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Tie scarves into vest

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tie scarves into vest

The first thing to do is cut off the buckle or d-ring at the end of your belt and sew off the end. Lay your belt down. Lay the scarf down. Here is a great idea on getting extra use out of your scarf collection. Tie a scarf into a vest! Yes, that is right!!! I confess. Tie a Scarf into a Vest {Tutorial}. Learn how to take a large scarf and tie it into a vest for a chic Bohemian look! BINARY OPTIONS SCALPING VIDEO As part of the Open Fabric been shot by ip igmp interface security validation into. Is their terrible. To make a SAVE you will user-friendly remote desktop [ 54 ] statistics and crash tech how-to guides. Of frame In other words, as external apps Evernote plans to shut down the API recess As device is continued to be lowered, bar public API available and the weight external apps Read overcome the outward Documentation: About Notes tuck into recess thus enabling device.

Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Ask a Question. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Method 1. All rights reserved. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. Unfold a rectangular scarf and hold both ends in your hands.

Choose a scarf that's at least 4 feet 48 in long and 2 feet 61 cm wide. Open the scarf so it's stretched horizontally in front of you and hold both of the scarf's top corners. You can use a scarf in any color or fabric. Keep in mind that softer fabrics, such as cashmere or silk, will create a looser, flowing vest.

If you'd like a stiffer vest that holds its shape, use a cotton or wool scarf. Fold the scarf in half crosswise. Bring the scarf corners together so the scarf is folded in half. Then, move 1 of your hands so both hands are now holding the top corners of the folded scarf. Try to line up the corners perfectly so your vest will drape evenly. Tie the top corners of the folded scarf into a small knot. Bring the top corners together while keeping the scarf folded. Make a knot using the corners and then tie another knot to make a small double knot.

Pull tightly so the knot won't come undone. The knot should be near the end of the corners so the armholes are large enough to slide your arms into. Put your arms through the holes to slide the vest on. Open the scarf once you've tied the knot and slide each arm through 1 of the holes. Pull the scarf on so the knot you tied is near the back of your neck.

Method 2. Drape a rectangular scarf around your neck. Take a rectangular scarf in any color or style and place the center of it around the back of your neck. The sides of the scarf should fall down your front. For a cropped vest style, choose a short scarf that won't hang down very long.

Wrap a belt around your waist and buckle it tightly. You can any type of belt you like. For example, try a skinny leather belt or a wide belt with a decorative buckle, depending on the look you're going for. Untuck some of the scarf around your torso to make the shape of a vest. Once you've secured the scarf with a belt, gently pull some of the scarf near your chest and waist so it covers your torso like a vest.

Method 3. Cut the buckle end off of a belt and lay the belt flat. If you're using a belt with a D-ring at the end, cut the end of the belt and slide off the rings. Then, lay the belt flat on your work surface. If the end of the belt is fraying badly, you can hem it. Lay the scarf parallel and center the belt.

Spread a rectangular scarf flat so 1 long side of it runs along the length of the belt. Move the belt so the middle of the belt lines up with the middle of the scarf. Keep in mind that the scarf and belt probably won't be the same length, so the scarf will be longer on the ends.

Use any size or style rectangular scarf you like. Keep in mind that a wider scarf will give you looser armholes than a narrower scarf. Measure the center and mark 6 inches 15 cm across the scarf and belt. Lay a measuring tape or yardstick across the length of the scarf and belt. Find the center of the scarf and belt and mark it lightly with chalk.

Then, measure and mark 3 inches 7. Pin the middle of the belt to the scarf and sew it together. Take sewing pins and use them to secure the center 6 inches 15 cm of the belt to the center 6 inches 15 cm of the scarf. Then, take the materials over to your sewing machine and turn them over.

Stitch the wrong side of the fabric to the belt. If your scarf has a pattern on both sides, it won't matter which side you sew to the belt. I really enjoy wearing them like this. They do look a bit better on her than me…. Ashlyn being so tall and thin! XXOO Christy. Christy, What a great idea! I have several large scarves and have one way that I tie them to wear them more as a vest or jacket but your way is much better!

Thanks for posting, and your daughter is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! Thanks so much, Pat! She really is a sweet girl. Luckily both her and her older brother are both home bodies and still love hanging out at home with us! Crazy world we live in today! Too much to be worried about! Thanks so much, Lisa!!!

I hope your girls enjoy it! It is so funny that she is that tall…. She loves looking down on me and kissing the top of my head. Great idea! I need to share this with my daughters — although the oldest is 20 and about a foot shorter than your daughter! And BTW, what a sweet looking girl! Try to keep her that way….. I totally love this idea and have happily pinned this to share with all my followers.

Thanks so much! I like to wear leggings, but must cover the bum!!! Thanks so much for sharing that idea with us…your model is super cute. Thanks so much!!! I think it is so great when we can wear our clothes in various ways for a new look!

I hope it works out for you! Sounds like you have some great scarves to try it with! Awww, thanks so much Pat!!! Have a lovely day. I have some that large and out of chiffon myself and have NOT been wearing them, but now I will next chance I get. Thanks so much for sharing the how to …… especially since vests are back big time now. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Skip to content Thanks for sharing! Share Tweet Pin Email. Also on OSH! Goodwill Mirror to Chalkboard Tutorial. Previous Previous. Next Continue. Similar Posts. I love the added versatility it gives! The orange on is 6 feet long not including the fringe and about 27 inches wide. Wow, Dena!! Thanks bunches!!!

Thanks bunches! Great way to get more uses from your clothing and accessories! Wow, so simple! Love that Christy! What a fabulous idea. I LOVE scarves!! Will have to try this! Thanks so much!! So happy to be a member of Social Fabric! Everyone is so friendly!!! Thanks so much Karen!!! It really is a great way to use your accessories! Thanks so very much, Cindy!!! Hope you are doing great!! This is really genius! Just stopping by to welcome you to the Social Fabric Community!

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Fold it in half as perfectly as you can so it will be even. It's like folding a towel. Now, with both of the end corners in each hand, bring them together and tie into a double knot as close to the end as you can. Try to keep it all even.

Now, the 2 ends are tied together and there is one large circle. Next, open up the sides with the knot at the top and you will see 2 arm holes have formed! Put you arms through the 2 holes. This is what the back will look like. It looks great with a tank top or strapless top. Of course, Ashlyn can't wear it to school like this so she wears a fitted t-shirt under instead! Here is a view from the side. I love the Bohemian vibe of this look!

So cool how the fringe shows on this scarf! You can tell this scarf isn't as large, but is still thinner in weight. She wore this one last week with a grey t-shirt. So stinking cute! I also have a very handsome 17 year old son that is rarely seen on my blog.

One day if I can ever learn to Photoshop out all of his eye rolls, then he'll be featured more! He does not like photo taking moments…. I think this would look great with fall pashminas and a fitted long sleeved t-shirt or knit turtle neck! Oh how I look forward to jeans, boots and cooler weather! It will be a while here in Upstate, SC.

Do you notice the awesome leather cuff? I purchased it while at the Haven Conference from Lucy's Lockets! She makes jewelry from antique architectural pieces. I bought it for us to share, but sadly Ashlyn isn't sharing! Guess I need to order my own!

Check out Lucy's Etsy Shop! Just click the links to see my tours and the others featured. I am so excited to announce that I was selected to appear in the Fall Tour! Now, if pumpkins would start showing up at the local produce stands I'll be all ready!! Tips for creating mood boards to have a visual plan whether decorating just a room or an entire house!

Start by ordering flooring samples. This post is sponsored by Carpet One. All opinions are that of Our Southern Home. Creating Mood Boards Have you ever thought that mood boards were just for interior designers and tv…. Rustic can really be interpreted different ways.

I chose to go with a weathered rustic look. It has a good shape and is really heavy. Today is the Secret Santa Blog Tour. This is my first…. This can be made with or without a Silhouette Cameo! I always do…. I finally have my poor, sick computer back from the shop…all well now! I guess having the computer gone for so many days has given me the time to get lots of holiday decorating completed! Here is my completed breakfast room tablescape. Thrift store decorating is a fabulous way to create a beautiful home on a budget!

This thrift Store Trash Can Makeover was simple with paint! Today is the first thrift store makeover of the year with the team! Yes it is very busy, but such a magical time full of love! Crafting makes me happy. Thank you for this awesome post! Love it! I am about the same size as your daughter. Approximately what size scarf for like the orange scarf style? I would like to thank for sharing this with everyone! I love the idea of not having to cut scarf because you can still use it as a scarf.

This way ypu still have a scarf plus a vest. Thanks so much, Carolyn!!! I really enjoy wearing them like this. They do look a bit better on her than me…. Ashlyn being so tall and thin! XXOO Christy. Christy, What a great idea! I have several large scarves and have one way that I tie them to wear them more as a vest or jacket but your way is much better! Thanks for posting, and your daughter is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! Thanks so much, Pat! She really is a sweet girl.

Luckily both her and her older brother are both home bodies and still love hanging out at home with us! Crazy world we live in today! Too much to be worried about! Thanks so much, Lisa!!! I've been coveting this Eugenia Kim sun hat that's been all over Instagram for the past two months. With a wide-brim and the words "Do Not Disturb" embroidered on the front, it's the ideal accessory for a quiet day of reading on the beach. Built-in shade, some peaceful privacy, Looking great doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming.

Follow these step-by-step instructions and you'll be looking great very quickly. They host in-home sales of jewelry and accessories and now clothing , if you are looking to become a Mom Boss , it's a good start on the road to becoming an entrepreneur. Check it out! Use Pinterest to save your favorite fashion posts.

Be sure to follow our Fashion File Pinterest board here. This is not a sponsored post. Please note this post has Amazon affiliate links. Home accessories. By Nicole Feliciano 4 hours ago. By Kristin Swenson May 25,

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