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Atkinson, Iowa, to Long Prairie, west side of the Mississippi river; but, although the agency was located at Long Prairie, the Indians occupied the Swan river valley, within the present limits of Morrison county for a period of seven years, where they engaged partly in hunting and partly in farming, having about two hundred acres under cultivation, but they became dissatisfied and were removed to the Blue Earth country.

Ripley on the west bank of the Mississippi river, about twenty miles above the mouth of Swan river. During the outbreak of Indians in it became necessary to station a large force of soldiers here to overawe the redskins — to hold back the Chip- pewas, who were then suspected of an intention to make common cause with the hostile Sioux in warfare against the whites.

The Seventh United States Regulars were there stationed for quite a period until the Indian war had subsided. Morrison is one of the central counties of Minnesota ; it is about forty by forty-two miles, respectively, east and west and north and south, and has an area of one thousand one hundred and thirty-nine square miles, equal to almost seven hundred and twenty-nine thousand acres.

That por- tion lying east of the Mississippi river was originally included in Benton county, while that to the west of that river was a part of Todd county. The surface is rolling and originally well timbered, but interspersed with lakes and beautiful prairies. Ten townships in the eastern portion were, as late as , noted for their heavy pine and maple timber.

In the northwestern part of the county five other congressional townships had the same kind of native forest lands. At that date, from the pine region north on the west side of the Mississippi river, south to the county line, an unbroken forest e. The soil in this particular portion is excep- tionally fine. For ten miles south of the pine region extensive natural meadows existed. On the east side of the Mississippi river the country not included in the pine belt has but little timber of any sort, Init is made up largely of brush land, marsh and meadowland, with some good prairie land.

The soil is generally good for this section of Minnesota. The population of Morrison county, according to the census of , was twenty-four thousand and fifty-three; Little Falls, its seat of justice, having at that date six thousand and seventy-eight. Among the points of historic interest in this county is that where Pike's fort was situated, on the west side of the Mississippi below the rap- ids south of Little I'alls. At this place the bank rises fifteen feet, on the summit of which the stockade was built.

Measurements taken in showed it to have been thirty-eight feet square. The distance from the water's edge being not over sixty feet in low water, there is no inconsistency in the statement. This was Lieut. Pike, the first United States Army officer sent to the upper Mississippi. He was later made famous by his explora- tions in the Rocky Mountain country, where a celebrated mountain peak was named for him — Pike's Peak. After building the stockade near Swan river, he passed a month in hunting and exploring the vicinity, but toward the close of November he began to make plans to visit the trading posts of British traders.

On December lo he left his little stockade near Little Falls. The party took with them prairie sleds and a preoque, towed by three men. On December 14, just after leaving the encampment, the fore- most sled, carrying his baggage and powder, fell into the river. But suffi- cient was saved to continue the journey. On December 31, , he passed the mouth of Pine river. On January 2, , just as he was encamping, four Chippewas, Grant, an Englishman, and a Frenchman of the North- west Company arrived.

The next day Pike returned with Grant to one of the posts on the Red Cedar lake and found the British flag flying. That night he came back to his men. On January 8 he reached Sandy lake. Grant's residence, and was received with hospitality. The gates were locked, but, upon knock- ing, he was admitted and cordially greeted by Hugh McGillis, the principal trader of the Northwest Company west of Lake Superior, being the director of the Fond du Lac department.

The early movements of the traders in Morrison county were some- what complicated, and difficult to trace out at this late date. In Charles Larose and Charles Chawboile had a trading post for at least two winters on a small flatboat on the east side of the Mississippi near Big Bend. In , when Wadena came down from the north country, he found two trading posts near together on the west side of the Mississippi, just below where later the ferry crossed at Swan river.

The buildings then appeared quite old. An Indian trading post was established at a very early day in the east side of the Mississippi, in what was later known as Bellevue township. Of this post, Duncan McDougal, a former resident, said when he was at the place, in the spring of , the logs of the building were fully half decayed; also stated that the post had been run by August Ballangier and Baptiste Roy for Allen Morrison.

Previous to all goods were brought across from Lake Superior, but after that date from points below on the Mississippi. About , Mr. Ewing, of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, in company with others, established a trad- ing post at Swan river on the east side of the Mississippi. Philip Beaupre and Lewis Morrow were employed by this company in The earliest missionary in Morrison county, aside from the Catholics in , was the Rev.

Samuel Spates, a native of Kentucky, born in , and sent by the Methodist Episcopal church into the Northwest. He estab- lished a mission near the mouth of Little Elk river in October, He was assisted by Revs. Subsequently Rev. Two years later he moved to Cannon Falls, Minne- sota. John Johnson, the converted Indian, later located at White Earth mission and was ordained as an Episcopal clergyman. In the oldest inhabitant of this county was a Little Falls man named William Nicholson. He came to Swan river in the summer of , in company with ten other men.

They forded the Mississippi just below the Swan river ferry, and there made a raft of hewed timbers from pine trees growing on the river bank, for use in the construction of the first dam at St. Anthony Falls. They ran the raft only a few miles, then abandoned it on account of low water. Nicholson went below and returned, in the s] ring if , crossed the Mississippi at the same place, in company with twenty-two other men, and cut a roadway through to Long Prairie.

He returned after completing the road, and found William Aitken, who had made a claim and was building a hotel and store building on the east bank of the Mississippi at the crossing. William Aitkin located at Swan river and in conducted the Indian trading post.

Aitkin had an eventful life, and hr died in 1, aged sixty-five years. He had two Indian wives. They quarreled and fought savagely at the funeral as to who should have the remains and be chief mourner; wife number one came off victorious. Will- iam Knowles located at the mouth of Rabbit river in John Stillwell, who came to Swan river in , was by trade a carpenter and worked at his trade until , when he embarked in the hotel business.

In he and pioneer William Nicholson were the only old settlers of Swan river remaining in this county. Historian Nathan Richardson said in , in his letters, that the Chippewas were seldom hostile toward the whites, while the Sioux would kill stock to supply their needs, and never thought of paying for the same. In this connection it will be well to give a brief account of the work of this faithful old missionary, at the date of the Indian outbreak, showing as it does his bravery and true missionary character.

In the autumn of , during that never-to-be-forgotten Indian war- fare, the Chippewa Indians, under their chief, Hole-in-the-Day, were assembled at Gull lake, threatening an attack on the whites. Father Pierz was in the vicinity of St. Paul at the time and hearing of the hostile atti- tude of the Indians, immediately set out alone to go to Gull lake, traveling day and night.

On his way he met the Indian guards, who positively refused to let him pass. He insisted and, unable to longer withstand his importuning, the guards picked him up and carried him over the dead-line, across which they were ordered to let no white man pass alive.

He pro- ceeded to their camp and saw their chief. What effect this interview with Hole-in-the-Day had is not definitely known, but the Indians did not attack the whites as contemplated. It is certain the white people had in Father Pierz a true friend who would not desert them in times of great danger. He labored in the mission until , when he retired on account of old age, going to Germany to spend the remainder of his days.

He died in Ger- many in January, , having attained the ripe age of ninety-two years. Another faithful missionary of the Cross, of the Protestant faith, was Frederick Aver, whose son still resides at Little Falls, respected and hon- ored by all within this section of Minnesota.

Here he soon oijened up an extensive farm, doing the first breaking in the county in the summer of , using oxen borrowed from Hon. Henry M. Desiring to work in a religious way among the Indians as well as among the white settlers, he erected a large dwelling in and a commo- dious school house, which also served as a church for a number of years. The house was still standing in the eighties, a fit and suitable reminder or memorial of those early sacrifices by one who spent his whole life in the cause of religion and education.

Adams, a inissionary, who went to Red Cedar, or Cass lake, about , settled in Morrison county in the Platte river vicinity, and preached several years, then removed to Michigan. Coe came to Minnesota in , working on the St. Croix and Snake rivers. He visited Belle prairie in , and came to this place in , engaging in farming pursuits. Of the numerous earlv settlers in this county, additional to these tew above named, the reader is referred to the various township histories.

In the publication known as '"Upper Mississippi Valley," published in , the following is said concerning pioneer William Nicholson: "Will- iam Nicholson, the oldest living settler in Morrison county at this date, was born in X'enango county, l-'ennsylvania, in In childhood his parents removed to Ohio, where his mother died in The following year William left home, and came with friends to I'lalte Mounds, Wisconsin. In that autumn he joined a crew who came u] the river, near this vicinity, for limber for the dam about to be constructed at St.

Returning to St. Paul, he spent the winter on the survey and returned to Wisconsin in March. In the lat- ter place he found the Indian agent, Fletcher, and remained in his employ until October, putting up a building for a trading post.

The winter of was spent in the pineries. After the Indian outbreak, at the time of the treaty with the Chippewas, he was taken prisoner, not being held long, however. During the period of fear and anxiety he was of great sen-ice to the garrison and settlers, making several secret trips, and once, at a great risk, guiding James Whitehead and Lafiferty, the former bearer of an important dispatch, to Crow Wing agency.

In the fall of Mr. Nicholson went on a trapping expedition and then settled in Little Falls. After seven years he moved to his farm and lived in peace and retirement, the remainder of his days. Peter Roy, born , in what is now Itasca county, Minnesota, was the son of two half breeds. He came to Morrison county in , remained until , moved to Crow Wing and there opened a store.

In he returned to this county, settling in in Little Falls village. He engaged in the hotel business, which he followed until his sudden death, in June, 1 88 1, dropping from his chair when apparently in excellent health. He was three times elected to a seat in the Minnesota Legislature from Morrison county, and was town clerk at the date of his death. In he married, at the Chippewa agency, Miss Philomon Chouinard, part Indian, by whom fourteen children were bom.

The climate of Minnesota is very similar to that of Sweden, more so than that of any other state in the Union. The soil and the vegetation is also about the same here as in their old home and it is therefore but natural that the Swedes should have settled in Minnesota in large numbers and that Morrison county, located as it is in the very center of the state, should have attracted a good many of these intelligent and industrious settlers.

In comparison, however, with the oldest Swedish settlements in the state, those in Morrison county are of a recent date. Already, fifty years ago, there were large, prosperous Swedish settlements in the southern part of the state, while the oldest one in Morrison county, that of Upsala, twen- ty miles southwest of Little Falls, dates back only since the year Since that year, however, systemized efforts directed from Little Falls were made, and hundreds of settlers of that nationality were brought in to take up vacant lands.

The erroneous impression frequently prevails that a good many of these people came direct from the old country. As a mat- ter of fact, not one in a hundred of the Swedes that leave the old country has on his arrival here money enough to buy a piece of land. He must first earn money for this purpose and the Swedes who settled in Morrison county came from the cities, the mines or the railroad or lumber camps — from anywhere where wages were good.

Brought up on farms where dairying and diversified farming have been carried on for generations, these new settlers were experienced farmers and, besides that, they were now broadened and educated by travel. They very quickly adapted themselves to the new conditions and surroundings and they were able and willing to work and work hard. This was, to be sure, also required as the lands that were taken up by them were, while undoubtedly the Ijest and most productive in the county, also the most difficult to bring under cultivation.

The growth of these Swedish settlements for the first few years was accordingly slow. Perse- verance and ability won, however, and that these settlers were amply rewarded for their labors can be seen by anyone visiting their settlements today. Take the neighborhood a few miles northwest of Little Falls, for instance. Twenty-five years ago it was about as uninviting a country as could possibly be imagined.

The road followed the "hogsl ack," a jackpine- covered ridge, and the travelers' first impression would be that, between swamp and sand, there was little choice. Travel that same road today and you will see fertile fields, well-kept farm houses, roomy barns, large silos and herds of blooded cattle grazing on the hill sides.

This is the Darling Swedish. Vmericans, to he correct, as nearlv all the people of the Swedish nationality in Morrison county are naturalized Americans — now enjoy genuine and well-earned prosperity, supixirting two churches, the Swedish Lutheran, Imilt in i8 7 and the Swedish Mission cluircli. This latter Swedish settlement, one of the agricultural gems of Morri- son county, commences about six miles northeast of Little Falls and takes in parts of Belle Prairie, Ripley and Buh townships.

Here we find a large farmers' co-operative creamery, a store, two Swedish churches — the Swed- ish Lutheran, built in , and the Swedish Free church, built in — and a large number of thrifty, prosperous and up-to-date farmers. Besides, in these distinctly Swedish settlements a large number of Swedes, estimated at about one thousand five hundred, live in Little Falls, where thev are well represented in business, in politics, in the professions, or on farms and five- and ten-acre tracts in the immediate vicinity of this city.

With hardly any exception, they own their own homes and while, as a matter of course, supporting their own churches — the Swedish Luth- eran, Swedish Methodist and the Swedish Congregational — and affiliated societies, the people of the Swedish nationality, here as wherever they settle, are not in the least clannish or narrow-minded, but, on the contrary, as enlightened and law-abiding, as successful and worthy, as public-spirited and progressive as the people of any other nationality, barring none.

Although the Norwegians are very numerous in the state of Minne- sota, they are very few and far between in Morrison county. There are approximately one hundred families in the county, of which sixty reside in Little F'alls, the balance being scattered in the country districts.

They are so few and scattered that no effort has been made to organize and maintain churches anywhere in the county except in the city of Little Falls, where one small congregation is maintained. The first Norwegians came here in and from that time on kept coming in single file and settled singly here and there. No effort was made to get together for the purpose of organizing schools and churches until in 1 89 1, when a congregation was organized in Little Falls, which has since been maintained.

But less than half of the Norwegians who live in Little Falls belong to this church. The other half either do not belong to any or have joined the reformed churches. The congregation in Little Falls has been served since its organization by five pastors from the general Norwe- gian Lutheran synod in the order named: Rorvick, Grove, Thallehaug, Hallanger and Mortenson. Although numerically few, the Norwegians are quite an important element of the population of the county.

They are here, as elsewhere, in the state, industrious and prosperous, and take an effective and intelligent interest in public affairs. There are no paupers or illiterates among. In the country districts they own some of the largest and best cultivated farms, while in the city of Little Falls they include several of the business men, two of the professional men, the superintendent of the big saw-mill and some of its foremen.

All through the county the German people are found in goodly num- bers and, as their biographies appear in the second volume of this work, and mention having also been made of their settlement in the various town- ship and village histories, it is unnecessary to go into detail about their first and subsequent settlement in Morrison county. It will suffice to remark that some of the best citizens and captains of industry found in the county today are of the German nationality.

They are always frugal, honest and loyal to the flag of this country and are sure to become allied with our peo- ple by becoming naturalized at the first opportunity offered. By Arthur Lamonthe. The French of the province of Quebec were to Morrison county what they had been to the whole state of Minnesota among its pioneers.

What could have enticed them from the beautiful valley of the St. Lawrence to wander to the then little known valley of the Mississippi no one familiar with the adventurous dispositions of the race will be at a loss to know. Was it not their forefathers who were the first explorers of the American Northwest?

The names of some are linked with famous discoveries, like that of the Father of Waters, Lake Superior, the Rocky Mountains and other important points in the vast country. They were for the most part young men from the farm whose imagination was fired by the stories of returning adventurers; the far away, the unknown, fas- cinated them also, and they started west, dreaming of fortune and adventure.

Their inborn love of the soil induced them finally to settle on a farm and found a home. That part of the state of Minnesota which is now Morrison county offered advantages to the early settlers. Crossed by the Mississippi, a much traveled road connecting the northern regions to St.

Paul, passed through it following the river. The soil along the river was not the best, but it was easy to break and its settlers were saved from the isolation so much dreaded by a sociable race. As it is difficult to give accurate dates as to the coming and settling of the French pioneers of Morrison county, I will divide them in decades, starting with That honor is claimed for Peter Chouinard, a blacksmith, whose shop stood on the old fair grounds, north of Little Falls.

I have not been able to ascertain where he came from and the date of his death. He was the father of Mrs. Peter Roy and Mrs. Narcisse Gravel. Martin Bisson is looked upon as the pioneer of the French race in Morrison county. He was a man universally respected for his honesty and much sought after for his generous hospitality. I am told that his modest home was crowded by travelers or prospective settlers whom he had induced to settle in his neighborhood.

Bisson was born in Maskinonge, Quebec, about As a young man he had been engaged in the fur trade in the Northwest, had married a sister of the Beaulieu, a people closely associated with the early history of Minnesota, had returned to his native home, where he purchased a fine farm. But the fascination of the West was too great to permit him to enjoy the peaceful life of a farmer in a quiet rural commun- ity.

He sold out and came to Belle Prairie, bringing with him two of his neighbors, John Branchaud and Theodore Bellefeuille, who eventually became his sons-in-law. Prairie, to which he was really a benefactor, giving forty acres of his farm for the church. In his old days he followed his children to White Earth, where he died. The other early settlers of Belle Prairie and Little Falls came in this order : Peter Picotte, born at Louisville, Quebec, in , came in the fifties to Belle Prairie, after trying to reach California by the way of the o.

He turned his steps to Minnesota to join his former neigh- bor, Martin Bisson, and made his home in Belle Prairie. William Butler, a prominent figure among the French pioneers of Mor- rison county, was born at Chateauguay, Quebec, about In his early youth he had lived in Glens Falls, New York, where he learned the tanner's trade.

He came to Morrison county in the year , worked for a time as clerk for the Little Falls Manufacturing Company and started a store in company with F. Gravel, whose share he bought out later. He married Mary Holmes, a lady much esteemed for her many good qualities. Butler died in , leaving quite an estate. Butler survived him twenty-eight years. Moses Laford was a native of Maskinonge county and a settler in the fifties. He was for a time a butcher, a lumber man, a merchant and a hotel keeper.

He was elected as a representative of Morrison county to the state Legislature. He died at Little Falls in , at the age of sixty-nine. To him is attributed the fact that St. Paul remained the capital of the state when a hill was drafted to transfer it to St. Roy disappeared with the bill till the end of the session.

The ruse saved the day for St. If the world was not so forgetful of its benefactors, Periche Roy would have his statue in the marble capitol of Minnesota instead of a marble slab in Calvary cemetery of Little Falls, where the forgotten legislator sleeps his last sleep since Joseph Doucetee, also a settler of the fifties, was a native of Gentilly, Quebec.

Other French settlers of the same decade were: Michel Heroux. He returned to Canada. His son, Michel, married a daughter of Michel Ledoux. The Houde family came also from the same state. Felix Bastien and his brother, Simon. Narcisse Gravel, a native of Yamachiche, Quebec.

He was later followed by his parents, his brothers, Charles, Honore and James. Paschal Doucette, Hector Doucette, F. Richard, J. Richard, Joseph Gendron. The spiritual needs of the early French settlers were attended by Father Pierz, who was working among the Indians. Father Buh joined him later and made himself all to all. In the late seventies they secured a priest of their own language in Father Chandonnet. Some French people were induced to settle in the neighborhood of Long Prairie by the quality of the soil.

His nephew, Louis St. Antoine, who had served four years in the Civil War, took a homestead near him. Maxime Pepin settled near Swanville. The two brothers, J. Blais and Nazaire Blais, established themselves there also. Morrison county was organized by an act of the territorial Legisla- ture, approved February 25, It was named in honor of Hon. Allen W. Morrison, who came to Minnesota in the twenties and was prominent in the early history of the territory of Minnesota. The first election was held on April 14, , when the following officers were elected: William Trask, Elliott J.

Kidder and W. Fairbanks, district attorney; W. Tuttle and John Fry, assessors. The territory comprising Morrison county has been divided, and sub- divided, into many civil townships or precincts. Among these changes may be named, in brief, the following: First it was divided into three townships, Little Falls, Platte River and Swan River.

In the spring of , the county commissioners organized the county into four civil town- ships. By the townships were increased by four more sub-divisions, Agram, Morrill, Pike Creek and Ripley. Unlike many other counties in Minnesota, Morrison county has never had any difficulty over locating its county seat. The act providing for the organization of the county also stipulated that Little Falls should be the seat of justice, and it has never been removed.

At the first meeting of the board of county commissioners, in May, , they divided the county into three separate voting precincts, Little Falls, Swan River and Platte River. At the November meeting, that year, the commissioners voted to pay Will- iam Sturgis eight thousand dollars, to erect a court house, and on the 24th of the same month bonds were issued and delivered to said Sturgis.

These bonds were eight in number, each calling for the sum of one thousand dol- lars, the first falling due in tliree years, and each subsequent year one fell due. The rate of interest was twelve per cent, per annum. Sturgis pro- ceeded to erect the court house and, after having it roofed and enclosed, but far from completion, failed, leaving the structure in an unfinished con- dition.

He had disposed of the bonds to a banker in Washington, D. C, who demanded payment as the bonds became due, but was refused by the county commissioners, because the building had not been completed as called for in the contract. The matter engaged the attention of commissioners and the courts for a number of years, and finally, in July, , a compro- mise was effected by which, under the administration of Commissioners William Butler, William fiarrison and Richard L.

Trask, the old bonds were taken up and new ones issued to the amount of eight thousand dollars, bearing seven per cent, one thousand dollars falling due each year until all should be paid for. It was in this manner that the first court house in this county was secured and paid for. It was a frame structure, which stood on the site of the present temple of justice.

It was a well-constructed Iniilding, for now, after all these eventful years and exposure to the elements, it is still in good repair and is u. The front only has been changed ; it had large columns in front when used as a court house, but this has lieen changed and the old portico has been enclosed, giving more floor space within the Iniilding.

It is now owned by the Maurin estate. About it was found wise and necessary, in order to preserve the county records and furnish a place in keeping with the growth of the coun- ty, to erect a new, larger and more satisfactory place in which the county officers and courts could be accommodated in the performance of their sev- eral duties.

Consequently the county bonded itself in the sum of forty thousand dollars, issuing bonds running as long as thirty years and none payable within ten years. They drew five per cent, per annum and were, by bidding, struck off to the First National Bank of Little Falls at forty thousand one hundred and six dollars, on July 14, In July, , another set of bonds were issued for fifteen thousand dollars, with which to furnish and equip the new court house and its various offices, making the total cost of the present structure about sixty-five thousand dollars.

The county commissioners, at the time of the letting of the contract for this building, were, John Stump f, Peter Medved, N. Gravel and Dennis Sheedy. In October, , the court house was first lighted by electric lights, the contract being that the county should pay the sum of three hundred dol- lars per year for lighting both the court house and county jail. This court house is an ornament to the county and a monument to the wisdom and good sense of the officers and taxpayers of Morrison county.

It is a yellow brick structure, with a tall tower surmounting the superstruc- ture, in which there is soon to be placed a handsome clock, the same having been provided for in the will of the late Josiah Page, who left for such pur- pose the sum of two thousand dollars. The court house has ample rooms for all the officials and a spacious court room and jury rooms. It is both heated and lighted by modern methods — steam and electricity.

The first regular jail in Morrison county was the one situated on the public square, built of square timbers; it was sixteen by twenty- four feet. It still stands opposite the court house, being clapboard- ed, however. The present jail is situated on the southeast corner of the court house square. It is a yellow brick building, erected in , at a cost of seven thousand five hundred dollars original contracts and was improved in , by the addition of three new steel cages, which were thought to be safe as against the escape of prisoners.

However, several prisoners have been able to make good their escape since then. For various reasons, the building has been condemned by general public opinion and will doubtless ere long be replaced by a more attractive and up-to-date building. Prior to the building of the old log or timber jail mentioned, all prisoners were kept at St. Cloud, or guarded at Little Falls by the sheriff. Every county has to contend with and provide for the maintenance of her unfortunate poor.

Some counties in Minnesota have their poor farms and find that to be the most economical method by which the poor can be cared for. Morrison county has tried both plans and neither is without fault. Up to , no attempt had been made to have a county farm, but in August of that year the commissioners leased a farm of one hundred and si. This was in the neighbor- hood of Belle Prairie, but, after experimenting with such a plan until the autumn of , it was abolished.

It was not until June, , that the commissioners changed from the county to the township plan of caring for the paupers of the county. The vote by the board on this question stood, four for the townshi] and one for the county plan. It may be of interest to note what taxes were levied more than a half century ago in Morrison county, when it had only been organized a short time.

Property then consisted mostly of wild land that had been entered at three dollars per acre. J-J mills was made, two mills being for state tax, and one mill for special school tax. The average value of wild land was then three dollars per acre. The following is a copy of a part of the financial statement made by the county auditor of Morrison county, for the period between November i, , and March i, Receipts.

Merriam -Alexander Ramsey — W. Clough -W. Marshall — William H. Eustis -Horace Austin — Samuel R. Davis — John A. Johnson -J. Pillsbury — John A. Pillsbury 19 10 — Adolph 0. Eberhart I88I- -L. Hubbard — Adolph 0. Eberhart -L. Hubbard — Winfield S. Hammond -A. The congressmen who have served the people of Morrison county since the apportionment are as follow: Apportionment of Third District — John T.

Averill, Repub- lican. King, Republican, ; Jacob H. Washburn, Republican, March. Democrat, March, , to March, ; H. Hall, Republican, March, , to March, ; O. Davis, Republican, March, , to March, Nye, March, , to March, ; George R. Smith, March, Apportionment of Sixth District — M. Buckman, Republican, March. Lind- bergh, March, , to March, 19 Since i the state senators representing Morrison county have been as given below.

The year noted indicates the session of the Legislature in which serving: , Seth Gibbs; , S. Lowry; , J. Wilson; , J. Wilson; , R. Richardson; , Louis A. Evans; , C. Gilman; , C. Gilman; , H. Wait; , H. Wait; , R. Chewning; , R. Adams; , C. Pillsbury; , C. Pillsbury; , L. Swenson; , L. Fuller; , W. Fuller; , C. Buckman; , C. Buckman; , A. Ferris; , John T. Frater; , S.

Alderman; , S. Alderman; , C. Johnson; , C. Johnson; , George H. Since i the men who have represented the district in which Morrison county has been situated have been as follows years given are sessions : , Thomas Cathcart, Levi Wheeler, P. Gregory; , R. Richardson, W. Rigby, C. Rufifee; , Oscar Taylor, Louis A.

Evans, W. Rigbee; , N. Barns, Thomas Cathcart, B. Overpeck; , H. Miller, N. Richardson; , N. Miller, D. Pettijohn; , Ludwig Robbers, William H. Hicks; , John L. Wilson, Isaac Thorson; , W. Moore, Luke Marvin; , N. Richardson; , John O. Haven; , Moses Lafond; , C. Chadbourne; , F. Fridley; , C. Demeules, G. Hartley, J. Sadley; , J.

HoWes, J. Sad- ley; , L. Lum, J. Flynn, W. Lee; , R. Dunn, J C. Fleming; , H. Stivers, Werner Hemsted, J. Sheets, E. Price; , W. Fuller, Robert C. Dunn, W. Fleming, William E. Lee; , J- D. Jones, B. Hartshorn, H. Mallette; , A. Fer- ris, J. Head; , A. Ferris, H. Stivers; , A. Ferris, Werner Hemsted; , L W.

Bouck, H. Rider; , I. Rider; , L W. Bouck, M. Young; , Elmer A. King, L. Brown; 1, L. Brown, C. Bouck; , C. Bouck, Louis W. Vasaly; 5, C. Vasaly, Edward R. Only one reason can be given for the following list of officers who have served Morrison county not being complete, namely, the fact that for more than a dozen years after the organization of this county the election returns were not turned over to the secretary of state, as prescribed by law, or not preserved by the county officers.

It is to be regretted that the counties of Minnesota are not required to make a permanent record of the elections, as do nearly all other states in the Union. Aided somewhat by the Historical Society at St. Lachance, to ; Frank Ellenbecker, to ; V. Kasparek, to ; James A. Nichols, to ; H. Harding, to ; William A. Butler, to 1; B. McNairy, to Jonathan Taylor, ; W. Lambert, to ; S. Stoll, to ; Joseph L.

Meyer, to ; Lyman Signor, to ; Frank Renick, to 19 Rider, to ; E. Signor, to ; Henry Goulet, to ; L. Gaudet, to ; W. Hall, to ; Charles E. Vasaly, to 1 ; F. Bastien, 1 to Kimball, to ; Peter Neuman, to ; A. Richardson, to ; E. Clark, to ; Nathan Richardson, to ; D. Calhoun, to ; R. Worthington, to ; E. Breble, to ; Frank W. Lyon, to ; J. Rhodes, to ; Frank W. Lyon, to ; F. Lindbergh, to ; Don M.

Cameron, to ; C. Rosenmier, to Nathan Richardson, to ; W. Dow, to ; R. Batzer, to ; W. Dow, to ; H. Clyde, to ; Nels Peterson, to ; H. Clyde, to ; Nels Peterson, to ; A. Fenn, to ; P. Randall, to ; Nels Peterson, 5 to 19 Henry Armstrong, to ; J. McMannus, to ; G. Fortier, to ; O.

Trace, to ; N. Dumont, to ; O. Trace, to ;. Chance, to ; P. Brown, to 1; N. Chance, to Leon Houde, to ; I. Staples, to ; Lyman Signor, to ; S. Brick, to ; A. Stoll, to Rasicot, to ; C. Hayes, to ; R. Worthing- ton, to ; I. Wright, to ; S. Fuller, to ; E. Shaw, to ; E. Collins, to ; E. King, to ; Lud Gaudet, ; Nels N. Bergheim, to Guernon, to ; John McDonald, to ; J. Seal, to ; Crawford Sheldon, to ; M.

Barnes, to Since the Australian ballot has been established and the record is kept better, it shows the election of the following county commissioners : John Stumpf chairman , W. Sheedy, ; N. Hennen, J. Jacobson, W.

Gross, N. Gross, F. Lakin, J. Jacobson, ; E. Sullivan, R. Tedford, J. Lakin, C. Smith, ; Ole L. Herun, D. Rocheleau, Peter Virnig, J. Jacob- son, F. Lakin, ; A. Hennen, D. Rocheleau, H. Gassert, F. Lakin, M. Viechoek, ; the present board is composed of the following mem- bers: First district, Andrew Herum; second district, D.

Rocheleau, Henry Gassert, F. Lakin, Herman Vanselow. The first three named go out of office in 19 17 and the others in 19 Taft, 1,; W. Bryan, 1,; Prohibition candidate, Morrison county is located near the geographical center of the state, the Mississippi river flowing through it from north to south, dividing it into nearly equal parts.

Two lines of railroad pass through the county, the main line of the Northern Pacific from north to south, and the Soo line from west to east. The surface is rolling and partly timbered, the soil in some parts being dark sandy loam, while in other parts it runs to a heavy clay loam, both of which are rich and productive.

Morrison county lays claim to being the ideal locality for diversified farming on account of the productive nature of its soil, ample supply of pure water, sufficient rainfall, good market, and the fact that a crop failure has never been known.

With its great natural advan- tages, and located, as it is, on two direct lines of railroad leading to the great markets of the Northwest, the Twin Cities and Duluth, Morrison county, ofifers unparallelled inducements to those seeking a home.

Wheat, oats, rye, barley, flax, etc. That Morrison county stands at the head as a grain-producing county there can be no question when the fact is known that, in competition with counties from all parts of the state, at the Minnesota state fairs of and , Morrison scored highest on grains, with one hundred and forty-nine points out of a possible one hundred and fifty.

Corn is coming into its own as a profitable commodity in central Min- nesota, and is today one of the important crops grown in Morrison county. Both white and yellow Dent are grown, and a crop failure is not known in this section. No other proof of this need be given than the statement that Morrison scored ninety-six per cent, in the county competition at the state fair of Potatoes are one of the leading and most profitable crops produced by the Morrison county farmer, the nature of the soil being particularly adapted to the production of potatoes of superior quality.

The jield is heavy, and a ready market is always found for this crop, a considerable portion of which is purchased by the buyers and shipped to other states for seed purposes. All kinds of garden vegetables are grown with success, and the crop is of superior quality. As an illustration of this we might mention that a Mor- rison county grower has taken first prize on celery each year he has exhibited at the state fair, in competition with the entire state.

Do not get the idea that central Minnesota is outside the fruit belt, for many kinds of apples, plums, grapes and crabs are successfully grown, and Morrison county can show many fine orchards. At the county exhibit of , thirty-six varieties of apples alone were shown. All kinds of small fruits, such as strawberries, raspberries, currants, etc. Wild fruit and berries are very plentiful in the timbered sections of the county.

Stock raising has in the past few years become one of the leading indus- tries of this section. An abundance of wild grass, with immense crops of clover, timothy and other grasses, makes this branch very profitable to the farmer.

Hogs do especially well, epidemics being unknown. Carried on with diversified farming, or as a business of itself, Morrison county oflfers superior inducements to the stock raiser. Morrison is known as the Bread and Butter county of the Bread and Butter state, and well it deserves the title when the development of the dairying industry in recent years is considered. Today, nearly every town- ship has its creamery, some of them more than one. No industry has advanced more rapidly in volume ui Imsiness, or been more profitable than dairying.

This section is particularly adapted to this line. Out of eight hundred and three creameries in this state, Morrison county, in , stood eighteenth in rank. It will be observed that a creamery is as important to a community as a large industrial plant, the only difference being that the money is paid to the farmer instead of to factory employes in town or city.

Morrison is among the most fertile counties in all Minnesota as regards the production and maturing of profitable crops. It ranges from a black alluvial mould and sandy marl loam, mixed with clay, with sub-soil of clay, one-fourth of which is prairie and the balance originally covered with mixed hard woods and pines.

About one-half of the land area is now occupied by two thousand six hundred and twenty-two farms ; the balance, three hun- dred and fivty-seven thousand acres, is yet unimproved. The unimproved land is selling at from fifteen to thirty dollars per acre, while the improved is selling at from thirty to seventy-five dollars per acre. It should be remembered that, not many years ago, it was believed that this far-north corn could not be successfully produced, and all farming was along the line of small grain, wheat, oats, barley and rye, which is still the chief crop, but by no means all that is grown.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing is that the company rarely responds to inquiries. With iPods and iPads and Xboxes and PlayStationsnone of which I know how to workinformation becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation, he told his audience, according to the AFP.

Comments : 6 Trackbacks : 0 Top of page. Beauty meets artistry in a record that should well restore your faith in boys and their guitars, brilliant. SubbacultchaIn addition there are many used cubicles PA to be part of the workspace of the office, you not only ensure that employees get a good disciplined space to work but also confirm their privacy.

Similarly used cubicles NY provide a unique look while maintaining quality. This cubicles are must if you are running an office of any sort, be it a call centre or a doctors clinic. They help to fill up the office gap efficiently as well as help to supply some sort of privacy to your employees, who are working on the same floor.

Cubicles are a necessity if you look forward to your employees to keep their deadlines as they require working undisturbed. But you need to be judicious in your choice. There is no better poster child for the benefits of CEO Branding than Richard Branson who has single handedly proven that branded CEOs are a very precious commodity Branson is, of course, the CEO and architect of the Virgin brand While Branson obviously has savvy operational skills, the key to him making the transition from successful business man to building a multi billion dollar enterprise has been the development of his CEO brand Branson is known for his colorful personality and competitive spirit, he is a media darling and is loved by the public.

Comments : 8 Trackbacks : 0 Top of page. Girls With Guns featured an almost Crampslike twangy guitar line, compliments of guitarist John Downfall, while forthcoming single and ShangriLas homage Do You Want a Boyfriend outlined Fletchers criteria for potential mates. Among the prerequisites He must like the Jesus and Mary Chain.

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There are many have worked tirelessly in the Finder emerging threats that real-time is leading you should consider. A lesser-known country you can now in your meeting. We didn't have Client provides the real customization just the process it for how big and entrepreneurs will as multicast traffic.

Hence, investors are advised to utilize this investment strategy with vigilance and caution. Margin — A relatively new concept for Forex investors, a margin account is akin to equity markets. It is a brokerage account wherein the customer borrows money from its broker in order to continue currency trading. In addition to flexible and competitive trading conditions, traders today are after ease and convenience when depositing and withdrawing funds. A good Forex broker provides clients with various payment options, allowing them to choose the one that suits their needs.

Debit and credit cards, as well as bank wire options, are just a few of the default payment options used by traders. Again, thanks to technological advancements, a number of electronic payment systems have emerged. PayPal , Skrill , Neteller , and Webmoney are the most commonly used methods. When selecting a payment option, consider the commission or fee charged by the mentioned payment systems. It is also vital that the safety and security of funds are taken into consideration. Forex trading brokers, at times, may waive any deposit fee to encourage their clients to cash in more money.

To establish trust and loyalty, the best FX companies have also focused on the importance of having a very good customer service department. Whether handling an inquiry or a complaint, they should be able to provide quick response and resolve the matter as soon as possible. The majority of online best Forex brokers are now stepping up and providing a hour customer support.

In order to meet the needs of their clients well, and to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, Forex brokers meticulously train their customer agents for weeks. The customer service representatives should be very knowledgeable about Forex trading, and the products or services being offered, in order to successfully deal with problems encountered by a client and suggest possible solutions. Aside from remaining composed and organized, one must also be a good listener to be a good Forex customer service representative.

They should not interrupt the client in the middle of a call. A good rule of conversation is to let the customer do all the talking at first. Then the representative can assume the role of a troubleshooter by asking the right questions pertaining to the concern and figure out how it can be solved. Brokers should ensure that it is easy for a customer to call or in some instances, send an email to a customer service agent, and it should not involve too much time just to get through to an agent.

Clients tend to be impatient, especially when they have questions or concerns. It would be a bonus if the Forex broker could provide some sort of entertainment to kill boredom while customers are waiting to be attended to. The best Forex broker in year should be a registered and licensed entity before it begins to operate and advertise their business in a specific area. Governments, through financial regulators, have different sets of rules and regulations, which a licensed or registered entity should comply with.

Regulators secure the global market by inspecting companies and firms, and probing illicit activities, if any. Forex brokers indicate on their corporate website which regulator and entity supervises their activities. It also provides education to industry players for them to be more knowledgeable about their duties and all regulations. The futures and options markets in the U.

Formed in , the commission oversees financial firms involved in derivatives markets. Their mission is to maintain transparent, competitive, and financially sound markets to protect the public from fraud and manipulation. Anchored on fairness, integrity, and transparency, this non-profit organization is tasked to enforce guidelines on business conduct among investment dealers in Canada.

A regulating entity in the United Kingdom, the Financial Conduct Authority FCA supervises almost 60, financial services firms and institutions in the country. Check out best FCA Forex brokers on our website. Created in , the ASIC serves as the corporate, markets, and financial services regulator mandated to enforce laws and beef up a healthy financial system for investors and individuals in Australia.

The regulator is tasked to supervise banks, insurance companies, dealers, and exchanges in Switzerland. The FSA handles the oversight of private entities, the development of rules and policies, the creation of standards, and compliance with guidelines. A Forex trading platform is where FX traders place trades, and read trading data. Simply put, a trading platform serves as the bridge between traders and the Forex market.

A good trading platform should be easy to navigate, can provide details including charts, pricing, and trading analysis, and has an interface where traders can enter orders which will be processed by the Forex broker. Also, software can usually be installed with various operating systems such as Linux, Mac, and Windows, although some firms offer web-based trading platforms which can be run using Java, a high-level and widely used computer programming language.

Thanks to advancements in technology, and Forex brokers that step up their game, trading platforms have adjusted better to the fast-paced world. These platforms, which are usually offered by Forex brokers for free, serve as an avenue for traders to open, close, and manage positions via an intermediary. An ideal platform must be easy to comprehend, visually appealing, and present numerous tools available to traders. It should also enable investors to place orders with ease, as well as include charting instruments, the latest quotes, and relevant news feeds.

Lastly, the user must be able to easily configure settings in that platform. Forex brokers typically offer free demo accounts before a client opens an account and dives in into the actual currency trading, which allows one to get the feel of using that software before beginning to trade. It is essential to be acquainted with the features and how to use the trading platform without risking any money while learning the basics. Practice makes perfect. Introduced in , both are programs developed by MetaQuotes Software for trading currencies via the internet.

Every platform has its own configuration but all of these have nearly the same features such as Forex prices, technical analysis instruments, drawing tools, news feeds, and charts. Before getting into the currency market, it is important to know if the broker offers the trading platform free of charge, otherwise there will be an additional rate for utilizing the program. Learn more about the platform, to understand if it allows chart trading, if the order interface presents options, if data can be easily accessed through the software, if strategy backtesting is permitted, and if it has an API enabling a trader to incorporate more programming or install more software.

This can help you be sure about what is offered and how the broker serves its customers. And, remember to not immediately believe everything you read online, it is important to double check the accuracy of information read on these online articles.

Is that broker reliable or unscrupulous? As certain brokers may attempt to use these methods to attract more clients into the company or hire marketing people to boost their image to potential customers, you should always do a very thorough research.

Forex trading brokers should always let the client handle their own Forex trading. If the Forex trading broker determines or limits the amount of money a client can take, this is definitely a red flag that they may not be a reputable or honest broker. What if that client has a margin account and sustained losses because prices went too steep? If the trader has no power over his own account, the broker can simply liquidate position on a margin call at a lower price. There are certain acts that are illegal in Forex trading, such as sniping and hunting.

These acts involve a broker by purchasing or selling close to preset points ahead of time. This illicit activity is difficult to detect, so it is vital to talk to other traders in order to prevent this from happening. Currently, there is no list containing the names of brokers that commit sniping and hunting, so it is another important reason to do careful research. If the Forex broker is engaged in other criminal acts, such as corruption, money laundering, or sale of illegal arms or drugs, this is obviously a broker to avoid.

Should a Forex broker be caught by law enforcement, all money invested with that broker could be seized and all investments would be lost. There has been a growing number of Forex rating and review websites available online in As mentioned earlier, due diligence is essential before beginning any kind of investment. No one has ever wanted to have their hard-earned money disappear.

However, sadly, this has been the case in the FX market for quite a while now. The number of Forex companies entering the market are climbing in , and many of them are not entirely trustworthy. They hype their products and services through marketing and advertising, and wait for their targets to fall into their trap. Those new to the Forex trading market are the usual victims, and this is what TopBrokers. By providing only top-quality and reliable reviews, TopBrokers.

The team behind our portal carefully selects the Forex companies that are included on their list. In addition to providing basic details about account types, trading platforms, payment methods, and regulatory compliance, reviews from seasoned traders are also available on their website to provide newbies with helpful insights about the essential qualities of a Forex broker.

You can check all customer reviews of Forex brokers in on our website. The team is aware that, for a long time, it has been a practice of some Forex companies to hire people to write fake and misleading reviews. Users who create spam reviews will receive a warning and possibly be banned from posting to the website.

As you shop around for the best Forex brokers, you may want to explore some of the great Forex broker bonuses that are available. But, be cautious when temptation hits, because you still need to ensure that you are working with a highly reputable and trustworthy Forex broker and not being blinded by certain perks that may be offered. It can be smart to get outside financial advice from a trusted advisor before diving into Forex trading.

Make sure that you are properly equipped with knowledge about investing, specifically with Forex, and that you are not jeopardizing your financial health and your personal goals. Unfortunately, any time you invest, success is not guaranteed. What you can do is equip yourself and be prepared, and fully understand the benefits and risks of Forex trading. A top Forex broker will help you to avoid many of the potential pitfalls, and this should be evident in any reviews that you find in your research.

New traders need to be especially careful about ensuring their trading is stable, being properly disciplined to closely follow the market, making trades at the right times, and not overly trusting automated systems that may be making your trades - make your trades manually rather than using some of the automated technology until you learn the intricacies that will protect you.

Your broker should be helping you to keep your money safe. Trades should be executed promptly and accurately. When you learn more about how brokers keep liquidity high and keep the market active, you will begin to understand the best times for trades, how to watch for widening spread, and how to manage your investment to keep it as stable--and growing--as possible.

Your broker should demonstrate that you are valuable as a client and you should feel that you can trust your Forex broker to help you protect and grow your investment. Of course there are brokers who merely want to gain more profit by employing illegal schemes. But earning more money at the expense of clients is unforgivable.

Engaging in any illicit act may put a broker in danger as that perpetrator can face administrative charges or criminal cases or his license may also be revoked by financial regulators. By doing thorough due diligence, a trader can learn to spot and distinguish the differences between respectable and fraudulent brokers.

It is important to always find out whether or not any complaints have been filed against the broker. If possible, look into that case and get in touch with the user to verify that complaint. It is also crucial to read and scrutinize every detail of documents and agreements before signing any contract and opening an account with a Forex trading broker. Contracts are in place to help a potential trader to understand provisions of the contract and contingencies in case of unfortunate events.

Start small. Many Forex experts encourage clients to begin trading currencies with a small capital. When new traders start this way, withdrawing funds from their accounts after at least a month can help determine if it is wise to continue to conduct transactions with the broker. A delay in withdrawal is sometimes the issue. If this issue does ever arise, the best course of action is to first discuss it with the broker. However, if the same problem continues to occur, it may be time to entrust money to another Forex trading service provider.

Have an investment plan, and stick to it. Make sure your expectations are reasonable. It attracts both good and bad entities. That is why one needs to practice due diligence in choosing the most suitable Forex broker in order to understand the nitty-gritty of currency trading. Checking the compiled list of TopBrokers. The team running TopBrokers. Given its large trading volume, investing any cash may result in either significant gain or substantial loss.

Therefore, it is highly advised to have an emergency cushion before investing any amount of money. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Forex investing is about saving up for the rainy days. An individual should not embark on any business venture, investment, or make long-term financial plans if he or she does not have an emergency fund.

Prior to investing, individuals should set aside a portion of their income, enough to cover daily expenses for three months at the very least, and one year at most, in case of any unforeseen circumstances such as job loss or medical emergency. Again, no emergency fund, no investment. This is the very step to any investment a client has to make. Think of it as a cushion when a person falls. Financial companies offering international currency trading Forex services to private traders all over the world.

To view the rating of online brokers click here. List of the most popular brokerage companies, filtered by reputation, customer reviews, trading conditions and platform functionality. Open the updated list by clicking here. All brokers, represented on TopBrokers. Find the best Forex Broker Listing in our portal. Comment: Ever been a victim of investment, trading or any cryptocurrency scam, dont hesitate to reach out to Summitrecoup com to help recover all your funds.

Get help while you can. I was introduced to this guys at skyline-recovery com they are the best and helped me recover all of my funds without any hassle in a week. Comment: Currency pairs have leverage of up to and this affords me a higher purchasing power to take up substantial positions sizes with my relatively small sized account. Comment: It's a pretty decent broker. Hi Emanuel, We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us.

We take pride in delivering exceptional service to all of our clients and we are happy to receive your compliments. Regards, The Exness Team. Comment: We should stop blaming victims and accusing them of being greedy; I wasn't greedy and I'm pretty smart, but I still fell victim and was only saved by expertise on reversalpro , c0m.

I was fortunate, but there are many other victims out there who have been completely destroyed and are helpless. Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. Invest in capital that is willing to expose such risks. Best Forex brokers Classic filter Constructor. Minimum Deposit. Live spread. Bank broker. VIP accounts. Micro account. Cent account. Founded in. Payment systems. Maximum Leverage. No deposit bonus. ECN accounts. Swap-Free accounts.

Broker type. Deposit bonus. Trading instruments. Accepting US traders? Provision of VPS. STP accounts. Phone trading. Number of CFD assets. Mobile trading. Vitamins in the wallet - How to invest in orange juice How to invest in dividend companies - stocks and ETFs Read: How to invest in defense companies? Read: Vanguard - one of the "big three" of the ETF market. Read: Bogleheads - save and invest.

Read: How to buy Google Stock? Everything about investing in Alphabet Inc. Read: How to buy Amazon shares? Everything about investing in Amazon [Guide]. Ichimoku's backstage strategy - Grzegorz Moskwa. What are divergences and how to use them in trading? Read: Renko charts - trading without time pressure.

The genesis of cult trades - Warren Buffett buys Premature dollar funeral or revolution of the financial system Bubble is not bad. What can we do thanks to Options and interest rate change - What is the co Curtis M. Charlie Munger - co-founder of Berkshire Hathaway's success Curtis Faith's book "Intuitive Speculation" is now Read: Compound interest - the eighth wonder of the world.

How does unusual Polish trader invest? About trading, zara Highly effective strategy, or how to earn money on Read: How to choose your forex broker? Transaction history on the MetaTrader 4 chart. Keyboard shortcuts for MetaTrader 4. What does the world know about cryptocurrencies? Bitcoin has dropped to its lowest level since late Cryptocurrencies suffer from record inflation in the US Read: Cryptocurrency exchanges - A list of the most popular offers.

Read: Solana SOL - a cryptocurrency that rises when others' prices fall. Read: Cryptocurrency contracts - how does it work? In six months New cryptocurrency laws and regulations in Poland. Estimated penalties up to PLN.

Next Previous. Post in the category. About the Author. Forex Club is one of the largest and oldest Polish investment portals - forex and trading tools. It is an original project launched in and a recognizable brand focused on the currency market. Leave a Response Cancel reply.

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The latter couple were married Wednesday afternoon by Judge of Probate, E.

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Rich dad webinar forex It was named in honor of Hon. Parshall, of the Episcopal church. The design of this ridge is not evident, but it must have sustained some relation to other works in the neighborhood. As a family of children gathered around him, he recognized the relation of husband and father and consci- entiously discharged his duties as parent. Gorman, of Indiana; secretary, J. William Aitkin located at Swan river and in conducted the Indian trading post.
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Andrzej pierz forex broker Colonel Lea and Governor Ramsey gave them a few words of advice on various subjects connected with their future welfare, but especially upt n the subject of education and temperance. Cloud, or guarded at Little Falls by the sheriff. Doug- las was chairman. It is also seen on the southeast side in an exposure of a few acres, rising ten to twenty feet above the river at a fourth of a mile farther to the east. During the summer a passenger, as he stood on the hurricane deck of any of the steamboats, might have seen, on a scaffold on the bluffs in the rear of Kaposia, a square box covered with red cloth.
Invest 98l The surface is rolling and originally well timbered, but interspersed with lakes and beautiful prairies. To perpetuate the story of these people and to trace and record the social, political and industrial progress of the community from its first inception is the andrzej pierz forex broker of the local historian. It is a yellow brick building, erected inat a cost of seven thousand five hundred dollars original contracts and was improved inby the addition of three new steel cages, which were thought to be safe as against the escape of prisoners. On February 17, before the bill passed the House, a decision arose in relation to the proposed name. Hall, Republican, March,to March, ; O. Cooper, of Pennsylvania, and B.
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