As ihe widow Mr. Bltlnge makes Up so ndniirai. Ills gowns are something for the feminine nnminus of lii.

The chorus though small was welt trained and effective. There were two or three very tunerul ohoruaea, hut the only solo of any merit waa that which Miss Adair aang, "All the World Lovee a Lover. Lnwaffn, of Halifax, with Mis wife and daughter. Kor the present the family U staying at the Glciishiel Inn. Ho loved the poor; they had his heart and sympathy. Ho saw them In.

WieSr were clever fellows, who studied human nature in - order to catch its vote. They were gaining ground, with their members of parliament In Germany and 43 in England. They used the exact argu- ments likely to appeal to their differ- ent audiences.

They condoled with the agnostic, the atheist and the irre- ligious man oh his treatment by the priest and the parson, and promised him his heaven here and now on earth. In fact, they distributed plenty of soft soap all round. Father Vaughan then passed on to touch on the various panaceas Which Socialists claimed would cure the.

He never yet heard of a municipality satisfied with the. Loud laughter. The State was created by man for his own benefit, not man by the state. Ser- vants should be kept in their place. Struggle Up-war da Socialists made a great point nf "equality of opportunities for all," but to him one of the most Inters ting studies on this continent was the career of one of their' millionaires, who, starting from the lowest rung, had won his way to the top.

Men were made to be, not the creattn their environment, but the architects of it. There, was no Inherent wrong In Capitalism or labor. Schemes of profit sharing had his nearly ap- proval; legislation could So much It they Insisted on tho Carrying 0U1 of good laws: but it was the impersonal attitude to the wrongs Of others— the want of human relations — that they must strive to eliminate. The great reformer and liberator of the human race was Christ.

Capita] and labor alike were trying tO live without Christ. They had turned lllm out of their schools. Tho great reformation of the human r;u-o imisi begin with the individual. Let them try and reform themselves, next I heir homes, and then the city they lived in: and then socialism would be found unnecessary.

Tho question lay between "On to Social- ism" or "Bael; to Christ. These types embody all of the most modern improvements in tone quality, cabinets, record filing systems and mechanical construction. Finished in finest figured mahogany, either ol these types is an ornament to your home.

A pro- duct of the celebrated Victor factory, we cannot praise them too strongly. You must see and hear them to judge of their Value. Vancouver, B. Cars of Furniture ar- riving daily. Kor qulik aale at Chapman street, lane al side ami rear, full size lot. Cash JBOO. Price Tor three days W. Soap — 10 acres, nectlon 14, ranee J east.

Bouth Saanlch. A P at-tlnn, 10 minutes from B. Rloctrlc car line. Take n look at Ihla Wltliout delay. Price IMM C. Limited Liability. Mall aubacrlbera are rociue3tcrt to milk's r, remittances uirect to The Daily Colonist. Bull, of' Brampton. I 3HU temperance ' crusade - has borne wonder- ful fruit, beth in the cities 1 and la the country.

The "wide open" days of Montreal aje, ended for ever. The hours of sale have been re- duced; the saloons are better regulated; but, best of ali. Another feature of the tory then occupied only by many tribes of Indians. In October, , Charles i. Into thu Kuotcnay country, und they passed thi Winter, there. In hi m. Another French pioneer was i-'ran- COi« I.

Louis, Missouri, a distance of miles, by canoe aid on foot, and tin n made his way towards the banks of the Columbia, which he finally. Nor is his pride in that glorious story of remaikublo achievement a matter to he. On the contrary, it is' a pride in which every Canadian should share, no matter what his origin or l i la Immune. I think it will ho admitted by those who advocate socialism In Its wildest sense, that such a system might easily become bureaucratic tyranny.

Then there are Socialists who want to "exchange new worlds for old. I am fully aware that there arc Socialists who would claim that the only way to tax such an income would be to tax it at one hundred cents on the dollar; but thts wou. Whilst hard it is very hour. The other prune Is a seedling of the sliver prune, and is in' color yellow mot- tled red.

Long In shape, it is firm in texture, very eweet and rich, and should stand transportation. Foley having left yester- day morning for Vancouver. The room she occupied was at the head of the stairs, mine being at the end of. Of course, it was necessary for me to pass her room in.

Order to go down stairs, I did not know that she had lost any money until my father told me that she -had' gone to him stating that she would not prosecute me if he refunded the amount to her. My father made an appointment with her to meet me and him the following morning, which aijpolntm-. On Monday she left tho boarding house tolling the landlady that she was going away, and did not intend to pres3 the charge against me as she had no evidence, and nothing has been seen or heard of her sincr.

It appears that she has bren follow- ing the racehorses, and it is presumed that she has gone to Vancouver. The woman is an utter stranger to me. Sound and Northern Railway is. It would," said Mr. Bull, «'bo unfair for mo to con- clude this interview without a refer- ence to Mr. When wo were boys together wo were friends. We aro still closer friends, because we know that wo are both aspiring at the same ideal, that of a greater and a moro prosperous Can- ada.

Wo did, and the result was an agreement which showed that Mr. Tate was the first to remove' all possible difficulties. Bull leaves on the morning boat foi" Vancouver en route to Red Deer, where he will examine the progress of tho industrial enterprises which arc now in progres? The Citizen ; "ii n time the young m. They threw hcb into the effort enthusiasm that i the blood of the mod- uli' ancient deeds. To liiireater act than city of holy times. If the government can arslst a settlement of tifla sort, I assure you we shall spare »:o effort in that direction.

Just and ea;Ul fctble s. KDtul In promoting. Vhe spirit «. D'Arcy T. Too :i the m n who gL aid, find. Bull was asso- clated in this settlement, for it affordj'. Mitional proof of the interest h. These charges of society arc now looked after r. His Grace 1» erecting ,1a living memorial of his work which will ho re- membered by generations yet unborn.

No man Whg reads history with a fair Whether.. Any such argument would, If carried to its, legiti- mate conclusion, mean that because Christopher Columbus. Times have changed with tho passage of years. U to claim, special treatment. We can lienor the French pioneers Without binding the present generation to adopt the'. Eminence, as rumor says is l.

We hope he will come again, and that he wilt take back to his people in and around Montreal the message that British. Qplumbla offers opportunities for the future for every Canadian. French or English-speaking. We have some- few thousands or French-Canadians! We would like to have more, and. V :ni3 t. The association finds Its present quarters entirely inadequate to Its requirements, and.

Georges Pel- letier, to recall some historical facts. It Is pointed out that Boullard and d« Montlgny were not the first French- Canadians to travel over the country which Is now known as British Colum- bia. The pathway Is so full of pitfalls that tho man is not yet born who crt" see h. I am awar-- that the advocates of socialism speak of the "labor mass. This, then, seems en- of the prin- cipal difficulties which will have to lie Bur.

Hon,- prhfer tp leave the stru«"le for individual "self-Rrn II- flcatlon. If you ink - away from the Individual the hope of gain and reward, then whnt is to stim- ulate personal effort. Some of the prominent Socialists make a good In- come; some have madi fortunes.

Th -n they change their views somewhat, and they console bhelr less fortunot? Would any person bay tickets In the next state lottery? I think, therefore, that should the state guarantee the dividends of the present owners In railways, they must tax them equitably. The large departmental stores are. This system might be extended. It would afford a. Wo have the parcels post, which could, in Canada, be extended much to the benefit of the community by taking ovsr the business of the Dominion Kxprcss Company, whose exorbitant rates are a scar.

This could be done so cheaply that it would he unnecessary to employ any persons to carry on the work. After a portion of the pro- ceeds of the wealth derived from the land, forests, minerals and fish was allocated to an insurance fund. Reverting again part of the eubh Ot reasonable people socialism, as II Is enunciated, by so- called Socialists, is a long way off.

But many thlbga will happen before such n happy state or society actually exists. First let me say that this Is not i. As regards the lnr«e seedling apple recently shown to one of your reporters, a specimen of this apple Is now In the hands of Mr. Query: Why not call It the Hamilton Millionaire?

A semi-official note reiterates that the accord of the powers is such that even ir war breaks out It Is sure to be localized. Airmen bolohging to the army are likely to sooiii come Info eondlot for the first t'. IF, M.. Where he de- clares women a. And to tako active and leading part in arous- ing the people of British Columbia to the greatness of the cause, Mr.

Camp- bell -has gone as a conservation cru- ssMer. Phe increase of this spirit meann the advancement of Canada In a way that nothing else can secure. To date this month the aggregate values oT tha buildings for which permit. For tho whole of October i," st year the figures were jaifi.

Penults worn issued yesterday to tho W. St unci iiid f Company, Ltd. Qleagon; tp Mr. Thorntott Fell, repairs to bln. John R. Clement, additions to dwelling on llarr! Tniemnn, dwelling on I-. Get '. Captain Adolohson. William Sungren, his mate, and a Chinese con- federate named Wah Mot.

It is entitled "The Prairie Wife," and its story is well summed' up in the following extract: "None of her youthful beauty remains. She has lost the freshness In the prairie wind, the round figure between the awk- ward kitchen steps and the pump. The curved cheek has melted into the hard line of jaw and cheek bone. The mouth has lost its old quick curves.

The eyes are tired and a little accusing — accus- ing, not of the husband nor of the prairie, but accusing the life its? The husband is out yonder, busy in the fields among- his men; among his horses; he gats to town sometimes, a mlle journey. He banters his wife affectionately; but she doss not respond, as she once responded.

When we talk glibly of the golden grain, the empire's granary, the very sturdy western farmer, she is left out of the picture, while she should be glori- ii Bd in her dirty apron, her untidy hair, her worn temper, and her overworked hands. She is tho heroine of the plains, and often when the wheat has made the farmer rich and given his daughters finishing touches in Paris, tho herolr.

It Is significant In this connection to note that Ihe life on the plains In Can- ada, as In tho United States, has a ten- dency towards melancholia, or maybe eventually to Insanity. A man who was In Edmonton twice this summer states that upon both occasions he saw Insane women being put on tho train for the [Oast. The prairie isolation has been too much, and at last, too late, they Were tielng taken back lo older Canada.

In Calgary is a man who has had experi- tee on this line. A few years ago he took up a quarter section and lived on It. To those who have lived on the plains the story is not new. But is there any rrsson why It should be? Humankind always yearns for the sight of trees, for the smell of the ocean, and for the re- laxation of climate which the vicinity to the sea always brings ; but the lesson to he taught by the article referred to I j that British Columbia, and Victoria In particular, might well devote time r.

We have them in all new lasts and styles. Slater's Invictus Drysock Boots. Ford's Ladies' Cushion Soles Blucher. Hardware Co. The stlb-oon tract for this has. Murdoch v - is quite tutiEfied that he can obtain all he. M«W aoohssys the work will be" complete well within the contract time.

Stuffed with nuts, per bottle, 25c, 35c, 60c and Stuffed vvith celery, per bottle, 25c, 35c, 60c and Here's a Good Buy 7?. Nice orchard, low. Ohe-third cash, balance easy terms. L,ook over our sto. Thone Montreal, addressed the children. The body of. Father XteoWye. Father rleynen, of Nan- almo, and Rev. Father Flsser, of Esquimau.

Hla Grace was escorted to his seat on the platform by the sis- ter superior, the children tun :;. Norma Manley, May Tolle an. The children then rose and shiik a songi of welcome to the distinguished visitor, after which Miss Freda Rich- ter read a very prettily- word ed S M dress or welcpme. Pacific, his name was synonymous with' all. The address,' which' was a short one, evidently touched the archbishop, who followed the young speaker with a pleased smile on his face! Then little.

Miss Katherfne Fraser, the little daughter of Ml 1 , and Mrs. Fra- ser, stepped up to the platform, car- rying a huge bouquet Of lovely white chrysanthemums, nearly as big as herself, which she handed to Mis Grace, who took It with a few kindly words to tlie Mttie one, to whom he gave his ring to kiss.

Mon- treal, upon which Im had accompan- ied Hi in. Mo knew I The archbishop paid » warm tribute to the scenic beauties of Victoria. Mis Irai-e sild he knew that, they bad re- gretted very much that they had not seen St. Ann'n academy. As for him, he could not have been In Victoria tw.. He spoke of the great change in the West since his visit here thirteen years ago. In fifty years from now who could tell what Victoria would be?

He referred to the hardships un- dergone by the pioneer missionaries The people of today had profited by their sacrifice, and they must keep a grflteftil remembrance of the first apostles in fhlM country. A Her point- ing out the errors that existed In men's minds In regard tp the teach- ings o-f the Roman 'futholle church, Ills Iraee went on to define the same In detail.

They must, find out what was their duty on earth nnd'whnl they must do tn honor «,« Father Nicplaye having consented, tho holiday was accordingly granted. After singing tin. CAQVenl class song, the gathering. Hart motored him over the city and environs, and. T wards he dined at the palace a. The club has Issued invitations to a large number of guests.

W , Gericke? Rachmaninoff c Poilchlnelle. Rachmaninoff 1 Miss. OttO b , "Ashes of Roses' '.. Rosseter G. Chopin - a "Con b "May, Day' Morning". Haynes Reed and Mr. It was suggested by Mr. Reed that a site in the park property, opposite the South Park school, would be a favorable location. About an acre of lan. Mayor Beckwlth suggested that th3 matter be hrouRht before tue city council In a fornml coitimunicn 1 ion set- ting forth the miuirements of the gov- ernment.

As to the granting of part of the park property, the question of t'np, city's power to make such a grant will be investigated ami th« tenure by which the city holds the property for p. Frank llogan, a mining engineer of" Sim Francisco, returned to Victoria yes tor- day etl route for home. He took the trip north in preferen. He confessed that prior to coming north he had an impr'-'Ssion that be would find the mining carried on In this coun- try In a rather crude and elementary fashion, but now he Is satisfied that the mint owners of Vancouver Island are in no way behind their competitors to the south of the line.

Another thing that greatly Impressed him was the seeming Inexhaustibility of the supply of coal. He Is satisfied that much of the country yet untapped, even In the vicinity of the big mines, Is load- ed with coal ami ore. These were secured advan- tageously, and we have made the pi ice h i- ini. M f - lii'i. THfe coats are built in Friezes. Pilot Cloths,, Heather. M ixed Scotch Twectls, Plain Cloth and fancy plaid collars and cuffs. The new two-tone effect is prominent among this splen- did range of materials.

They are the finest Tweed Blanket and Pilot Cloths produced. Xovelty styles predominate. Sex- era! N'nwman, JB. A secre- tary and trea. On October -1 hn Is t. N'ewman to a representativp of The Colonist. In this Way there Is created a base of supply of pure seed of high quality. What the assocla- ii.. Newman, who Is one of the well posted men on the sub- ject in the obuntry, recently spent some time in Scandinavia gathering date "ii tbe subject of seeds, and he has recently Issued a highly Important pamphlet on the.

The wardens emphasized the amount of Large timber on the limits In th«5 central and northern parts of the Island. Contracts have been let Tor the construction of a log- Kinc railway into the company's limits. In order to protect the forests from flte danger, Mr. Those that br»ke out were got to quickly. Are you aware how that will affecl prices? Tins propertj vtea pari of the I 1 , i. Building- in Oak Bay Bay authorities to Mr.

After examination by Dr. Bapty he was taken to the Boyal Jubilee. It Is be- lieved he suffered" a stroke of mtn« nature. Oarage and Meter House — The B. Electric Company has had plans prepar-. Today we call special attention to our very com- plete, assortment ojf all gear for heavy hauling and hoisting. We specialize m supplies for extra heavy , work where re- ' liability in every strand, hook, or link is absolutely essential.

Every variety of Hook, Shackle and Clip. The buil ding will have a frontage of thirty, feet on Discovery street and a depth of sixty feet. Dennis G. Ids confreres. Mr, G. Owing to changes which had to be made in the machine at Vancouver, delivery Was greatly delayed.

Nicely treed. Good fishing and shooting. A lovely home in one of Vancouver Islands meat ,fav6red diet ricta. Government Street Victoria, B. Cormorant Street, Xext to Fire Hall. Another 'let- ter came In from Vernpt les Bains, near the Pyrenees, and a third from PreK torla, 'both requesting general informa- tion as to prospects on the Island. Inspected Paving — After a day's visit to Vancouver, vyhere they Inspected the asphaltic concrete pavement being laid there by the Canadian Mineral Kubber.

City Engineer ''Rust returned to the city ycST terday afternoon. They were accom- l by Mir. A num- ber Of finished streets were inspected, in company with Mr. Fellows, Vancouver's city engineer; a visit-was also made to New Westminster, where the Hassam type of pavement was inspected. Arbitrating Value — The exeell.

The arbitration. Payne claims ap- proximate! The arbitratbfa aVa Mr. BbaUctosk, selected by Ihe city; Mr, W. Th« proceedings will Be continued today. Knther Vaughan addressed the pupils of si. Ann's Convent. The children were assembled In the auditorium, and as the well-known priest made bis appear- ance, accompanied by the Sister Superior, they stood and sang for him n s 'tin of greeting after which he was I nted With an address of welcome by Miss Mary lOllen OTtriin. He laid particular stress on the Importance of children to the em- pire.

Speaking in a more serious vein. At the clone or bis address, Fathsr Vaughgn asked the children ir they would enjoy a holiday. Needless to say, all the Children thought that they would and the Sister Superior prom- ised them the following afternoon. The gathering was brought to a close tjy.

Ann's, we aijyn»tafc. Ann's Convent received a letter from Miss Pelly, lady-in-wait- ing to H. In the meauwhile they sent the children their best wishes. The letter was read to the children prior to Archbishop Briichesl's address! Board of Trade offices yesterday were struck with an addition that, has been made to the furnishings in the shape of a beautiful model, enclosed in a glass case, of the Princess Maquinna, Which is being built for the Canadian JjHSgg'hy the B.

Marine Railway Co. Her function is to take up the schedule of the steamer Tees on the West coast, which Is now regarded as Inadequate for the demands of the service. The model is about four feet long, and, on a given scale, represents the exact design and equipment of the new vessel; and a glance at the model will reveal the graceful lines upon the vessel that Is being constructed. Severely Shaken— Driver Ernest Eve, of the headquarters fire hall staff, re- ceived a' severe shake-up yesterday afternoon when a crossed wire sent in a false alarm.

Me succeeded in getting his arms around the pdle and retained his hold as he sHd, or rather fell, to the floor beneath. Medical Health Officer Dr. Hall was summoned from the city hall and on In- vestigation ascertained that no bones were broken. R hall; Broad street, on Tuesday night, John Ohadwick took the chair. After the usual opening waltz Mr.

Hall and Mrs. An- drews sang very sweetly and were very much applauded. Shearwater, uave some very In teres ttlhg comic and stump speeches. A very good supper was served at The music waa supplied by hi. Showera hive fallen In eaatert ««'a and Wash inKt'. Victoria — rirlRi. I« on f.

H7 "ii r. Kamlnopa— Iflahest temperature. Prince Hupert — lll tbe»t lemperature, 57 on 2nd; lowest, 4: on 5th; rain. Improved, with an 8 roomed house. Enough said. Price '. You'll be satis- fied, ton. So come in and see. J W. Boyden Cormorant St. Victoria Theatre ACountryliome 20 Acres, all fenced and nearly cleared. Bungalow Construction Co. She has several fit- tings and often then it's not quite right.

I have the finest stock hi ma- terials in the city. Neat, mannish- tailored blue serges and diagonal serges, in navys, browns and greens, hair-line and mixed tweeds, with collar and cuffs of plain cloth materials. Two-tone diagonal weaves, etc. The skirts are cut in tnediunj width, with set-in or folded plaits. McCall's Patterns. Exceeding- Speed Limit — In the city police court yesterday morning, threj owners of motor cars, Thos.

M Grunt, Were each fined twenty dollars by the police magistrate, owing to the machines owned by them being found to have ex- ceeded the speed limit of ten miles an hour. Arch- deacon Scrlven, acting bishop's com- missary. There was a large attend- ance. The other clergy present were Kev. Robert Connell and Rev. Albert Bruce-Joy, R. These will be taken up by the cabinet at once and arrangements for proceed- ing with the work will be made.

Milne; presli V. The an- nual reports were submitted and adopt- ed and the officers for the ensuing year tlected. The officers are as follows: president, Mr. Van- couver; Mr. Seattle, vice- president; and secretary-treasurer Mr.

The meeting was a pri- vate one. Cook and North Park Sts. Phone '. Galvanized Wash Tubs Are The best, becattie they are rleanly. IS In. Phone A dozen stops from Yates. Jtv the Rev. Af Board of Trade— The quarterly gen- eral meeting of the board of trade will toe held this afternoon at 3 p.

Appoint Delegates — It was expected that the Victoria Conservatives would have appointed their delegates this week to attend the provincial conven- tion which takes place at Revelstoke shortly, but owing to the stress of ; work In connection with the banquet to -the premier It was found lmposslbls to get ahead with that business. The hos- pital directors are anxious to have the bylaw submitted at as early a date as possible, but members of the city coun- cil, incline to the belief that it should be submitted on the date.

Surface Experiment— Esquimau road, between certain points, was recently experimented upon by the company ad- vertising "tarvia" as a surface mater- ial, and while it is still too early to pass judgment on the effect of the ma- terial It is generally conceded that first Impressions are favorable.

Tarvia Is reputed to effectually lay the dust, and it was with a view to proving its rep- utation to the provincial government that the experiment was undertaken. The stretches of ESffqutimtlt road that have been treat. The provincial gov- ernment is considering the use of this ainl other materials for several of the Island highways, and doubtless the efficiency of the tarvia on the Esqul- nuilt road will Kive the public works department the neoeasary information regarding it.

As an expert In motor cars he believed the t In a rlty like Victoria an English rsr would be able to compete very well against American com- petitors. Of course ttwre was the question or the tariff to be considered. Kardwick suggested that If the Ilrm he represented came to the con- clusion that the Held offered them a good enough opportunity for the eKerclse of their enterprise they would come here and estab- lish a workshop and build their cars on the spot.

However, he wu not In a position to make any definite statement as to their Intentions, but he said that his report to them would be most favorable In , the dlre«-tleu indicated. Pollard, supervisor of music In the "schools, and It was found thai he has paid due at- tention to voice culture and class sing- ing with good results as is shown by the report of the gentlemen who have examined the schools for the past two years tor the purpose of awarding, the llent.

Also that Mr. Pollard meet them,. Pollard, as supervisor, inspect the in- structlon of each "class, giving special attention to the work of weak teachers and taking a class himself when he thinks a model lesson would be help- ful or giving instruction himself where he thinks the teachers incompe- tent to deal with the subject of music and from time to time take the whole school together if arrangements as to time can be made with the principal.

Trustee Riddell, while hot objecting to an increase in the salary of the su- pervisor maintained that the time is coming, with the Increase in the school population, when a specially trained teacher will be required fur the work. He did not think Mr.

Pollard was so specially trained and he Is; not a cer- tificated teacher as he should be. Trustee Mrs. Jenkins could see no reason for insisting upon a certt flea ted teacher for music instructor and flrrqp- tee Jay declared that in his opinion Mr. Kssjiard had not been given a.

Pollard's dim. More uniform methods as suggested by the report would improve, matters, though It might be later necessary to engage qualified assistants. Trustee Riddell doubted if, under the proposed new methods, Mr. Pollard would be able to secure the co-opera- tloh of many of the teachers. Birch, of samples of milk vended in the city during September h:iva been reported to the city medi- cal health officer, Dr. Mall With one or two exceptions, all the samples taken mora than complied with the Dominion regulations, which fix a minimum ui 3.

The names of the vendors and the result of the analysis of the samples. Solids Not Fat. King 3. Rogers 5. Fagan is, as yet, the only analyst recognized by the Dominion government, and as he Is absent In the old cbuntry, no a n aly s i s suHietent f or th e pwp oa e s of basing a prosectitlOn thereon can be secured. Plgott is staying. Peterson will receive at Govern- ment House this afternoon. Miles B. Innes, of St.

John, N. Katherine K. Damon leaves many friends bc- htnd who will welcome her on her re- turn. Her visit, the talented lady Hays, bus been greatly enjoyed, ami she speaks of Victoria as a city which ehchants every visitor With its great natural beauty and delightful climate. Sydney Child, Slmcoe street, gave a successful linen and handker- chief shower last Friday evening In honor of Miss Blossom PhWCett, whose marriage took place yesterday.

About tWettty-fOUT guests were present and the guest of honor received many good wishes. The supper table was decor- ated with yellow rihbon and Chrysanthemums, and the handker- chiefs were wrapped in paper and tied to the chandelier with yellow ribbon, Upon the latter being pulled l.

Fred Fraser, of Revelstoke, IV '. Charles Musgrave. Mac- Naugfcton, son of Mrs. Ward, formerly of Victoria. Thompson nssisted the groom, while Miss Sadie Cherry, of Victoria, acted as brides- maid. After the ceremony the bridal party, which included only relatives and a few intimate friends, returned to the home of Mrs.

Ward, Salisbury Court, where luncheon was served, after which Dr. MacNanghton left on the Victoria boat for a two weeks' trip to the coast cities. On their re- turn they will reside In Vancouver, at Suite 2, Vine street. Many hand- some presents showed tl. John Gaunt were held yester- , day at 2. Thorpe officiating. A, Allison, J. Wright, H. Driver and Mr. Fullerton-rThe funeral of the late Mrs. Fullerton 'took place yesterday afternoon from the family residence, Cralgflower road. Scott officiating, assisted by Rev.

George Dean. There was a large attendance of the friends of the deceased and many beautiful floral trlbutee covered the bier. The pallbearers were Messrs. Hewson, O. Montelth, H. MlChol, Cept. Gldley and A. Rusta— The funeral of the late Mr. Andrew Rusta will take place today at 2. Members of the I. Hallam fell Into the creek near the house, and was drowned. The little lad had only Just returned home after spending the summer in Victoria with his mother at the residence of her father, Rev ; Canon Cowley; Foul Bay road, and her friends here will heartily sympathize with her in her sad bereavement.

Seibe — The death occurred in the city yesterday afternoon of Mrs. Annie Louisa Selbe, wife of Mr. Walter Selbe. The deceased Is also survived by two sons, employees of the Empress Hotel. The funeral will take place to- morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock from the residence' of Mrs. Hearn, Foul Bay road, to Ross Bay cemetery.

VAIO — Mrs. Brook Valo, of a daughter, on Sunday afternoon. An drew Kusta, aged tit years, a native of Christian:-, N'nrway. The funeral will take place on Thursday afternoon, at 2. Funeral Co. Rusta, Thursday, October Meet at I. By order. And, indeed, it is to be wondered at that families ,w 1. Convince yourself of this fact by seeing them and their prices.

Splendid light. Especially suitable for surveyors, architects, or solicitors. Moth received nu- merous handsome presents, xi. Edgar Fawcett, at the Gorge. Walter Charles Shiner, R. Empress pf Japan. Phil K. Smith, member of a deputation from the Trades and Labor Council Vbioh waited upon the school board last evening, relative to the re- cent contract for painting of the : : M tcrlor of the South i'ark achao l.

The n suits of this year's competition will be announced within tlie next few days. The system of field crop competitions Inaugurated this year and successfully organised by several Farmers' Insti-. The rath HK KB avoidably, those competitions were an- nounced last spring, no doubt prevent- ed many institutes from participating,. These lots will have a frontage on a private avenue.

Owner needs the money and has authorized us to offer for a few; da? Liberal terms. Studio: Osweffo Street. Ii Overcoats For ages of 9 to 17 years. Some have belt and patchvpocbiets. Gordon's Kiven away by ber father, who is one of the best known anions the old timers in thf» province, looked cbarmtajrty pretty in Ivory duchess satin, em- broidered in silk and pearls wltn wWcfc She wore. Mr; ft'ank Bird, of Vancouver, acted as best man. Only the relattyea and a few intimate friends witnessed the ceremony, which was Ddrfromed In the bay window of tic drawiiigroom beneath an arch nml bell of ivy and white flowers, the rest of the room being decorated In pink and white.

Stepneii Morris played the Wedding March and at the close of the ceremony the bridal party repaired to the dlnlngroom, which was decor- ated entirely in white flowers, where refreshments were served and Mr. Shiner received the congratula- tions of thft guests.

The happy pair left on the 4. Of good materials, well finished, it has given real satisfaction to thousands of users Made in Coventry, Eng- land—the home of reliable cycles. Coupons with everything except automobiles and motor cycles. Phone sail. Phone SOT. Jay- made It clear that while the board ' was.

There was no reason why, If the ratepayers were not satisfied wltii any action of the board, they should not express their dis- satlsfae tlon by. Some time. After the board had bean assured by certifi- cate, of Its clerk of works that the Job had been satisfactorily done, the con- tract price was paid. It was in regard to this action by the board that the deputation of the Trades and Labor Council waited upon the board last night.

Smith stated that samples of the in. Fatrey, the board's clerk Ot works, declaring he Is not a praetleal painter and therefore not competent tn certify whether a painting Job has been properly carried put as regards the mixing of the paint. Kairey pointed out that part or the painting work was of such a color that the percentage of white lead re- quired by the.

The wall color could carry the necessary percentage' as stipulated. There was absolutely no desire to get anything but the best quality of work, but In view of the fact that the con- tractor has been paid, he did not see what the board could do.

However, upon suggestion of Mr. Smith, he was willing that samples left with the board at the time of the first proteet by the Trades and Labor Council, should be analysed and the results could be com- pared with the analysis made by the samples Investigated by the Trades and Labor Council. This will be done, the deputation ex- pressing Its satUfaotkm wltkt this sug- gest Ion. It might at first appear that the ben- efits, derived from these contests, while substantial and perhaps lasting, are yet of local value only.

In ' Our price today, 3 lbs. SpnMt v. Thornton Pell for plaintiff; 'Mr. Hull for defendant. The silken touch and durability of the "Kohnoor" Pencil will come as a revelation to you. Try a "Kohnoor" today. All high class dealers supply. Bo'ness 1. East Fife 2. Montrose 0. East Stirling 3. Ratth Rovers 0. Johnstone S. Forfar 0. T-bone steak, French fried potatoes, dessert, 76c. Lunch, tea, dinner with a-la- carte service, from 8 s.

If photographs have been made of ang fingerprints on the Lindbergh they point out. It would M Identify the child, regard- --n he might br found, even ] though he bad grown up and his i features changed beyond recognition. Add Col. March 5 —Dr D. Kidd of the geological survey. Gordon Lcdingbim Dr.

Barrow Warrington Salford a. York 10 , Hunsalt Arwijr Havy 0. Newport Cardiff 8. Newton Abbott », Devon port Servlet Neath Maes teg 0. Oxford University g, Blackhtath IS. Plymouth Exeter 6. Fontypool Royal Air Farce S. Rd in burgh Wander era Olasgow High School 6. Abcrcarn 0. Bath Brlatol 6. Bodford e, Northampton t. Birkonhcatf Park 8. Hcadingley 0 CovOnvry ap Nottiniham 8. Gloucester 8. Swansea 3. Marclr 5. March I. Walter Italian capital to aid exports. The tobacco and alcoholic drinks, and to Runclman.

Trade, and Rt. H Thomas, lag house advancing payments to ex- The purpose of this plan Is to meet Secretary for Dominion Affairs, will porters on exports and thus ellmlnat- the It is quite easy to shrubbery creepers In existence pow and spreads rapidly. It Is a dwarf which has taken the gardening world shrub. The by storm. It little gem is found wedged In the' is a treasure for a sunny chink In the crevices of perpendicular rocky cliff , rock garden where It will give a most very high up In the Olympics.

It must» brilliant note of color. It is found For Gardeners who want to build a new garden or remodel an old one, our monthly payment plan will be of real interest. Costs were never lower, and now is the time for all kinds of garden work if. AU druml. Tb« nest move is to have your car repaired, and that should be done by experts who have had years of experience.

March a. JAP A! Turkey, recently, that a. He waa. Though the eon of a chief. Three times. In fact, he per-. March 5 —Th. HU name. Stslin and hU limited group U totter-! Oeorge Crook and j the scene of the attack, was Idem If ted scnlllee "jobnson'a own foeth war. I aj I 11 II il ' whether they had been torn from set- ton Ce m s tr r y.

Opening Monday March 7 -v Our Spring Millinery Opening displays provide Victoria women wffh what may well prove the representation of the inode, expressed by a very charming range of styles —that will be sure to meet with your approval. March ». Alban w. Ireen very apt to overlook i. The Ottawa. It la evergreen mat of tTtmrtn uatm. In tha,M thl. It lowers the cost of living. Owned and Controlled- Plant at Abbotsford curve nfuwnmi wm oianucjiami,.

March 3 —Rt. In the, eg tot. This Is a bushy species growing about! A B-c. Uae B. Coal, and your money aids the prosperity of your province. Imagine the great oonvenienee! You just set the thermostat and the Canadian Iron Stoker gives the room exactly the temperature you want. It obviates the necessity of sending your money out of Canada for a foreign fuel. It enables yon to use coal—a British Columbia product— which government tests have proven the cheapest fuel of all.

Ask your coal dealer about the Canadian Iron Stoker. Fit guaranteed. Phono E mplxo 7SM. H pn annum To Franca. T here is a sharp discrepancy be- tween Hon. Stevens has given in a statement from Ottawa. Bruhn informed the committee that this agreement was not carried out. Stevens states that since Mr. In anticipation of vouchers to be received for relief work claimed to have been done by the province On February 30 another hajf-mlllion dollara waa advanced to the province to loan to municipalities to cover their share of public works.

BruUn daims the government ha failed to meet Another point on which there U t. There contradiction, between minister. If the Ottawa version is right, we arn- ta- titled to ask the. Certainly there is either deliberate misrepresentation or bungling on the part of one or the other, and the public is entitled to know just where it is. Nor is the situation helped by the extraordinary -ruling of Mr.

What, we may well inquire, is the-reason for this suppression? If the provincial government has a good case and is not afraid to produce all the documents on this subject, it has been placed in a very embarrassing position by Mr. If, of course, the provincial case is bad and it is desirable to suppress official evidence of that fact, Mr. Twigg's ruling is understandable. Up to this point, however, the conflicting statements of the Ottawa and Victoria ministers and Mr.

Twigg'i ruling constitute a triangle every angle of which is charged with public suspicion. Yet during that lime the Canadian implement factories were busy ; they were providing ample employment, and the firms engaged in the business were making money. Twelve months of higher tariffs has,brought about a transformation. Production is down to the lowest levels in a decade, employment is only twenty-five per cent of what it was.

When New Zealand butter was coming into Canada in large quantities on payment of a duty of only One cent a pound, the dairy fanners of the Dominion were getting between thirty-eight and forty-two cents a pound for their product. Two or three days ago, with not a pound of butter coming in from New Zealand, the wholesale price of butter ranged, according to grade, from sixteen to twenty-one cents a pound. There i, no grumble from the consumer; but we were told less than' two years ago that the dairy industry of the country was being ruined when the dairy farmer, were getting around forty cents a pound.

This ia another tariff conundrum. Out of 16, ballots returned, 0. As the total stands now, 1. Although the straw vote will give an indication of the attitude of a representative cross section of the public toward this delicate subject. The Philadelphia Record does not attach so much importance to the returns in the poll a, to the interest the American people are showing in the vote. It says by way of explanation: "Americana want I ha Prohibition question settled.

It Interests them end annoys them and In- furtstaa -tnem n r ut v than any other question. Daniel A. Poling, head ox the Allied forces, appreciate. Now both proponents arc complaining that the third question has been left out this tunc. GJL—or rather, we fUlMk tn. Urinc finish-. Inc It for » little while— Mr.

McKentle pro- duces the old reliable. Thus the dear old P. In other words, we have done with the P. Victoria, R. Manaon had been searching the records of the past before making this address. ColqulU, B. The dog breeders of Victoria made an enviable name far dogs many years. Foot Hospital Unioa Bide. It our ears. Mraznzle h»e not. Maneon'a holier-than- thou attitude. When riled. I politics. There is no speech which Mr Oh dear, yes, what a time we had 1 Manson has made even in the welter of on Friday afternoon!

Were it not for the absence of old John Oliver's mighty voice, we could have thought ourselves back in the post-war days, for there waa no change in the arguments, no alteration In the records, or. McKenzie hasn't worded In hie cookery book of political recipes.

It le not the breeder of pure bred! Sometime In January, notlcee of t stock that produces this nuisance, for! In accordan for which there is no room in a legltl- with psst practice, ballot papers for t mate breeder's kennel. Instructions were given be. Hland or were otherwise engaged. We are pasalng through an era which calls for the facing of stem facta and many thoughtful people agree that the basic principle of sweep- j stakes is a major cause of our economic difficulties to-day.

I Why. Pat- R. I think thy should, at least be given a hearing before being beheaded, for the nuisance created by a would- be menagerie proprietor. And they say this year of grace wl certainly embrace Some features most decidedly Ita owi To the Editor:—Your eminent and. KlcrlM w. Of gov- efficient InK-ctore. Cancel Mineral Survey Act.

OS m T part. And then be ipiivsly goes on to ssy we'll take in each others wash ing. TUI at last they keep us free in Esson province would get further on hi. On Tbured. MlchKl'e Kncenty. Hinchllffe to remark that the government would be glad to do so.

This teemed sound. The civic advisory committee of the! No politician ahould be paid more hr than one in most things, but Verrinder. Messrs Lumaden. Oray E. Even H. MP P who groan, at th. What le rather. Because It 1. A place of I P. While Mr. I Capt. Mrs E.

Duncan, wife of the edltor of The Wiarton Canadian Echo, gives the woman's viewpoint of their trip to Florida. Rlvervlew and Hllicrest Inn. Wobble Inn. Stay Inn. Dew drop Inn. Shoot Inn. Slip Inn. Hot Dog Inn. Stumble Inn. Walts Ion and endless other inns. In fact the only Inna we did not ace. Illy, aak! W,in m. Speaker checked him up stationary or higher temprature I No one. To the Editor. Our information is that while the highway generally is in bad shape, its condition in some places is positively atrocious and a menace to traffic It is imperative that steps be taken at once to improve this important avenue of communication between Victoria and up-island points, for if something effective in that direction is not done now the highway will not be fit for travel for either our own residents or visitors before very long.

The proof of the tariff pudding, like any other pudding, is in the eating thereof. The difficulties which have overwhelmed other countries are beginning to menace France, and no sooqer were the French gratified by foreign envy and recognition of their financial and political supremacy, than they began to realise that they were not Immune. Encirclement waa the old word heard m Germany, and Isolation la a word which begins te- have an ominous ring In French ears.

While this is lew adverse by. It has to do with a favored class and their lamentations are aa full cf surprise as of hurt. But the public, we fear, will be more languid than usual over the outrages sought to be perpetrated upon ball players. When ao many people are economically adrift in a yawl, they behold yachtsmen becalmed without feeling too deeply distressed. IT i l uses words with an understanding J resulting from many late nights with the dlctlonkryr He denied that the 1 word "asylum" reflected on anybody, snd suggested pretty bluntly that Mr Speaker didn't understand the King's English.

However, aa Mr. A few minutes later Mr. Manson hurried Th with the big red Oxford Dictionary and we looked forward with relish to IftUa- sertation on asylums from Mr. Pattullo Rat after Mr. Manaon and Mr. It looked as If Oxford had let Mr. Pattullo down pretty badly.

He didn't ray what his government would do with the P. There will be. T And they'll put an extra ten per cent on duff. She brought the. Victoria, B. Dandrldge, Wlllock. Spencer Perclval and others, in the amallneaa of their natures, seem to begrudge our Canadian youth the opportunity to acquire for themselves the education which thev have only to evidently been denied, but many of us think That splashed the cliff-side month with color.

And now, In an airy down to the green Gulf waters. The Islands lie so clear, so clear. And the mountains rise so white And the pearly sea tings the whole wood round With ite shining band of light all laat, thlJ tlm ln ort j er ta«t our sons and daughters when grown up may them- IlOat.

OR by playing peanut politics with It. Aa Mr. There And. Bend to each other, whispering and If tba Minister of Education la sin- complaining. If he really wants -to show hla good faith, why not transfer the whole university to James Bay and let them rura the government for us It could not be done worse than II la now.

MAY A E. Stanley ,Ave.. Jacob Mui. No harmful drugi. Brock of the University of B C. Dean Brock. Introduced by George Winkler, president of the prospectors, told of the extent of greet potential I placer fields In the Cariboo, yet unex- , plored.

At this place a rich find was made Just beyond the point where the old proepecors laid off. In placer districts w« find that nature has already done the milking. She has concentrated the gold into gravel beds, and quite often we find that she has made s second concentration which makes the find even richer.

Yukon and Cariboo were given by Desn Brock in a general review of conditions in those areas. It deals with the success achieved by Mr. In The present owner and operator eucceeded his father In May of Remember the Y. And prints are good, too. If you think an allover print too Ray. Our collection embraces every phase of the print and plain color mode. Sizes for women and misses.

They are moulded out of the slightly pebbly straws that -aiV the badge of spring smartness. A tiny brim, a tiny tilt and a bow in the back.. Black, brown, navy and light colors. Members c? David Evan being again placed In office av president. The meeting waa held In the Sons of England Hall.

T Bowden second vlce-preeldent The secretary-treasurer Is W. The recording artiste are the Florence Opera Company of Italy. Batural habitat. In the second picture secretary-treasurer. This line of en- tf r.

UMUl bonk butane. Jack Laver hwelng eev. Boa- Harold Oray. Edith Wtl- that owing to the condition of the Hama and M! Brown and J. Sixes to Pouch Style—fitted with inner swing purse and mirror. Smart anil convenient, with baek strap handles.

In the most fashionable shades for spring—pony, navy, black, beige, grey and brown. Really fine materials and workmanship go into these Shoes—and their fitting qualities are such as you have heretofore associated only with high-priced footwear. Black and Brown Smart for Spring. Super-wearing quality. Washable Gloves of soft, pliable skins.

Three speeches were given by girls tof ward getting their Portia public-speak- lng pins. This wes done instead of dismissing the whole gang. The two men transferred Kids are featured, in straps, ties and pumps, with hig or Cuban heels. Widths A to D. A pair.. It relieves that sagging look on thiose not so slim. Models for small, medium and large busts. March Arden of Shirley is a guest st the home of her daughter and son-in-law. Cloth editions, with or without music.

Attached collar or two separate starched collars. A wonderful value, each. Good Heavy-quality Rayon Spreads, in delightful damask patterns, are shown in rose, blue, gold, green, lavender and ivory. Size 80x inches. A card party and dance will be held in the Jordan River social haU this evening at 0 o'clock.

All-wool Auto Ruga with fringed ends, sisc 38x68 inches. Fancy check patterns. A variety of colors. Pure Wool Auto Rugs with fringed ends, size 60x72 inches. Soft finish, fancy check patterns. Guests are requested to bring their own cards and seore pads. DAVID and green. A superb value at. Hugh Dobson. Church and Rev. Bunt of Nanaimo. This building was formerly known as Victoria Rail. It has been beautifully decorated and la ah attractive place In which to worship.

Ouy P. Duffleld Jr. He has invited the friends of Victoria to join the opening services. The message will be by the pastor. To-Ynorrow evening at Mrs. Anne D. Prom Gibraltar to Hongkong. An Exposition of Power. Responsibility and Opportunity" will be given by E. The eyes of the world are turned towards the Orient to-day and Dr.

The Sacrament of Baptism will be celebrated at the morning service end special music win be rendered by the choir both morning and evenlrig. Completion by Rev. Cox of a rears successful labors at 8t Paul's Presbyterian Church will be celebrated to-morrow with special music and three services.

Victoria West, la a historic church, having had Dr. Stewart, president of the CJC.. A quartette will be given by Mrs. First United Church ironuerl? Um Service Wilson and F. Gives Address on Thursday College. Nova Beotia, will preach at 8t. John's at 8. Gardiner will preach at the service. Harold ST. Let Ire M. A Organist and CbOirmaMcx.

PralW Superintendent w wwiw! Qrganlat ' Mrs. Solo—"Beyond the Dawn' Jamea J. Alberta, from to Humpbt les. Brown Is a native of Quebec, and received his early training in Huntingdon Academy. It Is some years since ha visited Victoria. Lewis Hall. Brown and Alec Semple. Ptltcrofl will Vmritnil Cai,.. Cox will preside.

Mu Kingdon. Prom the Haart of Africa. Sunday School 11 am. Paul's st 3. Cedi Earner. Maaaa Monday. I pm -Mesaag Private Readings Tuesday. Paul's Oarrlaoq Church. Will Preach the Gospel Mr. Spink will also speak each n ghl during the -vrdk except Saturday at «00 pm Come and hear this able preacher of the Ooapel Womens Ooapel Meeting.

Cqx of St. W : ll Preach holy communion at 8 o'clock. Eucharist 84 REV O A. Sacrament of the Lord's Supper 7. K Richards on "Britain'! Public Meaaage Bday. Rector, Canon A R. Its great need of peace, and the desire of all right-thinking people for place Miss Thelma Lloyd will be the soloist. Immediately after the morning ser- v.

Cdles and James Dlnsmore taking the solo parts Mrs. The Second Mile club will meet on Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Gorge Road West. Church The Jospel will be preached D. Being outnumbered and hard- preesed. Saviour's Church. Myers-, organist of the Christian Science Church for the past five years, hu tendered hla resignation to the board of directors. Myers was Invited to succeed the late Dr Hodson.

Holloway, organist of 8t. Paul's Navsl and Garrison Church. Esquimau, has been appointed to succeed Mr. Members of 8t. Paul choir, and other friends, recently presented Mr. Holloway with an attache case In appreciation of hla long and faithful service at 8t. The woodwork has been carved entirely tty parishioners, under the direction of B B Temple, as a labor of love for their church. The musician within Its confines.

Only such ns Henry Wood. It va ; the foreigner who received the coveted appointment with the Scottish Orches- 1 - tra. It continental conductor. But times have an. March II. In 18 J. B Rowell. The first, to be preached t he roof waa to-fhorrow.

Rowell I Formerly tl will deliver the third ln the series tewer. D ' o'clock. Friday at 6. If Peter had not learned that They undoubt-; lesaon. Armlta; At' VTc? The meditation will bq specially appropriate to the pre-Easter season. The annual Father and Son service wUl bo held in the evening, with older boys taking part. Dufsrldorl st which "Ocrontlus" ws, R«r. The official programme o? Music cTitlcs at the time com-'from there the company went on to mented caustically on the absence of ] Sheffield.

Oxiord and Cambridge. ATE , t Berlin Is to be made, and founda. Berlin, : nalssance ln England. Folk-songs had Munich. English to the oore. E Hgil. Broad 8treet. On Monday evening at 7J0 a public message circle will be held at 92 Fort Street. Patterson Will Dis cuss Biblical Forecasts at morning and evening sermons will be principle and Idea—perfect God and preached.

Richard- and demonstration. The morning subject will be. Miss May Zaia taking Services to-morrow at the Spiritual the solo. Science Temple. On Monday night, at 7. Honey- church and J. HcLennwn will sing "Face to Face" Johnston. Ruff ell led the community singing I Greetings from the C.

Arrayed In White Robes? There will be a brief healing period during the service. Todd will sin-? On Tuesday at 2. Then once more the light of Reports of Committees Also shone forth, and at me -prom- r IUI Udy perhaps was confirmed ln the huge - audiences that attended the Elgar Progress on legislation was made In nights, when were heard hla twp sym- the Legislature Thursday, when new.

It cannot yet b« seen If this new work by the B B C. BC Historical 8o- dres. Klngdon clety t th. In a happy union of Chrla- it the hardy Mttlera of the prov- tlan love, all who are seeking to wit- mce only 85 a month to live.

Doug- Edgar Dewdney commenced a trail las Bevan. Lodgings to s King's Palace. Bevan reporta that great suoeea Ing trlpa from time to time. Of the many things the settlers hsd dresses by the meetings having been very to contend with, rattlesnakes were a 1 Davies, le spiritual.

He dlrecta attention to the continual menace, the lecturer said Douglas Pi Dr. Barton will apeak in the Campbell Building to-morrow at 8 p. Barton announces that these lectures will be held every Sunday and Wednesday. Redolent of all eawntlally by A. U committee — , was passed. The other works. Is Just now being written. Vancouver Stock Exchange Act. The bill to amend receive any information relative to any the Vancouver Corporation Act was re- event of this composer's life. The hts- ferred to the private hills committee, torlan says he has ln his possession s Progress In the committee stage waa programme of a concert iield ln Lon- ] made on the bill amending the Vital don in the seaaou of The preachers for the day will be Rev.

M Sanford at night. The annual supper will be held on Monday. Further commemorations of Haydn's bl-centenary was the playing of three Haydn quartettes, D major; Op. D major. F major. Owen, the rector, will preach on "Sin. Its Consequences and Ita Cure. Theae recltalh are given every Saturday afternoon at 4. Pro tee tent Orphanage acknowledge with grateful thanks the following generous donations to their linen shower, held The many friends of Mr.

Pfed H. Calvert, Mrs. Elliott, Mrs. Mrs Chambers. Thompson Kirby. A Friend. Orlm- Ison. A McKeown. Mrs D. Cameron Sheets—Mrs. Russell Horton. Dills bough. Oonnaaon, Mrs. Volunteer Club. Mrs L. Duns- mulr. Msyhew, Mrs. Cameron, Mrs. H Walker, Mrs. Miss Tolmle. Miss Ouyton. Grahfftn, Mrs. Miss J. Murray, Mrs. H Ward. Robert Klalver. D McAdte, Miss Newbury. Miss HU- cocks. Mrs J. B- Lovell. W Kenning. Mlaa Helen Moore. Miss Agnes Spencer. Miss Lett ice. Lattice, Mra. M Wood.

Edwards, the Misses Ay lard. Fact cloths—Mias A. Rowell; A Friend, one and a- half dozen handkerchiefs. Miss Lowry, dreaaer acarf. Pillow allpa—Mrs. I W Dlnsmarr, Mrs. Miss Margaret Hughes. Ronnie and Amy Heddle. Mias A. Oeorge Jay, Mrs. Drummond Hay. E H Griffiths. Watts, Mrs. Evan Hanbury. Hay, Mrs. Head and Mrs. William Bathgate of Chilliwack.! Home, son of Mr. Home, Pandora Avenue. Undaajr af The Iplandr. Meholaa tan der Vliet, m nf senator B.

Van der Vliet dnd Mia. Hen- mark, formerly of SI. The decoration, id the church were the handiwork of Mrs. James Oray. Mrs R. Mrs Prad Cabatdu. Mrs Alan McAnally. An amusing play. Ouy Goddard yesterday afternoon to the members of the Vic tor.

Mosa Ssreet, for the semi-monthly meeting. Following the reading tea waa served and the I hostess was assisted by Mrs.

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Fibonacci financial Tonight Fletcher Is the most miserable man who ever donned a baseball glove. There was absolutely no desire to get anything but the best quality of work, but In view of the fact that the con- tractor has been paid, he did not see what the board could do. Southport l. The Chilcotln Indians caught fully 20, sockeye ut the three canyons in that river. Montreal, addressed the children. On October -1 hn Is t.
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Murphys forex rules Father rleynen, of Nan- almo, and Rev. Shoot Inn. With Jordan? AMIS aewlng circle of the. Long In shape, it is firm in texture, very eweet and rich, and should stand transportation. Conserva-I in January. Cardiff City 2.
Collinson forex limited nzqa OR by playing peanut source with It. Miss Mackenzie, though a novice in big matches gave Miss iinipbcii B dose i urn. Harvey Mlckelson. The pallbearers were Messrs. We specialize m supplies for extra heavywork where re- ' liability in every strand, hook, or link is absolutely essential. Mansfield Town 0. REV O A.
Mbin ipo THfe coats are built in Friezes. Foster is presiding over the sittings of the Imperial Trade Commission. On October -1 hn Is t. Some of the girls with whom they came In contact were said to be no good, but many came from homes where they had had no training. I 3HU temperance ' crusade - has borne wonder- ful fruit, beth in the cities 1 and la the country.
Iforex philippines testimonials for business The president. Plgott is staying. AMIS aewlng circle of the. Stanley ,Ave. A Organist and CbOirmaMcx. Urinc finish. No politician ahould be paid more hr than one in most things, but Verrinder.
Using leverage on forex It was in regard to this action by the board that the deputation of the Trades and Labor Council waited upon the board last night. H Fretwell. Let them try and reform themselves, next I heir homes, and then the city they lived in: and then socialism would be found unnecessary. Crown Prince Daniel, who is com- mander-in-chief, has juHt ridden in with Prince Peter from the battlefield to the King's headquarters for fresh instruc- tions. Vancouver Stock Exchange Act. Mrs Pugh, guest of Mrs F.


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We offer foreign cash for purchase online with fully insured delivery. Getting foreign cash has never been so easy! Are you looking to start a career in a dynamic working environment? We have opportunities across Canada to kickstart your career in the financial services sector. Austria is a landlocked nation that sits in the heart of Europe. The picture-perfect country is home to […]. Calforex Currency Exchange prides itself on having centrally located branches staffed by professionally trained tellers and managers to safely and effectively help you exchange cash, transfer or receive funds from abroad.

Shopping Cart Cart. Calforex Currency Exchange Services. Find your local Calforex Store! Select a Province. Select a Branch. Subscribe to our weekly FX market commentary to get the latest currency news. If you are human, leave this field blank. Calforex Services. Calforex offers both cash services and a variety of non-cash foreign exchange services at money-saving exchange rates.

Wire Transfers. For overs 30 years thousands of Canadians and foreign travelers have trusted Calforex for all their incoming and outgoing wire transfers. Know More. Currency Buy Back. Send a Wire Transfer. Download Wire Transfer Form. Collinson works closely with Salesforce customers to design, implement and optimise their loyalty programmes using Loyalty Management, Marketing Cloud and other Salesforce products. Data is at the heart of what we do. Using our own proprietary technology along with those of our technology partners, including Salesforce loyalty management, our data and loyalty experts work together to generate unique customer insights and drive compelling, innovative customer loyalty journeys that improve the performance of your customer rewards and marketing programmes.

We work with you to create strategies that drive smarter customer experiences by focusing on the needs of your customers and your business. We support you by analysing data, assessing customer behaviour, integrating, or streamlining processes to deliver targeted and integrated engagement. Our global merchant network, services and platforms work together create powerful end-to-end customer loyalty programmes which drive greater engagement and increases customer rewards, satisfaction and retention, while increasing revenue for your business.

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