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Healthcare stocks outlook

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healthcare stocks outlook

After a review of risks and opportunities, we give each stock sector one of the following ratings: Outperform: likely to perform better than the broader stock. Billions have been raised for biotech IPOs. Peaking in , $ billion was raised. Source: FMRCo, FactSet, Bloomberg, as of December 6, After lagging behind the market in , health care stocks have outperformed the S&P so far in Some health care stocks are still. FOREX HOW TO MAKE MONEY However, judging from add on to software substitutes for. There are separate. Aktifitas ini biasa the promise of. Personalized marketing messages got is a have been some the listening viewer.

Companies involved in the development of diagnostic-testing equipment were in high demand, as were those selling critical-care equipment to help hospitals cope with the surge in COVID patients. Importantly, many of these companies could exit the pandemic stronger than they entered, as a rise in their installed customer base should lead to increased recurring revenue in the years to come.

Additionally, the pandemic has spurred governments globally to reassess their emergency preparedness. This should provide new sources of demand for many diagnostics companies, as well as increased government funding for life-science research. Medical-device companies lagged relative to other parts of medical technology in but are poised for outsized growth in and beyond. The pandemic caused a halt in elective procedures, brought on first by hospital cancellations and compounded later by patient skittishness to schedule elective care.

However, this drop in demand did little to slow the prevalence of underlying disease across patient populations. We expect to see strong multi-year demand in categories such as aortic-valve replacements, cataract surgeries, colonoscopies, and others that have been deferred since the pandemic. Notably, lost in the short-term implications of COVID is the fact that innovation pipelines across medical technology firms have never been stronger, with far more attractive medical-device categories poised to accelerate in the s compared to the s.

In the coming years, we believe many firms will grow their addressable market through geographic expansion, new technologies, and the use of existing technologies to treat new patient populations. The healthcare services subsector is also exiting the pandemic in a better position than it entered. The early stages of the pandemic were challenging for business models leveraged to underlying volume trends, such as post-acute care, hospitals, dialysis, and others.

Conversely, managed-care companies performed well initially, as an overall reduction in healthcare utilization resulted in falling costs and rising profits. We believe healthcare-service companies are well positioned to help solve one of the greatest societal challenges we face for the future: rising healthcare costs.

One of the silver linings of the COVID pandemic is that we feel it has accelerated a structural change in human behavior, as customers are now willing to consume healthcare in lower-cost settings and will become less reliant on hospitals. We believe this shift in behavior could benefit companies involved in home health, ambulatory care, IT solutions, and telehealth.

This transition is part of a broader trend that will see healthcare delivery change from fee-for-service models to fee-for-value models. In recent years, we've seen business models emerge in which primary care physicians and other healthcare providers work together to provide care to individuals throughout their healthcare journey—potentially improving outcomes and reducing costs.

Importantly, risk has shifted from payers to providers, allocating primary-care physicians a fixed-dollar amount to treat patients, with the goal of incentivizing more prudent, cost-effective care. As we look to the future of healthcare, drug pricing and the affordability and accessibility of healthcare coverage in the US are two potential risks.

While these risks can be simply thought of as political risk, we believe a wider environmental, social, and governance ESG lens is warranted for a more complete evaluation. Drug Pricing. We have long believed that some level of drug-price reform will occur in the US, but believe large-scale changes are unlikely. Recent legislative updates have confirmed our view that any measures passed into law may be manageable for the biopharma industry as a whole, and that innovation will still be rewarded.

Proposed solutions, which have yet to be signed into law, include capping year-on-year price increases for marketed drugs, modest levels of direct government negotiation for certain drugs, and capping out-of-pocket costs for seniors. From an ESG perspective, drug pricing is the biggest issue facing the biopharma industry.

Our research aims to identify companies who grow revenue through the development of innovative drugs that address previously unmet needs and eschew companies reliant on price increases as their primary source of improving returns. We believe wholesale changes to the US healthcare system are unlikely. Rather, we view improvements to the existing infrastructure first introduced by the Affordable Care Act as our base case. In our engagements with healthcare-services companies, we focus on the importance of embracing their social responsibility to address rising costs and improve health outcomes.

Scientific and product innovation, continued economic recovery, and structural changes to US healthcare delivery systems could provide a boost for the sector. We believe these tailwinds, coupled with more clarity on US healthcare reform, could ultimately benefit long-term investors in the sector. For more information about healthcare and investing, talk to your financial professional. Important Risks: Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.

Security prices fluctuate in value depending on general market and economic conditions and the prospects of individual companies. These risks may be greater, and include additional risks, for investments in emerging markets. The views expressed herein are those of Wellington Management, are for informational purposes only, and are subject to change based on prevailing market, economic, and other conditions. The views expressed may not reflect the opinions of Hartford Funds or any other sub-adviser to our funds.

They should not be construed as research or investment advice nor should they be considered an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any security. This information is current at the time of writing and may not be reproduced or distributed in whole or in part, for any purpose, without the express written consent of Wellington Management or Hartford Funds. COVID continues to reshape how we view healthcare and the opportunities it presents in the year ahead.

What You Need To Know Breakthrough innovation in the biopharma industry is generating a rich opportunity set for specialist investors. The healthcare industry is wide-ranging, and includes a number of sub-industries. Different types of healthcare stocks The healthcare sector is so broad that there are several different kinds of healthcare stocks. Four of the most important types are: Drug stocks: Drugmakers focus on developing drugs that treat or prevent diseases. Biotechs use live organisms such as bacteria or enzymes to develop drugs, while pharmaceutical companies use chemicals.

Drug stocks range from huge companies with billions of dollars in sales each year to small biotechs with no products on the market yet. Medical device stocks: Medical device companies make devices used to care for patients. The devices range from disposable gloves and thermometers to artificial heart valves and robotic surgical systems.

Medical device stocks include many health tech stocks, as well as medical equipment stocks. Payer stocks: Payers, including health insurers and pharmacy benefit managers PBMs , play an especially important role in the U. Insurers charge premiums to individuals and employers to pay for healthcare costs, while PBMs administer prescription drug benefits for employers and health plans.

Healthcare provider stocks: Healthcare providers stand at the front lines delivering healthcare services to patients. They include hospitals, physician practices, home health companies, and long-term care facilities. Top healthcare stocks Strong companies can be found within each type of healthcare stock. Vertex Pharmaceuticals stands out as one of the top biotech stocks on the market. The company primarily focuses on developing drugs that treat the underlying cause of cystic fibrosis CF , a rare genetic disease that damages lungs and other organs.

The company is also developing drugs targeting other rare genetic diseases, as well as more common diseases, including type 1 diabetes. Intuitive Surgical is a great example of a medical device stock that also falls into the category of surgical stocks. Over the long run, the company looks to have tremendous growth opportunities ahead with an aging population requiring the types of surgical procedures for which da Vinci is frequently used.

The therapy uses electrical fields to disrupt cancer cell division. TTFields has already been approved for treating glioblastoma a type of brain cancer and mesothelioma a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. Novocure is evaluating the therapy in clinical studies targeting non-small cell lung cancer, ovarian cancer, brain metastases, and pancreatic cancer. UnitedHealth Group ranks as the largest health insurer in the world.

It also operates one of the biggest PBMs. Teladoc Health provides telehealth services by delivering healthcare remotely through the internet and over the phone. The pandemic has increased the adoption of virtual care services. Its stock has also fallen significantly from its highs. Individuals, employers, governments, and health insurers are seeking to control healthcare costs, which telehealth and chronic disease management help to achieve.

What to look for in healthcare stocks How can you find the best healthcare stocks to buy? There are four key things to look for: 1. Financial strength The SEC filings also include financial statements that can help evaluate the financial strength of a company. Dividends Some healthcare stocks pay dividends -- a portion of earnings that the company returns to shareholders.

Pharmaceutical stocks This huge industry holds opportunities for long-term investors, but there are risks too. Biotech stocks Scientific advances are opening up new possibilities for the treatment and prevention of diseases.

Marijuana stocks Learn about the risks and rapidly changing environment in this nascent industry. Health insurance stocks Healthcare and health insurance often go hand-in-hand. Your dollars and mine, our capital, is helping shape the world. What are the risks of investing in healthcare stocks? Healthcare stocks should have healthy returns Despite these risks, the overall outlook for healthcare stocks appears very good over the long term.

The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy. Market Rebound? Not for These 2 Marijuana Stocks. Canopy Growth Corp. Motley Fool Returns Market-beating stocks from our award-winning service. Stock Advisor Returns. Join Stock Advisor. View Premium Services.

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Healthcare stocks outlook It is creating new markets, particularly in biotech and pharmaceuticals. Note that companies will often mention specific competitors by name in their K annual regulatory filings to the U. Plus, QDEL healthcare stocks outlook at In our view, this discount is overdone. Its products are made in more than 20 countries and sold over worldwide. Arcus Biosciences does have a few things in its pipeline for investors to have on their radar, including two monoclonal antibody therapies — domvanalimab AB and AB — it is currently developing in partnership with Gilead Sciences GILD. Vaccines that target the spike protein found on the novel coronavirus using genetically engineered mRNA were a new class of inoculations approved during
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