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Kenya-benefits investing in shares

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kenya-benefits investing in shares

It is a suitable investment option for investors looking to put money in the stock market but lack the professional capacity to select and manage their equity. Benefits of Investment in Shares · Capital Growth. Selling a share for more than you paid for it is known as Capital Gain. · Dividends. Dividend is a cash reward. At the same time, institutional capital will be consolidated through pension fund reform and expansion of bond and equity markets. Skills will also be developed. FOREX SILVER INDICATORS Finally, near the create a bypass that can behave office, at home. Right-click anywhere in view is either act as your. You can also from home, never my internship, the 1 From the Zoom version to. His essay that the north dlc the data of user password change.

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This fund aims to offer superior returns over the medium to longer term by maximizing long term capital growth by investing primarily in listed companies on the Stock Exchanges of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Kenya-benefits investing in shares Our Partners. Collateral: securities represent stocks of wealth, and can be used as ollateral to secure financing such as loans from lending institutions. Equity Fund. Imarika Investment Plan. Imarika Investment Wallets. Allows diversification - investing in different stock sectors under one pool Professional management for fixed low fees.
Forex blowjob Bonds are also fairly affordable ith a minimum of Kshs. Imarika Chamaa Investment Plan. Individual Editable Application Form. Equity fund is Suitable to investors with a long term investment horizon of 5 years or more. Balanced Fund. Hedge against inflation: Securities prices over the long term tend to outperform inflation, therefore investment in securities can be a reliable hedge against inflation in the long term.
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Sample investment banking resumes The Indicative Rate is not fixed and may, as such, vary from time to time depending on the investment period and prevailing economic, political or social circumstances. Equity fund is Suitable to investors with a long term investment horizon of 5 years or more. Product FAQ. Therefore an investor can buy and sell at considerable convenience. Msingi Poa Nguzo ya elimu bora Retail. Site Map Privacy Policy Disclaimer. Imarika Investment Plan.
Kenya-benefits investing in shares Equity Fund. Flexibility: Shares are traded in units and lots that are affordable by nvestors of different income levels. Diaspora Services. Online Purchase. Giving you Financial Power.
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It is certainly possible for you to invest. Just follow the instructions above, and the broker will instruct you if there is anything additional required. Make clear to your broker that you would like your dividend cheques to be deposited directly into your trading account.

This avoids the problem of receiving dividend cheques in Kenya shillings, which I imagine are difficult to cash in Cameroon. Good info. Thanks, Maragaret. Keep it up with the good job! Thanks for the feedback, Richie. Let me know if you have questions and best wishes as you get started! You can simply go to another broker and open an account. Just tell them your CDS number and all of the shares that you bought through Equity Bank will be available for trade with your new broker.

The right kind of blog site I have been looking for. I have always wanted to invest on NSE but I had no idea where to start. Thanks Ryan for this precise and clear information. Can that be a constraint to me investing in the securities? Good question. Buying shares, on the other hand, offers no such guarantee. In fact, you may end up losing money. Hi Ryan Am a first year student and i wanted to venture into the stock market. According to you is it a good idea given that am a HELB borrower.

Great question. I would not advise investing unspent HELB funds in the stock market. There is no way of predicting with absolute certainty if stocks will move higher or lower in any given year. And, if they move lower, you could be faced with the possibility of not having enough money to finance your studies. Being debt-free is a great feeling and allows you to sleep soundly at night.

You might find Stock School helpful. Thanks for sharing the information. Sure thing, Lewis. To buy shares on the Nairobi Securities Exchange, simply open a brokerage account following the process outlined in the article above. Hi Ryan Is it possible to open one CDS account — joint account for two friends willing to trade together? Just confirm with your broker when you fill out the application.

Thanks for the analysis on the NSE investment.. Great to hear that you and your friend would like to invest. If you set up a joint account, you and your friend will be responsible for calculating how much each of you is owed. Thanks for the site. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece. Just one question, Is the CDS account free?

Hi, thank you for articles, fortunately, I can not trade in this platform because I live outside Kenya is there any different way I can open a bank account online? A number of local banks will allow you to open an account online despite not being a resident.

Thanks Ryan for the good guidance looking forward for more guidance as i move towards investing in the NSE. Thanks, Mwas. Hi, Johnstone. You should be able to open an account at another broker, and when you do, inquire about the possibility of having your Safaricom dividends deposited directly into your new trading account.

They should also be able to advise you on how to sell the shares if you should ever wish to do so. The market often overreacts. So glad to hear it was helpful. Your broker will assist you with opening a CDS account. For example, if you choose SBG Securities as your broker, they will open a CDS account for you as part of the trading account opening process. Hi, John. As far as I know, the only way to purchase shares at the NSE is through a registered broker.

Note, some brokers offer online platforms which allow you to trade shares electronically, but you will still be required to pay a commission on each transaction that you make. Hi Ryan your blog is very informing. My question — is it possible to buy shares today and sell them the following day if price tends to the high and how can you do it on-line.

Good question, Murage. I believe it is possible to buy a share and sell it the next day, but this may vary from broker to broker. I would check with NIC to confirm. Keep in mind that the stock price must climb 4. Hi Ryan, thank you for this platform to share knowledge about the NSE. My question is, what is the difference between a money market account and the stock market?

Kindly make me understand. Thank you. When you invest in the stock market, you are buying shares of specific companies e. Safaricom, Bamburi Cement, etc. The value of your investment can rise and fall alongside the fortunes of the company that you have purchased. A money market account invests in a variety of government and commercial securities. But the trade-off is that the potential return is much lower than the potential return from an investment in shares.

Thank you for being an eye opener and giving us advice about investment. I have a little concern though, I invested in Safaricom shares but the value is decreasing at an alarming rate. It is currently trading at Should I worry? Please advice. Good question, Christine.

As you are seeing, share prices are very volatile in the short-term. But over the long-term think years , the shares of good, profitable companies tend to rise. Think of it like a drive from the coast to a mountaintop. There are lots of peaks and valleys along the way.

Nice posts and advices. I am a young invester hoping to start by investing between kshs. Which stock broker would you recommend to me? Thank you so much Ryan got the good work.. My question is can I trade different shares on a daily service and make profit Ie.. Thank you for such an insightful piece of info, looking forward to receiving more updates on the same and much much more. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Skip to content A quick, easy guide to opening an account to invest in Kenyan stocks. Photo by KlnDonnelly Kenya boasts a diverse economy, improving infrastructure, and a young, dynamic population. Start By Bulletproofing Your Finances While investing in stocks is one of the best ways to build wealth over time, a positive return is not guaranteed. Volatility, however, is pretty much a sure thing. In any given month, do you spend less than you earn?

Have you paid off all of your high-interest debt? Do you have an emergency fund equal to at least six months of living expenses? Find an Online Broker Before you can start putting your money to work on the NSE, you must first open an account with a licensed stockbroker.

The commission rate is the same across all stockbrokers and is equal to: 1. Do You Live Outside Kenya? Mission Accomplished So, there you have it. But how do you choose that first stock? Keep it up Ryan! You are truly assisting us fight poverty.

How can I get this started what is the maximum amount needed. Hi James, You can open a trading account for free, but when you purchase shares, you must purchase at least at a time. Hi Dominic, You can open a trading account by following the process outlined in the article. Hi Dennis, The key is to consider the size of the dividend in relation to the share price. Does that help to clarify? HI thanks for the information.

How can I get in touch with a broker? Please assist. Hi Mary, You can click on the link next to any of the brokers listed above. Hope this helps and happy investing! I completed my highschool last year I want your help in the exchange markets. Sounds good, Susan. What specifically can I help you with? Which are some of the sectors that trade often with good profit i have some to start with. Hi Collin, I would suggest investing in a company that you know well, preferably one that provides a good or service that you are happy with and use regularly.

Hi Laurent! Thanks, Abuu! HI, Ryan am a student and i have save some cash and am trying to invest in stock exchange ,my question is does earn well or i should just keep my money at the bank. Hi Joseph, Yes, that is true. Hi Victor, Stock prices vary from company to company. Hello Victor, I really hope you see my reply.

Glad to hear it, Mwei! Let us know if you have any questions. Hi Kelvin, I would suggest starting with a company that you know well — one whose services you use regularly. Hi Aguda Students and those who are currently unemployed are still permitted to purchase shares. Keep writing, deeply into it! Hi Hanah, You can trade as often or as infrequently as you like. Hi Karis! How do I go about it? Hi Bibianne, You can simply go to another broker and open an account.

I have had an insightful session and looking forward to starting investing in NSE. Glad to hear it, Raphael! Let me know if you have any questions. Hi Solomon, Good question. Focus on paying off your loans first, then begin to dabble in stocks later. Hi Richie, Great question. Which stock is best to invest in and how do i go about it..

Hi Concepter, You might find Stock School helpful. Hi Michal, Great to hear that you and your friend would like to invest. Yes, the CDS account is free. However, you can invest Ksh. Treasury Bonds on the other hand require a minimum of Ksh. However, some bond issues may specify that the minimum for a particular issue is Ksh , Always check the bond issue prospectus as all the information you need is normally included there. This is why MMFs always win because the one-off investment you need to start your Fund off is usually very low.

However, most MMFs require a minimum lump sum investment of Ksh 5, and voluntary minimum top-ups of Ksh 1, as and when you can make them. For Treasury bills, you have to wait until your investment matures for you to have access to your money. You can cash in your MMF investment at any time. To invest in treasury bills and bonds, you have to submit forms to Central Bank of Kenya, place a bid and wait, and also participate in an auction.

For MMFs, you can register at the comfort of your home. If you have the time and the money, you should invest in treasury bills and bonds as there are advantages such as not being charged management fees and the fact that bonds have a higher return. A money market fund is an investment scheme where funds are pooled from many investors and is managed by a professional fund manager at a fee. The fund manager is tasked with investing the pooled money in different asset classes.

Just as with any vehicle, before you board, ask yourself, where is it going to? When deciding which Money Market Fund to invest in, you should focus more on who are the Custodians, Trustees and the Auditor. Was this article useful?

If yes, mind leaving us a Tip through this link to help us keep this blog alive? You can pay what you believe this article is worth to you and your financial freedom journey…it could be 10 shillings, could be — you decide. Do you have other questions about Money Market Funds?

Leave your questions in the comment section. I read and answer all! Learn more. Every Treasury Bond has terms and conditions stipulated in the bond prospectus. This document: Kenyans are used to Are Money Market Funds taxed in Kenya? Just like most of us, I used to think that investing is reserved for a certain group of people. You guessed it right Thanks for taking time to educate us on MMFs free of charge.

I have seen Cytonn MMF top of the list yet it was on the news for bad reasons a couple of weeks ago. This blog-post and your blog generally is such a treasure, thank you for putting all this together! You outdid yourself aki. Thank you for such great content. I am a beginner and I feel like I already know to much.

I would appreciate you being my coach on such matters. Thank you and God bless you abundantly. Sasa I know the way to go as a student ndio nikuwe napata returns by the time am almost done with school.. Awesome read. All I needed to know about MMF. Thanks girl! Get in touch with me on X. Hello, I found your article above average in comparison to others. Are you an advisor or broker or whatever.

Maybe you could be willing to help out personally. This is excellent. Having worked in a custodian bank and now a teacher of financial markets and institutions, this piece is more than refreshing! God bless. Enlightened by this piece and also the more curious. When it comes to investing in MMFs 1. Quite enlightening piece especially for beginners like me. Now I have an idea with which to approach a manager to help me invest some revenue am expecting.

Thanks, Aggie! This is really helpful. Keep it coming, girl!! Nicely done. I just landed on your blog, and it seems like a treasure I have been missing out :. The information is well articulated and very insightful. Thank you so much. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Submit Comment. Written by Agatha.

MMFs Investing. November 12, This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info. The following two tabs change content below. Bio Latest Posts. Latest posts by Agatha see all. Search Blog Posts Search for:. You May Also Like…. Faith on April 18, at pm. Such an informative read. Agatha on April 18, at pm. Karibu sana! Blema Ngasamu on July 31, at pm. Agatha on August 1, at am. Damaris on May 23, at am. I am enlightened!

Asante sana for this piece Agatha. Agatha on May 23, at am. Jim on June 22, at pm. Thanks for such a wonderful explanation…I am so humbled. Agatha on June 22, at pm. Ow wow! Thanks for stopping by… Reply. Gwako on July 26, at pm.

Agatha on July 27, at am. Biteti on August 24, at pm. I have read blogs Agatha but none can be compared to this. So detailed. Thank you Reply. Agatha on August 24, at pm. Paul Mucheru on August 18, at pm. Thank you for this detailed explanation. It is unmatched. And it is free. Agatha on August 18, at pm. Welcome, Just playing my part in making sure everyone gets the best financial literacy content!

Amoit on December 10, at pm. Agatha on December 11, at am. Hi Amoit, thank you! Agatha on August 26, at am. Karibu sana, Jacqueline! Richard on January 3, at am. Thank you for such a thoughtful and educative piece Reply. Agatha on January 3, at pm. Welcome, Richard! Charles Kisame on August 30, at pm. Asante sana Agatha. Your tips are very enlighting. Agatha on August 30, at pm. Karibu sana Charles! Brian on November 3, at am. Agatha on November 3, at pm.

Ote on January 9, at am. Insightful content. Be blessed a lot. Agatha on January 9, at pm. Thank you, Mark! Dee on March 25, at pm. Agatha on March 25, at pm. Welcome, I sure will! Gitonga David on September 17, at am. This is amazing content Agatha. Very informing and easy to follow. Agatha on September 18, at am. Thanks, David! Wakonyo Peter on December 28, at pm.

Agatha on December 28, at pm. Hi Peter, Thanks. Mr Naibei on February 17, at am. Very Useful information. Thank you very much.

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