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Google talks value investing club

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google talks value investing club

Join us for the return of the Value Investing Panel, hosted by the students of the Students and professionals talking in team setting. Guy Spier is a Zurich-based investor and author of a book on investing entitled The Education of a Value Investor. Pavel Begun of 3G Capital Management is a Global Value Investor. In our conversation we have covered his investing process and some investment examples. The. FOREX CHART REAL TIME How did the PoE and on out our reviews. The ease of this document may page first; I only virtual: The by any means but the server. Any help would available directly in.

Skip Navigation. Investing Club. Investors are getting a slight reprieve heading into the final days of March from the stock market's bout of extreme swings surrounding the fallout from Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

We felt it would be helpful during the lull to review the recent volatility so that we can better understand what happened and be more prepared the next time. One of the ways to be more prepared to navigate market turmoil is to understand how stocks are valued as well as how inflation and interest rates affect those valuations.

To start, let's consider a discounted cash flow approach. Discounted Cash Flow dynamics Stocks are valued on future earnings and cash flows. We generate a present value for companies by estimating these outyear numbers and then discounting them to the present day using a discounted cash flow DCF model.

When interest rates are at essentially zero, the denominator in a DCF model is lower and as a result, investors can speculate and look out into the future as far as they want. However, when rates rise, the rate of return investors require for the risk they are taking on by owning equities must increase. That increased denominator means that present value of future earnings and cash flows declines. The further out those earnings are, the less they are worth today with every tick higher in rates.

To better illustrate this, let's consider an example of how a higher discount rate impacts future earnings. Company A is a high-flying tech stock with a promise about the future but no earnings power today, making it a longer duration asset in the context of stocks. Examples of a situation like this might be something in the electric vehicle industry that came public via a special purpose acquisition company SPAC or maybe an enterprise software company.

Company B is a value cyclical name, like a large-cap financial or industrial. These companies are traditionally thought of as short-duration assets. Let's compared the two. An increase in rates means that Company A's earnings are discounted back to the present five full years at a now higher rate, while Company B's must only be discounted back one year at that higher rate.

When rates are on the rise, the impact of discounting to the present day has a larger and larger effect the more years you have to do it. This causes investors to seek out shorter duration assets like Company B over stocks like Company A. That's why we want to own the stocks of companies that generate real profits today. The closer those profits are to the present day, the less impact rising rates have on their present values, making those earnings more attractive compared with those of the high-fliers that see their present-day intrinsic values drop on higher rates.

Valuation Multiple dynamics Stocks can also be valued via a multiples-based approach. In general, investors looking more near- to- mid-term — six to 18 months out — will look at a company's price-to-earnings ratio. However, similar to reassessing the discount rate in a DCF model when rates rise, investors must also reassess valuation multiples, especially in the high fliers and particularly in the names that don't even have earnings and therefore trade on sales-based multiples.

This is what you hear being referred to when investors mention "multiple contraction. Investor Connect is for investors interested in learning more about investing in startup and growth stage companies. Experienced investors share their experiences and advice with those who are considering an investment in startups and growth companies.

It includes a podcast series of interviews with investors to inform others about the process of funding startups as well as a resource list and a discussion board. In this episode, Mr. Kota also co-founded a number of innovative IT service companies that focused on Internet-based online education, the year compliance, pen optics, and ERP implementation services. In this podcast interview, Subu Kota talks about Angel Investor and what he looks for in an entrepreneur that indicates potential success.

In this podcasting website topics include sourcing, analyzing, and researching companies. Other topics include valuations, terms Sheets, the board of directors, the board of advisors, due diligence, syndicates, Venture capital, high net-worth individual, Angel Investor, angel networks, family offices, Crowdfunding, exits, and more. Reach us online and get a solution regarding investing in startup and growth stage companies.

Sign up and see all our discussion board and also update regarding latest podcasting episodes online. Investor Connect Podcast. Martin with the Startup Funding Espresso -- your daily shot of startup funding and investing. Impact investing seeks to make the world a better place through its investments. As with all investing, it comes with its own challenges.

Most impact investments underperform the market. The focus on providing social or environmental benefits degrades the financial return. Some researchers claim that impact investing receiving market returns is not having an impact, and those delivering an impact end up with below-market returns.

The challenge is finding an impact investment opportunity that provides enough of an impact to offset the lower return. In many impact startups, the social or environmental impact is not clearly defined. Impact investing encourages companies to provide a social impact, but there must be a measured result to determine how effective it is. Thank you for joining us for the Startup Funding Espresso where we help startups and investors connect for funding.

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Per Brilloth, how do you want to win with Babylon Health stock? We have discussed the recent turmoils and their Babylon Health investment. They are back! Ryan O'Connor and Todd Wenning have joined us to give an update on Nintendo stock and the future of the company. How to best invest in Germany? Our video was recorded before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. So, we don't facto the recent developments in.

Christopher Tsai, is investing an art? We also talked about the overlap between investing and art. In this interview, we discussed the future of this business that is currently heavily shorted. How to interview great? Here we took time to talk about the art of interviewing. The fund is specialised on European small and midcaps. Philipp Haas, how did you build a successful fund with YouTube? Philipp Haas has a great public track record and shared a lot of stock knowledge on YouTube - to finally launch a fund.

With Joe Frankenfield of Saga Partners I have discussed his steps into investing and how he is approaching high-quality businesses. Alex Kopel, how do you focus on great returns at Rowan Street Capital? What are good ways to invest in South Korea, Petra Capital? Jeremy Deal and Sleepwell Capital discuss in the final episode of our podcast series on Spotify how the company wins the creators.

What do all successful investments share, Thatcher Martin of Spree Capital? Martin of Spree Capital Advisers has built an investment firm that focuses on the long-term and invests in high-quality businesses. We discussed the eight commonalities of high-quality businesses and his investment in the eBay stock and the Upwork stock.

This is the second part of our discussion about the future of Spotify. He learned to invest in China before starting a US-focused fund. Renewable energies are booming. The audio market might be the last untapped opportunity in social and the internet. Spotify is well-positioned to conquer it. Here we explore the audio market and Spotify's position in it. Dennis Hong, how did you grow ShawSpring Partners?

Fred Liu, how do you pick the best stocks for Hayden Capital? In the second part of your conversation, Fred Liu and I discussed the investment process of Hayden Capital. We also take a look at his investment in Sea Limited. How much Fred Liu is in Hayden Capital?

How do you select partners? Enjoy the conversation with the founder of Hayden Capital! Edward Chang of Pledge Capital started his fund 5 years ago. Since then he compounded money at outstanding rates. It was a pleasure for me to talk to him about this way into investing, his favorite stocks, and where he sees his firm in 5 years.

Is Gruppo Mutui Online the best Italian company? With Marco Pescarmona I had the pleasure to discuss the history and potential of Gruppo Mutui Online with one of the founders of the company, Marco Pescarmona. Looking for an investing community? You can apply here: www. Felix Gode is a good investor with a focus on small and mid-caps from German-speaking countries. We had the pleasure to discuss his strategy and two investments.

In this interview, Eric Markowitz and Dan Crowley gave me interesting insights into the way the outperforming funds of Worm Capital are "engineered". We also discussed Tesla and Spotify. Tom Gayner, how do you build your portfolio? We talked about capital allocation and much more. Why are you digging for investing diamonds in South Africa, Rudi van Niekerk? Rudi van Niekerk is an outspoken expert for investing in South Africa.

He is following a long-term-oriented value approach in a rather inefficient market. What are your lessons for compounding in the Nordics, Daniel Glaser? Daniel Glaser of River Oak Capital is an outstanding global investor with a strong focus on the Nordics. He walked me through his journey into investing and his approach in this talk. Abby is a native New Yorker, attended Cornell University, and received a master's degree in economics from George Washington University.

May 20, Welcome back to Season 7! From the move to Manhattanville to the new curriculum for the value investing program at The Heilbrunn Center, there have been many changes since we wrapped our last season at the end of Outside of that, a lot has happened in the markets. Joining us today to discuss the international dimension of investing in this situation is our guest, Allison Fisch.

She earned a B. Dec 3, Time arbitrage is one of the biggest behavioral advantages an investor can have. Joining us today to talk about what it means to be an engaged, long-term shareholder is Munib Islam. Munib is someone who has experienced investing from many different angles, from a traditional long-short hedge fund to sitting on corporate boards and seeing the process of approving corporate performance from the inside. Nov 12, Activist investing is the new frontier for value investors, allowing them to be the agents of their own returns.

Lauren is co-founder and Managing Partner of Impactive Capital, an activist investment management firm that currently has more than 1. Lauren earned her M. In this episode, Lauren, Michael and I discuss her non-linear journey to investing, what she learned from working in different industries, how she became interested in activist investing, what Impactive is doing to improve diversity in the industry, and so much more! Oct 29, In a world of plentiful capital and compressed yields, activism and being the agent of one's returns is a way forward.

Transformational activism in particular is centered around a deep commitment and trusting relationship between the investor and the company. This multi-dimensional approach forgoes short-term solutions like financial engineering and instead focuses on working with great leaders to put together the right people, resources, and strategies for long-term results.

ValueAct has a very highly concentrated portfolio and one of its partners has served on the Boards of Directors of 44 public companies over the life of this great activist fund. Mason himself has served as a director of Microsoft Corporation, Valeant, Bard, Immucor, and many other companies. In this episode, Mason and I discuss why he became interested in the psychological aspect of economics, how the activist investor landscape has shifted, the difference between transactional and transformational activism, the value of a learn-teach relationship, and so much more!

Oct 15, Not satisfied with the lack of value most student-run investment clubs offered to students, Tom Russo designed a better way. Through the 5x5x5 Russo Student Investment Fund, he set out to prove the teaching value of a long-term fund rather than the conventional short-term activity that the existing systems favored. Each year, students submit their ideas for new investments with five ideas ultimately being selected and held in their entirety for five years.

At the end of those five years, the inflation-adjusted original amount is invested back into the fund and any other gains are used to support scholarships for traditionally under-represented members of the class. I continue to be impressed with the sophistication of the insights made by the students and the professional discussions that arise for each pitch. In this episode, Tom, Rainbow, Andreas, Ryan, and I discuss why they were initially attracted to the companies they pitched, the competitive advantages and under-appreciated opportunities that exist, key factors that appealed to each of them for their selected companies, and so much more!

Thanks for Listening! Oct 1, A year and a half into the pandemic, a lot has changed in the investment landscape. Individual investors have been empowered, economies reacted in unpredictable ways, and we still have no clear idea of what is to come. At the same time, when we take a retrospective look, we can find parallels between the trends, behaviors, and reactions of today and events in the past.

Chris joined Davis Advisors in as a financial analyst and has been a portfolio manager of the firm's flagship fund, the Davis New York Venture Fund since That fund has a very long history, having been founded more than a half-century ago. Sep 17, I have loved the opportunity to host these interviews myself but from the very beginning, I felt that you would benefit from having another voice to challenge the guests and bring a different point of view to the podcast.

That time has finally come. Michael is a colleague, a friend, and someone I admire enormously for his passion and ability to match academic research with the practical considerations of investing. Prior to attending Columbia, Chase was a senior vice president at Citadel Investment Group, a hedge fund based in Chicago and a partner at Q. Capital, an arbitrage firm based in Chicago. He joined the firm in after graduating from Harvard College. Apr 9, Listeners of this podcast will know that I believe one of the most dynamic areas of investing is that of activism.

Since then they have led several groundbreaking activist campaigns in Europe, capturing the attention of the financial press everywhere. Mar 26, One of our goals with this podcast is to get to know new markets, new situations, and new investors who bring dynamism to all markets.

A great example of this is the new generation of activist investors in Europe. Students of mine have heard me say for some time that Europe has been ripe for activism. I believe that with structural changes in European capital markets, combined with the state of global markets, a new wave of activism is happening and will be quite transformative. They have been making headlines with groundbreaking campaigns and change they are bringing to European Capital Markets. AOC has built a remarkable record over the last five years, beating the Europe ex UK Small Cap benchmark by a factor of almost three since inception.

AOC is an independent, partner-managed investment company acquiring significant minority stakes in publicly listed, undervalued small- and mid-size companies in German-speaking countries and Scandinavia. AOC follows an active ownership approach and fosters value creation through operational, strategic, and structural improvements. Florian Schuhbauer is a founding partner of AOC and has more than 20 years of relevant experience.

Klaus Roehrig is also a founding partner of AOC and has more than 20 years of relevant investing experience. Mar 12, The value investing in legends class is one of the highlights of the Heilbrunn year. Beth embodies the principles and practices of value investing like very few people do. She makes investing look easy and her lecture always captures the pure essence of value investing. Beth began her career with Goldman Sachs in and shortly after moved to Greenwich, Connecticut to work as an analyst in Fund American Companies in In , she co-founded Woodland Partners in Minneapolis which focused on investing in small capitalization equities.

Feb 26, Any sound investment strategy must include both a tactical and a structural component. Our guest, Anna Nikolayevsky, is here today to share her approach and how her investment strategy has evolved. She is a wonderful friend of the Centre and I'm incredibly tha…. Feb 12, Over the last few years, the opportunities for global value investing have improved significantly.

Yields are incredibly low across the board, putting pressure on improving operational performance to generate returns. In such an environment, Europe is fertile ground for the value investor. Jan 29, Samantha Greenberg - Recognizing True Asymmetry. Many of the guests that I've had on this program are people I've known for years.

We approached those conversations as an opportunity to explain together to the audience their methods, philosophies, and approach. Jan 15, There are several great investors out there who are effectively offering free lessons through their positions, letters, and interviews. After working in research and development, Mohnish launched his own successful IT consulting firm, TransTech, in One of the most original investors out there, Mohnish arrived relatively late in his professional career to the world of investing but he has made such an impact ever since.

Through Pabrai Investments, Mohnish has built one of tho…. Dec 4, Modern value investing emphasizes investing in resilient franchises and letting the compounding do the work for you. On this episode, Jan and I discuss the advantages of real-world experienc…. Nov 20, The most successful investors combine a profound analytical understanding of financial markets and the economy at large with the ability to act on those ideas.

My guest today has these two attributes in spades. Howard started his career at Citicorp as an equity research analyst and then Director of Research, Vice President, and Senior Portfolio Manager overseeing convertible and high yield debt. After leaving Citicorp, he moved to The TCW Group, where once again, he was responsible for investments in distressed debt, high yield bonds, and convertible securities. In he and another group of partners from TCW founded Oaktree, where he remains today.

Howard is known for his penetrating mind and his memos are a must-read for any serious student of the market and…. Oct 16, Before that, he was a Vice President of T. Rowe Price, T. Equity Growth, the lead Portfolio Manager for the U. Anouk is a Partner of Durable who joined the firm at its inception in Before joining Durable, she was also a Vice President of T. Rowe Price Group, where she was an investment analyst in the U. Equity Division, focusing on small-cap growth stocks.

My students have heard me say many times that the future of investing must be one that combines exposure to private and public markets and that is flexible in its valuation approach and ideas, and that embraces disruption. Oct 2, Following his interest in finance from a young age, Rishi built up a wealth of experience over the years across in the financial services industry before launching his fund, ROAM Global in It is a pleasure to welcome Rishi to the show today and, like everyone involved with the Center, he combines his deep understanding of markets, the practice of investing, and fundamental analysis with the ability to convey these ideas clearly to the students.

On this episode, Rishi…. Sep 18, Richard Lawrence - Investing in Superior Businesses. With the COVID crisis dominating our spring semester, the focus of the podcast shifted slightly, and we had several conversations with distinguished investors talking about the impact of the crisis on financial markets.

For this season, in addition to the essential lessons about investing and good asset management practices, we are going to explore broader investment experiences and different approaches. Today, I'm particularly delighted to share this conversation with the great value investor, Richard Lawrence who has made a career as a true pioneer, particularly in Asia, where he built a legendary track record.

Richard is the Chairman and Executive Director of the Overlook Investment Group, a firm that invests in publicly listed equities across Asia, and that he founded in

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