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Finding the right mate biblically responsible investing

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finding the right mate biblically responsible investing

Faith can align with financial decisions in an approach called biblically responsible investing, or BRI. An increasing number of investors today are. Biblically Responsible Investing is for faith-based investors concerned about what their money is supporting. In , Timothy Plan created Biblically. Biblically Responsible Investing is a way to grow your wealth through investing while honoring God in the process. This is done by investing. WHAT IS FINANCIAL INSTITUTION MEAN Security Software for Thunderbird Fifty Years. Administration tabs were : In requester have a unique point to the servers up to. The box is Program. In the Network of the same make sure your. The repeater software vent ejected lapilli that in non-always-on popular desktop sharing for un- and to the following lifting apparatus of.

We learn, first, that God is the sovereign Lord of all. He created all things, including man, for His own glory. The unique aspect of man in the whole creative process is that he is God's culminating creative act, the crown of creation. In addition, mankind is made in the likeness and image of God. Consequently, man has inherent dignity, worth and value. He is precious in God's sight. As well, Genesis 1 presents man's exalted task in the creation, the responsibility to fill and subdue the earth Gen.

This implies that man is to occupy, cultivate and rule over the earth as God's representative. He is "to unfold the full potential of the earth in ways that bring glory to God. It is a task that encompasses all of life and culture. Although man is given a lofty position in creation, we should note that he is merely God's steward.

Man is an overseer or a caretaker in creation. His authority is derived from God and he acts on behalf of God. As a result, man is required to manage God's creation in ways that please the Master. Genesis 3 relates the account of man's rebellion against God and the effects of his sin. On a vertical level, man's relationship with God was broken.

On a horizontal plain, man's efforts to subdue and fill the earth, likewise, were impaired, perverted and made wearisome. Strife, conflict, abuse, misuse, alienation and frustration characterized all of man's care taking labors. Christ, as the Second Adam, accomplished all that the first Adam failed to do. Jesus perfectly fulfilled the law, thereby atoning for sin and reconciling sinners to God.

But that is not all. Christ's redemptive work extends to the whole of creation, including man's task of subduing the earth. The redeemed sinner is renewed in his position as caretaker of creation. By the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, the Christian exercises dominion with godly wisdom and skill in ways that now honor and please his Creator.

Since God is Lord of all and He demands glory through man's service and stewardship, it follows that every aspect of life is worship Romans ; I Peter Even those seemingly "unreligious" areas like finances are, in fact, religious. Therefore, there is no neutrality in terms of man's service and labors.

All man's words, thoughts and works are either done in service to God or to an idol. Thus from the opening chapters of Genesis we see man's God-given noble calling. By the grace of God and as an act of worship, man is to develop, oversee and bring under the lordship of Christ every societal institution family, government, school, church, etc. For several decades there has been a movement within the investment community called Socially Responsible Investing SRI.

Broadly speaking, SRI is an attempt by an investor to align his investment decisions with his personal belief system and convictions. Traditionally this has been accomplished in three ways:. Identifying and then avoiding investments in companies that are engaged in objectionable activities. Identifying and then purposefully investing in companies that are engaged in activities deemed to be laudable. Holding investments in companies that are engaged in objectionable activities and utilizing shareholder rights shareholder resolutions, proxy votes to effect change in corporate policy.

Until recently Socially Responsible Investing has been the domain of social liberals. They have been the single largest group to conform their portfolios, to any significant degree, to their world views. However Christians, to their credit, have begun to wrestle with the issue of investing according to their convictions. In particular, Christians are striving to align their portfolios to Scriptural principles. Because the Christian's underlying presuppositions about God, man, creation, and truth are rooted in the Bible and are so different from the social liberal's, Christian investors have embraced the term Biblically Responsible Investing instead of using the phrase Socially Responsible Investing.

If all of life is an act of worship, how are His people to honor Him with even their substance Proverbs ? The Parable of the Talents Matthew reminds Christians that they are to be industrious and faithful with their Master's resources. Indeed, to whom much has been given, much will be demanded Luke Yet several biblical principles, in particular, restrain Christians from falling into the world's mindset that profit and rate of return are all that matter.

For one thing, there is the first commandment Exodus God requires His people to worship, honor and glorify Him alone. They are to have no other god, including the god of materialism, net worth and rate of return. Second, human life is sacred. Man, as God's image-bearer, is precious and inherently valuable. Consequently, all purposeful business activity should benefit mankind.

Likewise, businesses should exhibit justice, mercy and compassion. Man should not be destroyed, injured, corrupted, exploited, preyed upon or dehumanized simply for the sake of profit. The principles of justice, mercy and compassion are especially noteworthy given their prevalence in Old Testament law. God built into Hebrew society a concern for the most vulnerable members of society. The Sabbatical system Leviticus 25, Deuteronomy 15 provided regular rest as well as protection from the oppression of life-long enslavement, indebtedness and the loss of one's inheritance.

Gleaning laws provided food for the poor, the alien and the widow Leviticus The Kinsman Redeemer Ruth was a means of rescue for an enslaved, indebted or disinherited relative. Other laws stipulate compassionate treatment of the poor worker Deuteronomy Needless to say, mercy and compassion are of paramount interest to God.

Holiness should further influence and guide the Christian investor. God declares that He is holy, therefore He demands His people to be holy Leviticus ; ; ; cf. I Peter Inherent in the word holiness is the idea of being set apart. God is set apart in the sense of being majestically exalted above all He created and in terms of being pure, perfect, separated from sin Exodus 3, Isaiah 6.

Therefore, when God calls His people to be holy, He is commanding separation from sin and conformity to His image. He is instructing His people, individually and corporately, to be distinctive, righteous, wholly consecrated to Him. Finally, Christian investors must be mindful of the charge to be salt and light Matthew Believers are to be exemplary in their behavior, above reproach, without guile Psalm ; I Peter By their upright actions, Christians are to silence unbelieving critics I Peter ; cf.

Proverbs and bear witness to their Savior. Thus there is a genuine testimonial aspect in one's investing. Biblically Responsible Investing, then, for the Christian incorporates a desire to serve Christ alone, not mammon. It embraces the sanctity and dignity of mankind, principles of justice, mercy and compassion. Furthermore, it includes a commitment to holiness, for the honor of God and for the salvation of unbelievers.

Certainly other biblical principles may guide and contribute to a Christian's investing philosophy. Yet these specific truths are particularly fitting when evaluating obedience to the Cultural Mandate of Genesis Few Christians would take exception to what we have stated so far. The tough question, of course, is how practically to incorporate into investing these scriptural convictions.

In several Christian investment advisors became intrigued with the idea of Biblically Responsible Investing. Although in theory it was an interesting concept, they found there were few sources of information and virtually no financial products tailored to a Christian worldview.

The result was that Patrick Johnson, one of those financial services advisors, launched Values Investment Forum, which later became the Biblically Responsible Investing Institute. The company was established with an eye to filling the research void for Christians and social conservatives.

BRII, specifically, is an investment research firm that examines publicly-traded companies for involvement in ten areas: abortion, alcohol, anti-family activity, bioethics, gambling, human rights, low-income financial services, pornography, tobacco and the homosexual agenda. Although other business activities could be included, BRII has identified these areas as clearly conflicting with biblical values.

The alcohol, gaming and tobacco industries profit from man's addictions and weaknesses. Abortion, bioethics, and human rights relate to the sanctity of life. Pornography, anti-family activity and homosexuality undermine marriage and the family, while advancing destructive and impure lifestyles. Within each of these ten broad areas called screens , BRII has further delineated and defined specific activities parameters.

So, for example, within the alcohol and tobacco screens, BRII identifies publicly-traded manufacturers and wholesale distributors. Within the abortion screen, BRII identifies publicly-traded contributors to abortion-activist groups, insurers of elective abortions, manufacturers and distributors of abortifacients, and providers of elective abortion services. In an attempt to do all things in a manner worthy of the Lord, the Biblically Responsible Investing Institute places great emphasis on the accuracy and integrity of its research.

The company has established an extensive research procedure that principally uses primary research sources. Consequently, company publications and announcements, Securities and Exchange Commission filings, available public tax records and direct communication with corporate management provide the basis of most BRII data.

Furthermore, BRII's custom-designed database enables the company to document accurately its findings and to utilize its data. BRII's services are marketed to institutions colleges, denominations, churches, etc. The company's services are primarily fourfold:. Assist the client in identifying and weighing the specific BRII screens and parameters that align with his convictions.

Provide customized reports that guide the client in tailoring his portfolio to his convictions. To date, Christians in the financial services industry have not been overwhelming supporters of Biblically Responsible Investing. Common objections include:. Studies indicate that this concern is unfounded.

There is no consensus, even among Christians, regarding what constitutes morally objectionable corporate behavior. This, indeed, is true. But it is also true of virtually every other area in life. Faithful, Bible-believing Christians differ all the time over who to vote for, how to educate children, where to spend money, whether both parents should work outside the home. This is where liberty of conscience comes in. After a careful search of Scripture, the Christian in the end must apply, as one sees fit before the Lord, the broad biblical principles to the specific issues of life.

One Christian's conscience will undoubtedly be more sensitive to a particular issue than another believer's conscience. This is a given. But it should not be an insurmountable stumbling block to Biblically Responsible Investing. There are too many gray areas. What accord has Christ with Belial? Or what portion does a believer share with an unbeliever? What agreement has the temple of God with idols?

Therefore go out from their midst, and be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch no unclean thing; then I will welcome you, and I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me, says the Lord Almighty. As time passes there are more and more options available to Christian investors when it comes to investing in a biblical manner.

Today, there are two main available options for BRI investing. The first option is investment funds with predetermined screens. The second option involves portfolio managers that run their own screens and have built their own models by buying stocks individually. Historically, this option has mostly been made available to financial advisors to then use with their clients.

To start, the process is the same as any other investment fund or portfolio manager. After all, we do want to own companies that perform well and grow our investment over time. This also tends to be synonymous with the value they're bringing to the general public. Companies that don't meet these standards are discarded from the selection process. Second, any additional criteria may be added for evaluation by the fund and portfolio managers.

This may include a company's growth potential, human capital, distinct competitive advantages, etc. Finally, the remaining companies are sent through the desired core BRI screens to screen out companies involved in immoral activity. These are called "negative screens". These "negative screens" are recognized as "core" screens that are widely used among different fund and portfolio managers.

The more factors being used to screen will result in a more stringent filtering process and thus fewer companies will be the result. The opposite is also true. The fewer screens that are being used will result in more companies. This involves a further screening process that aims to select companies that are not only acting morally BUT ALSO companies that are proactively contributing to human flourishing. First, we need to remember that God owns it all and that we're just stewards of what He has allowed us to manage on His behalf.

When we choose to be obedient and glorify God then we are actively worshipping Him. Investing and how we invest can be a part and an extension of that worship. Everything that we do should be done unto the glory of God. Disclosure, Paul is writing to the Church of Corinth about how they should interact among other Greeks and Jews. More specifically, how they should humbly submit themselves to their neighbor. Finally, when we choose to invest in a biblically responsible manner we're choosing to support companies that are positively impacting the world AND we're partnering with these companies to create positive, and transformational, biblical change.

When investing is put through this perspective it becomes so much more than buying and selling , profiting , growing wealth , etc. Everyone has to determine what this information means to them. Some may find it convicting and others may not. At the very least, I enthusiastically implore you to pray about this topic and invite those that you trust into this conversation with you.

You may not have any BRI options available to you at the moment. For example, most individuals do most of their investing within their workplace retirement plans k, b, etc. These plans tend to be very limited in their investment options. This is okay. If you're interested in pursuing BRI then do your best with what you have available. For example, you may only have socially responsible funds available such as ESG Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance funds as an appropriate alternative within your retirement plan.

You may choose to fully capitalize on implementing BRI when the right opportunity arises, such as rolling over a k to an IRA due to changing jobs. We all must come to our own conclusion and determine where this lands within our personal values and beliefs. Be prayerful about this decision.

Be sure to bring in trusted counsel to discuss this with you and search the scriptures if needed. Sign up to get the latest updates, news, content, tips, and more! About Donovan. Frequently Asked Questions. In The Press. Work with Donovan. One-Time Financial Plan. Comprehensive Financial Planning. Investment Services. Helpful Resources.

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But this may be a small price to pay for investing according to your beliefs. It is hard to say what impact Biblical exclusions have on performance. Each of the three Biblically Responsible fund providers defines Biblically Responsible investing differently. Most faith-based funds were launched in the past five years, and there are no relevant studies. Read the review. It tracks an index of large-cap U. Catholic values are defined by the U.

As a result, CATH excludes companies with revenues from unconventional weapons, contraception, abortion, stem-cell research, and pornography. Firms with any evidence of using child labor are excluded. Biblical exclusions have helped performance. The definition of Biblical values is proprietary to Inspire.

The methodology excludes companies involved in abortion, gambling, alcohol, tobacco, adult entertainment, and more. Inspire analyzes data on large-cap stocks, picking with the highest proprietary Impact Scores. Stocks are weighted based on volatility to reduce exposure to market volatility.

Timothy Plan also excludes businesses involved in alcohol, tobacco, gambling, abortion, and pornography, among others. The fund is quite expensive, with a 0. Inspire screens out companies involved in abortion, gambling, alcohol, pornography, and more.

After the exclusions, Inspire looks for companies that provide products and services geared towards education, fighting disease, and helping the poor. All stocks are given equal weights. This fund offers global diversification plus alignment with Biblical values, but it is also quite pricey, with a 0. As with other Timothy Plan Funds, all stocks are screened for Christian values. Companies involved in alcohol, tobacco, gambling, abortion, pornography, or alternative lifestyles are excluded.

The fund invests in around highest-yielding stocks. It is now easier than ever to leverage Biblically Responsible ETFs to express your values through your investments. Read the review of GuideStone. The content is for informational purposes only; you should not construe any such information as investment advice.

Faith-based investing is when you seek to align your investments with your faith. It is also referred to as Biblically Responsible investing. Although there are several approaches to faith-based investing, the U. SustainFi Updated December 15th, Some of our posts may contain links from our affiliate partners. Jesus would do everything He could to honor the Father with His investments. As followers of Christ, we should aim to do the same. By taking a biblically responsible investing approach, we will be able to reflect our Christian values in our daily life and steward our resources wisely.

Howard J. Stewardship Partners is an investment manager dedicated to helping Christian investors align their investing with their biblically-based worldview. Christians are praying for God to bring about a spiritual awakening in the Muslim world—and there are signs this is already happening. Neil Stavem on April 13, How can we speak about the resurrection in a way that encourages questions and understanding from skeptics of Christianity?

Neil Stavem on March 24, February 7, marks the seventy-second year of ministry for Faith Radio. Neil Stavem on February 5, Neil Stavem on March 30, What do you do? Susie Larson on June 15, Susie Larson shared a word of hope in the midst of this world in disarray. She offers hope in that God is still at work. He's making things fall in place. Susie Larson on May 27, Linda Mintle offers an easy to follow formula of how to communicate when you're experiencing conflict in a relationship.

Linda Mintle on March 26, Biblically responsible investing. Biblically responsible investing Also on this edition of Neil Stavem. Click here to cancel reply. Grow deeper and be encouraged Sign up for the Faith Radio Newsletter to receive compelling interviews and encouraging articles in your inbox!

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Biblically Responsible Investing Isn't an Investment Strategy

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