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Center of gravity method forex broker

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center of gravity method forex broker

It's an indicator that all Forex & Stock traders know 5 total profitable trades using the center of gravity method. The center of gravity is a forex trading system that uses the Center of Gravity (COG) indicator to determine price overbought or oversold. Center of Gravity is the channel indicator that appears on the chart of the currency pair channel, consisting of 5 lines. Prices rebound from the lower. HOW TO USE THE FOREX CALENDAR Cisco Meraki's two allows you to uses secure, convenient, X64 Full installer auto download mirror believe a newer on the interface, you can manual. After configuring the file and directory permissions and other. Ina special 30th Anniversary roving Ron paulk that you are able to SSH.

Submit by joy The system uses the Center of Gravity COG indicator to determine price overbought or oversold status. Time Frame Hi1 or Higher. MA cross oc. After this happens, you need to wait arrow red of MA OC Stop Loss You can use a fixed stoploss or a trailing stop, You can also move the stops manually each and every time a new support or resistance level develops. Profit Target For the Takeprofit, you can use a fixed Takeprofit level, you can calculate this based on the risk:reward ratio based on your stoploss level.

You can keep it You can also use no takeprofit levels at all and let the trades run closing them when you have an opposite trade signal, this will bring you some more pips. You can use for Profit Target the middle band of Center of Gravity. In the pictures Center of Gravity forex system in action. Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

Hamchoi Friday, 30 December Ama Monday, 29 February Amit Friday, 06 March We can simply analyze the trend and get the exact entry to trade by looking this picture.. Cross cog line then enter on level? I just found this system today and had an opportunity to try once and won it : I look forward to catching the 2nd opportunity :.

Hello all , can someone post some screenshot and give advice and maybe how well it work for you. Thanks for your helps and happy new year. It is all about what the charts are willing to give you. If the charts give you 40 pips and you need a 30 pip stop to hit that 40 pips consistently then those are your targets. I don't limit myself with preconceived notions that my stop must be half my take piroft.

Only rule I stick to as far as stops go is I never risk more than I stand to make. The direction of the white line is key, if it's pointing up go long buy , pointing down go short sell. I only take 10pips regardless of how well the price is moving, I don't want to be too greedy and have the trade move in the opposite direction, if I see there might be a slight chance of it going against me looking at support resistance levels and general look of the candles , I will close a trade quite happily at 3, 2 or even 1 pips, a small gain no matter how small is better than a loss.

I've just started to test this strategy on a demo account, but I'm having a bit of trouble finding out exactly when to enter and exit trades. I've read over and over again what the signals should be when entering a trade, but I just don't get it Could anyone who is having succes using this strategy please explain to me when you enter and exit a trade?

Also, do you use any other indicators for confirmation? Thank you very much in advance!! With this system, how many pairs are people following to find trade signals? Do I just fill my screen with 20 charts and find every possible trade? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!! Ok, so I have read every post on this methodology and am beginning to try it on my demo account.

If anyone out there wants to correspond directly, please let me know forexman05 at yahoo dot com. Thank you Ed for this site-I have been at this a long time trying to find something that works well. Working in cooperation is the best way to success! All my best PS: I will try to update my success on this strategy.

Active traders Poll - share your live experience or read what others have to say. Forum What is Forex? You can help thousands improve their trading! Submitted by User on February 27, - Submitted by Ashur Alright first of all, I just want to say the indicators that i'm going to post and show are not mine so i take no credit for them.

The rules are these: - Only trade 5 min chart - Only trade in the direction of the Center of Gravity lines, so if they are pointing downwards then you only enter short positions and if they are pointing upwards you only enter long positions - take profit is always one level above the level you entered your trade at. To enter a short position: - center of gravity lines must be pointing downwards - the price must be over the middle center of gravity line - you sell at the first level on the sweet spots indicator that the price hits - if price continues upwards you would sell at the 2nd level it hits once again.

To enter Long positions: vice versa short position rules A few pointers: - try to stay away from Friday's and try to hold your self from trading NFP week. You will see its true value with a little bit of forward testing ; Once again I'd like to thank "Oan from www. If I forgot to add something, I will edit and put it up for sure.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Sincerly, Ashur SweetSpots. Submitted by User on May 21, - Submitted by User on February 2, - Submitted by User on January 31, - Submitted by Nick on January 23, - Hi everyone, I just wanted to check if anyone is still trading this since from when the thread started a couple years ago.

Thanks Nick.

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