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Nick lulli sumzero investing

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nick lulli sumzero investing

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Nick lulli sumzero investing the best forex market nick lulli sumzero investing

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Nick lulli sumzero investing Financial conversions
Nick lulli sumzero investing Nothing is sacred in this world. For starters, three cutthroat software corporations rule the every day life. Everything is balanced expertly. Forgot to save at the critical junction? Divine Rapture was one of these bands, and it serves as a curious reminder never to take the established brands or what releases they put out for granted, or without critical thought and examination. It is really a shame that this was the only title of what could have been a spectacular series in the right hands.
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Just looking at the guest page, I was pretty impressed by the caliber of the ideas and the recent members list showed me that there are a whole lot of buyside firms I know nothing about. The website seems as useful to someone outside the industry as someone in it. Does anyone know whether it's possible to get a membership without being a buyside analyst?

I'm not trying to "dilute the experience" for others but if that helped me find funds I'm interested in and eventually join one, I would definitely return the favor and contribute a lot. If you are still in school, you can work something out with them.

Send an email and explain your situation. Never heard of this site before but just checked it out and it seems pretty interesting. I don't feel like drafting an investment thesis for the sole purpose of submitting it to these people considering the very few investment ideas I do personally come up with are very proprietary.

Also, is the sumzero forum open to non-investor professionals, like bankers rather than active investors? Fun fact - started by the guy who got fucked by Zuckerburg for Facebook at Harvard according to his version. It's ok Thankfully it doesn't look like many talk their book which saves a lot of aggravation but still is interesting, especially if you want to get a sense for how to present an idea.

Re: getting access. I don't know how hard it is now but a year ago or so it was pretty tough Not sure if you can dude. When I was at an HF , one of my colleagues wanted to join when it first started From that experience alone, I'd say membership is tightly regulated.

For select members, there may be an opportunity to gain access to the entire database". Definitely recommend these platforms for sourcing. Have made money from both. You should qualify for SZ buyside as a PM, even part-time. VIC: more established, more selective, has a few high profile HF managers and great investors among membership, but quality has declined as it has expanded.

SZ: newer, larger, higher variance in post quality both extremes , better community. You'll make useful IRL connections if you're active on the site. Lots of new initiatives like cap intro and contests that show some promise but are still early days.

What do you desperately need that you can't access via a guest account? The guest account is 45 day delay and you can also see the message boards and even what ideas have been recently posted. For learning purposes, that should be enough. The only benefit of a real account is being able to view the newest ideas and to post yourself.

I highly doubt anybody is going to hand over their account info to you. If someone tells you it's super duper mega hard are you guys going to not try? If you're confident in your abilities and can extract some criticism from your submission I can't imagine a better opportunity if you aren't in the industry already.

Just out of curiosity, isn't the whole concept with the non-member, delayed access that it's useless because the "ideas" should already be priced in by the time you see them? Wouldn't that make it a relatively useless way to source investment ideas? I mean as a non-member of course. An acquaintance of mine started this website and is in the process of growing it.

Once you join, you get access to people's stock pitches, which are usually very well-written and researched. Stands for "Very Important Customer". I applied in mid They liked my analysis but didn't think it was cheap enough. I'm gonna try again in the next months, especially if the market sells off a bit.

If you are looking for an idea do guess access, it takes zero effort and you are only a 45 day lag. GF, thanks for that but I am actually curious about a current idea posted there that would be helpful to see sooner than the 45 day window. Voluptatem expedita accusantium esse autem dolor illum. Error nihil voluptatibus adipisci doloribus natus nobis ut ipsa. Pariatur harum voluptatem aut ea omnis eligendi sit. WSO depends on everyone being able to pitch in when they know something.

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Join Us. Already a member? Popular Content See all. Market Snapshot Welcome to Monday. After another down week, we are back at it again. Stonks got crushed on Friday, seeing a major sell-off after another elevated CP….

BTC and friends are still taking it in t…. I Was thinking of placing some money in the Eurodollar futures market, I'm based in Europe so my precious EUR savings have been eaten away with inflation so thought being long now stronger dollars, backed by a CB belatedly serious about inflation, would be a good bet. I checked Bloomberg termi…. Bad news keep coming in non-stop. Anyone else affected by the drop too?

Any recommendations on what to do next? June Investment Banking. Related Events See all. Rank: The Addict 73, Log in or register to post comments. Stop playing. Start investing with Titan. Titan is a mobile investment platform that enables everyday investors to have their money actively managed by a team of experts, while receiving in-depth updates along the way. Sign Up In Just 5 Mins. Comments Sep 12, - am. Whitney may be an awful investor, but the guy sure does know how to market himself.

Hedge Fund Pay Guide. PE Analyst Pay. Best Response. Sep 12, - pm. I don't have any experience on VIC. I have been on SZ since it launched. I don't see any downside to being active on those sites. Learn more Suggested Resource Learn More. Learn more. Sep 13, - am. Sep 13, - pm. As to the what, I will not venture outside of my niche, aren't enough hours in the day. Sep 16, - am. Sep 16, - pm.

Both are pretty good. In my opinion, I've highlighted some of the pros and cons of each just based on my experience: VIC: I've actually been on VIC for a good portion of the last couple years and enjoy reading the theses there. VIC is so above and beyond SZ it's almost laughable. FWIW, I belong to both. Sep 17, - am. Sensitivity Analysis Excel. Sep 18, - am. You are guarded from spam. Your name and contact information are never displayed on the site, and never made available to members without your explicit permission.

SumZero Cap Intro is a reverse-solicitation database. Not a Buyside Investor? Check out SumZero Basic. Sign up for any SumZero account now to receive the SumZero Fund Compensation Report, containing a detailed account of what buyside professionals earn across varied situations with over 5, entries.

SumZero has been beyond helpful to my hedge fund career, giving me the exposure that eventually led me directly into not one, but two hedge fund jobs. For anyone who works on the buyside, if you can post your ideas on SumZero, I highly encourage you to do so as it's an increasingly competitive investment in your personal brand.

I simply cannot thank you guys enough for this and for giving me the chance to compete for eight years in the world's biggest, most legit online community of hedge fund investors. Why SumZero? Research By the Buyside. For the Buyside. In-Depth Analysis on Actionable Ideas Research reports in SumZero are forward-looking with defined price targets, expected timeframes, valuation discussion, risk analysis, and catalyst review.

Show me a Full Report on FRPH:US SumZero has been a fantastic platform for us to differentiate our fund by the quality of the ideas our process generates, as the transparency into each key position allows prospective investors to both understand how we research and execute investments, and holds us accountable to past decisions.

Custom Filters and Searches Find the research that matters to you. Email Alerts and Saved Searches Save a search and let new research that matches your criteria be delivered directly to your email the moment it's published. One of the best characteristics about SumZero is not only the transparency but the users in general - and thus, the exclusivity - I have yet to reach out to someone who didn't reply within a few hours and offered to get on the phone and tell me everything. Prior to joining this platform, I had such a bad taste in my dealings with users from other mediums; this platform really changed the way I perceive the industry, and if anything, it gave me the confidence to speak with people that I otherwise would have assumed would've never responded - much less act like as an open book and offer a lending hand - you just don't get that anywhere else, not even close.

Under-investment in infrastructure is another way governments have been postponing expenditure. Extensive channel checks with suppliers in a dozen different countries, done in the last week, showed that demand did not slow in the 3rd quarter, though it has begun to slow very slightly in the fourth, with suppliers in Italy expecting it to pick up with the renewal of rebates in January.

Keep in mind this leverage when considering this idea. Chorus has ruled out an equity issue until the regulator's decision is given in April The market had been concerned that a distressed equity raising may be possible but that risk has now been eliminated due to the extension of debt facilities including relaxation of key covenants. It is still possible that the company may wish to raise equity if the regulatory decision is positive in April and the stock prices rallies to more attractive levels.

Further, as MLPs are formed have SDLP and RIG likely to announce one in , these new entities should trade at higher multiples and thus be able to make acquisitions accretive more easily - better buyers and new class of potential buyers.

Objective, Skill-Based Methodology Rankings brings recognition to the most consistent alpha generators on the buyside using a methodology that is agnostic to pedigree, AUM, or seniority. Names and Funds in this example image are not intended to be real.

Hundreds of Buyside Jobs More meaningful than just a resume and cover letter — SumZero gives you the added benefit of sending your top-performing research reports on the site along with your application directly to hiring managers at top global firms. SumZero has been a critical component in my job search. I had interviews with prominent hedge funds that I never would have had the chance to interview with. It's been a great experience all around.

A Better Way To Raise Capital Tired of constantly explaining and re-explaining the details of your fund to disinterested or unqualified investors? Pitch Your Fund Efficiently Show allocators why your fund is different. Get Introduced Experience broad exposure to a high-quality group of investors that are actively allocating to funds and can radically change the future of yours. Show me a Full Fund Profile on SumZero SumZero was able to introduce us to high-caliber investors, and to generate feedback on our business from a wide swath of credible allocators in a short period of time.

Privacy Matters You are guarded from spam. We have been very impressed with the quality and pedigree of the investors on the SumZero platform. The capital raising process is inherently inefficient for both investors and fund managers and the SumZero platform addresses specific challenges for both sides. We have found the platform to be very productive in establishing a dialogue with emerging manager investors. It makes my job a lot more efficient.

It saves me a lot of time. I am very impressed with the SumZero Cap Intro platform.

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