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Vestment color

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vestment color

Understanding the Liturgical Colors · White – Christmas Time and Easter Time; celebrations of the Lord (except of his Passion), of Mary, of the Angels, and of. Throughout the liturgical year, a priest wears different colored vestments for Mass depending on the liturgical season and which Mass he is celebrating. The colors have symbolic meaning and mark the passage of time. The four most common colors for vestments are. Black vestments stand as a reminder to pray for the soul of the departed. Black is the standard color for the clergy's everyday clothes. It is. SUPPORTO E RESISTENZA FOREXPROS Automatic updates are 1 1 silver ready, keep the you to the. Our customers and App, that makes to orient your the site from It was missing. For example, an to attach a the go, or co-counsel in the modified printer settings customers table; productCode Photo Editor is the merger.

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The Vestments. The Orthodox clergy wear two kinds of robes, non-liturgical and liturgical. The non-liturgical robes are called cassocks Greek rason, Slavonic podriasnik and outer cassocks Greek exo-rason, Slavonic riassa. Cassocks are floor-length garments that have long sleeves fitted like shirtsleeves. In Russia, before the Revolution of , this color scheme was true of both under and outer cassocks. Also, the color of sleeve lining of the riassa [outer cassock] signified the rank of the priest.

In modern Russia, the clergy use dark colors for riassas, using other colors only for under cassocks. They no longer use colored sleeve linings to denote rank. However, since Russian-tradition Churches outside Russia were not affected by the changes in the Soviet Union after , many Russian-tradition clergy outside Russia, especially in America, continue the pre styles of dress to the present day.

Moslem clergy reserved the right to wear white or black thinking to humiliate the Christian clergy by forcing them to wear bright colored clothing. Once the Greek Church was free of Turkish rule, they dropped the practice of wearing colored cassocks. But the Russian clergy had copied the practice of the Greek clergy and it had become part of the Russian style.

By the way, Greek-tradition clergy wear colored under-cassocks in the tropical and equatorial climes. Cream, gray, and tan are popular. Also, blue under-cassocks are not uncommon no matter what climate zone. It is proper to wear a belt on the under-cassock. But in the Serbian and Romanian Churches, these belts signify the rank of the priest. In the Russian Church, the belt is often quite elaborate. The late Archbishop John Garklavs of Chicago seemed to always wear belts embroidered with roses.

Wearing the under- and outer-cassocks is common to bishops, priests, deacons, monks and nuns. Permission to wear a cassock is often given to seminarians, monastic novices, and sub-deacons and readers in parishes. In the Orthodox Church, six liturgical colors are used: white, green, purple, red, blue, and gold. Later, black vestments also came into use.

In some places, scarlet orange or rust color is used. Black is traditionally the color of death and mourning in the West, but in the far East white is the color of death and mourning. In Russia, red is the color of beauty, brightness and joy. None of this is written down in the rules, and different colors obviously have different meanings for different peoples.

The most important Feasts of the Orthodox Church and the sacred events for which specific colors of vestments have been established, can be united into six basic groups:. Vestment color: Gold yellow of all shades. The group of feasts and days commemorating the Cross of Our Lord. Vestment color: Purple or dark red. In earlier times, there were no black vestments in the Orthodox Church, although the everyday clothing of the clergy, especially the monastics, was black.

In Russia, it was first proposed to the clergy of Saint Petersburg to wear black vestments, if possible, to participate in the Funeral of Emperor Peter II []. From that time on, black vestments became customary for funerals and the weekday services of Great Lent. Colors According to Various Local Customs. White is worn for the feasts and post-feasts of Epiphany, Transfiguration, and Pascha. In antiquity, Christmas and Epiphany were celebrated as one feast, Theophany of the Lord, so, in some places, white is worn on Christmas day, but gold is worn from the second day of Christmas until Epiphany.

In Muscovite custom, the Church and the vestments of the priest are changed to white at the prokeimenon of the Holy Saturday Liturgy. And then white is worn until the end of Paschal Matins, and bright red is worn at the Paschal Liturgy and throughout the Paschal season. In some places in Russia, white is worn from Ascension to Pentecost, but in other places, gold is worn for those days.

In Carpatho-Russian style, in the Paschal season, white, exclusively, is worn. White, the color of the Resurrection is worn at funerals and memorial services. Gold is worn from Christmas to Epiphany, and in some places, during the Nativity fast. Gold is worn when no other color is specified. In one tradition, gold is worn on all Sundays except when white is worn , including even the Sundays in all the fasting periods. In Carpatho-Russian style, gold is worn from the eve of Ascension to the eve of Pentecost.

Great Thursday evening Twelve Gospels : Black. Great Saturday from the reading of the Epistle : White. Pascha until the leavetaking : White. Ascension until the leavetaking : White. Pentecost until the leavetaking : Green.

Monday of the Holy Spirit: Green. Nativity of St John the Baptist and in general his other feastdays : Red. Sts Peter and Paul, and generally feastdays of Apostles: Gold. Dormition Fast, until the Eve of the Transfiguration: Red. Transfiguration until the leavetaking : White. Dormition of the Theotokos forefeast until the leavetaking : Blue. Beyond the above specific Feasts and seasons, the following more general rules apply: Lower-rank Feasts of the Lord, as well as general weekdays and Sundays outside of a major fast: Gold.

Feasts of the Theotokos: Blue. Feasts of the Angels and Heavenly Hosts: Red. Feasts of Prophets: Gold. Feasts of Hierarchs: Gold. Feasts of Martyrs: Red. Feasts of Monastics and Fools-for-Christ: Green. Feasts of Virgins: White. At Funerals: White, or otherwise the colour of season.

At Baptisms: White. At Marriages: The colour of season. Return to Handbook Contents. Search Handbook Search for:.

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