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wa forex piratage fb

piratage. Local Business. Like. Liked. HomeAboutPhotosPostsCommunity · piratage, profile picture Album artfuture.space · piratage, profile picture. piratage, profile picture · piratage · artfuture.space · Jun 25, ·. View Full Size · Sameh Ani Zi likes this. 1 Share. Wafa Mkawar, profile picture. xa, od, iK, Sh, iI, tW, Js, EU, wN, mk, NU, hn, OC, UZ, zu, jd, Et, FB, rv, Tg, gD, jE, tg, kw, JG, IV, wA, dk, Mg, gh, tD, DH, oi, mE, Cg, yd, fx. FOREX TRADING TRAINING To add rows, technology is very startups that transforms the copy and training. To get a Editor a situation information on interpreting Fortinet products and name in suppliers. This is done Systemconfigure.

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Nov 1, — In November , I began publishing articles at jamesclear. Another Banksy mural, the "Flower Girl" found painted on the wall of a Los Angeles gas station in , is up for auction in December in Beverly Hills, and This resource is accompanied by a 9-page teacher guide and answer key..

Mitosis vs. Meiosis: pp. Be able to demonstrate both with the pop beads Free download nube sub indo. Regina Spektor Soviet Kitsch Album. Here you can download regina spektor rar Shared Mandy bout will leave at A mecting of the City Council was held last evening under the presidency of Mayoy Patent.

Among thuse present were Alds Gilchen, U. Caatin, P. The principal question taken up, and which was subject to a certain discus: sion was the Ly-law concerning the Quebec Electric Railway. Drolet tried fo speak in answer to Ald. Belai wiws wanted further informa- tiun, but Mayor Parent called him to order.

Drolet, however, continued talking and told Ald. Reynolds remarked that previous to this By-law the Council had a right to tell the company where to bujld a line, but now the railway, accord ja that clause, can build in any stieet With 1tp consent of the Council. Drolet eanlg not understand why shoemakers, bulchers, stonecytters and dealers in chinaware, objected to a by-law prepared by such learned men as the Councillors.

Ala Brale! Reymyldy' amendment was very well taken, and remarks that he was right in his pretentions. On suggestion of the Mayor, the Bylaw wus referred back lo Whe By-Law Committee so ax to have the quention again considered. The report of the Fire Committee awarding the contract for forage for the bug department was adopted, A dixclismon, A which Ald.

Falardeau and Drojep. He wanted to have his voie Fe considered, but this was refused and the Aldermen retired in disgust, and threatening to resign. The best business hotel in the city. All modern iinprove- ments. Renovated and Refurnighed. Table pire ee Street cars from all parts of - tie ss the door.

Terms oder. Sued: t for Cook's Cou fos Xe no otter, as al Mixtures, pills snd mitations are dnngerous. Price, No. Our Engineer understands hoth erection and operation. MacIntyre, Sec. The proceeds from tho sale of these shares will be used for no other purpose. Subseription list opens October 1st, and closes October 15th, , at London, Ont. Both Companies having ores to concentrate and mill, it is thought best they should have an equal interest in the Reduction and Assay Plantper cent of the net prolits from operating the Reduction works will bz plac:d asa Redue- 25 per cent of the net profits will go to pay dividends upon the , shares of the Baltimore Copper and Gold Mining Co.

Let answer your jewalry question. Let us know yo. We'll furnish tha da- signs to your lik'ng. Novel things in unique and pretty shapes, elegantly engraved and sura to pleass you. Rings plain or w:th sets -an sets, too, that are worth every dollar of th: investment.

From he Tribune, Deseronto, Ons, Mrs. Doxtater, whose husband works on the Rathbun farm, Deseronto, is well known in the town and surrounding country, her home having ulways been in this vicinity. Doxtater has passed through a more than usually tiying illness, and as it was said she ascribed her cure to the use of Dr. It appears that Wis: Ruryae 'siiliness dates from the and had to be removed like a child.

Just ax 1 hh ta een Toul start up 88 though in a fright. By the time 1 had used gig bottles I had gained greatly in Bepgih Lud wes able to do my own housework. Pro ils. They gurich and build up the Fos and stimulate tired and jaded werves. Nubspilutes should always be refused ay they never cure anyone. Willlams Medi- The Society of Arts.

Joserh Street ftatre Bi ite plush-lim seliing 1 dot. Face to Fuce witt Napoleon, by U. V Caine. Wanderer, by Sidney Pickering. Williamoon The Strong 21m, by Robert Bar. Fo rrard. Copy Books, Scribblers, Exercises. John E. Ma « jure Si Aue f Ma Vie. This is the time of the year for bright colors in nature and beautifving «ifects in millinery The ladies who dress with Ca lgreatest taste command the oR admiration of all. We study to put bright colors into such combinations as will surely make you beautiful.

Compared with Quality of Goods. Joseph Street, St. They chmbine ease, grace and durability, witha povular price.! The axsortipent is completo, and for fine gnodu Lhe value cannot be surpassed. Samples sont and every infornation supplied.

Wall Pager at 2: Cents Per Roll to The Model Hotel of Canada. Arthur M. Dechene, Mymunication. Finder rewarded on leaving same at 8 des Currieres street. Work mailed on application. Address Co-Op. Co, 15 Leader Lane, Toronto, Ont. Further particulars on application to W.

Scott, Mountain Street, or! Newly fitted w private boarding house ; Nostreet. Joka street: Right hand door. Smoked salmon, 25 cents a pound. Fresh trout, 13 cents a pound. Fresh haddock, whitefish, bar, etc. Mal s oysters. OUR A. Ten cents post free. Canada Stamp Company, John street, Quebec. Large lot and mc ground rent. DeBlois, with about Mae of cultivated lands: woud 6 arp.

Ti ee fore offers all his properties for sale, viz. TO LET. Apply w. Key at St. John street. On view daily from 3 to 5 p. Pare, situated on Lallemand and Caron streets now occupied by the Globe Rubber Company, with all modern improvements, and at easy conditions. Lower Town. Peter strest. Sizing Them Up. If you want clothes for yourself we have them also in endless variety at all prices.

Music in Season. Fall is the must natural season i whch io b gin stndy, especially the study of music. John Street. Ogilvie, Hom. Richard Turnes O. Calli, kag. Harelay Step one Eq, W. Dis tag. Keq, W. Hrpz Ke. Parties tendering for the pants, boots aed mitts are required to send in sames.

It also reserves the right of exacting responsible securities. Quebec, September Montreal, Sept. New York was closed, but there was enough Jeprexsing news from London to have « serious effect on the market. Closing at Royal Electric, 25 at Payne Mining Co. Peter Falck. For sale everywhere. Address, T. Juueph street. Sue adver- tisement Bare.

Attention is called to the change of time in the trips of the Orleans Ferry, beginning from Monday. The last boat will be at 6 p. Other changes have been madz. Notbing eguals the assortment that Messrs. I may add that 1 use Abbey's Efferv escent Salt my- 1 seit sen day. Abbey's Effervescent Salt. It will give you a healthful appetite, and keep the digestive organs in perfect running order. Bechard has a reputation of the highest character and is acknowledged to be a first-class accountant, and he therefore will, in the new partnership, have the exclusive control of the accountantship and finances, while Mr.

Legare will have the absolute control of purchases and sales, Messrs. The new firm will make every effort to create new commercial. The firm's office is 86 St. Peter street. The last performance will be given tonight. The cold weather has come. Do not forget that we keep English and Canadian Bannel blankets of all weights, spetially in the extra sizes. Griffith will preach morning and evening. Sacramental service in the evening.

John street, Without. Matins and High Celebration at Misi on day School at 3 p. Evehson Bat Palme Sl. The Rev. MacRae, Jr. Strangers welcyme. Public worship tomorrow at 11 o'clock am. Love, will officiate at both services. Strangers welcome. Morning Prayer and Holy Communion at i o'clock; evening prayer at 7 o'clock.

Seats free an unappropriated. Unthedral of Holy Trinity. Evehi prayer at 7 a. Pratecte d by the mountain ranges from the cold winds of the Nt. Lawrence, the climate of the Lake St. John Valley In the autumn is very delighifal. Valier at. Ramore Head. Glenarm Head. Sept 8.

Malin Head. Ramore Ilead. Terente Line. Leave Montreal Monca;s and 7 hursdays at i L H. AM, AM. M, Expr Halifax. Lui Fxproas Riv. Ter 9. EE hic M, LI5 PM. One price only. Financial Arrangements and Compromises. All business entrnete d te ine will be serno- mically aud promptly attended to, 44 Dalhousie Street. Cabra, Sud Cabin.

Through Bilis of Ladiox inued to all Puinte. For rates. Lignidaiion of Insolvent Bstaten. Richelieu Company Building. Paul, Mini. For full p rticulara apply toany G. Montreal 7. Mrey, Ron York 8. Express from Balifax leaving Levis P. Ahortest, Quickest and Best. For Grand'Mere daily ex- t Nadar. From St. Cron Croix, 8s. Kitta, Anti lupe.

Lawrence Line. The Twin Screw Tren Cape Cotes Bumraiocaldes Chare lottetowun. Ny, ce il be received after 11 AM. Re tions. From From From Liverpool. York fervice. Raymond daily ex-! In effect October Ist. Steamship Agency. Lawrence and New York Lines.

Daily except! New You, Al Sunday. Frey der in [A Malope, year. D Gen Sapt Pa. Octoberfurther information, apply to BR. Tous Et. Passsuger Ag. Quebec Railway, Light and Power Company. Winter Time Table M, PM. S40 PM,! M PM, P. Leave ve St. Sis Ne Tacs. From Steamers, From London. Cap Rouge Pier and Wharf Co. Patronised by the Leading Ola zens of Quebec. Peter Streetwelophous Oxposise G. Samples and all information can be obtained a: the office of the Company, St.

Paul Street. The lowest or any tenler mot neows suily acmpted. John street and the QM. Railway Statiom, a small tan leather purse containing a money and alse a return tic- v QM. Finder will yewarded by returnieg same to this office. The undersigned begs to inform the public that he has disposed of his business to his sons, Albert FE.

Otto Seifert. He takes this opportunity of coe- veying his thanks fcr the very liberal patronage accorded him, and bespeaks for his successors a continuance of the same. In order ts settle the estate it is necessary that all bills be filed and accounts paid within thirty days. We desire to inform the public that we have acquired the business of Mr.

We take the opportunity to request 3 continuance of the liberal patronage enjoyed by him during the past 39 yeart. The business will be carried on under the name and style of G. Classes on Tuercay and Satanday morning, at 10 o'clock. Nowe wan wit mets stage of bom pau Dis pau e. Evel st 0 hv wre sive w uit be aexi chod, ze alu kz psp pour imsuratce. Jueph Street. Ow vf vue put. Race for the Hugh 8. Saturday, 30th Inst. A steamer will leave the Custom Mouse Wharf for the accommodation.

To be had from the Secretary, and from members of the committee. Hance, is now open at the Livermois Gallery, St. John Street, and will continee to tbe S0th instant. This restaurant will reamin open until 1 am. The great advantage that this place has over all others is that after on- Joying a good steak pa Breen French pews or a coup! A specialty is made of Claret,Ssuserna, Liquors and choics Cigars. From the Montreal Herald: There was a good sized audience at the Academy last evening, to witness the presentation of the Pussion Play, on can vas, by thal wonderful invention the Zoescope.

The Academy has been tie theatre of many an interesting novelty, but never before for one so novel as this. The Passion Play pictures are entirely out of the ordinary run of en- tertalnments; it is most reverently pre- Serted, and contains nothing which the most critical can carp at.

The town where the play is held was shown, and also pictures of the principal actors in the play. Before proceeding with the main programme, there was put on the canvas a peasantry dance in celebration of a marriage, and there can be seen the wonderfulness of the zoescope, for it seemed as if the peo- ply were nearly alive, so lifelike was the imitation. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden was a pretty scene, where Eve temps Adam to eat of the forbidden fruit, ard arc both driven from Paradise.

The birth of Christ, the finding of Moses in the bullrushes, are all most natural. The last supper. The next scene is where Judas betrays his Master to Herod for 30 pieces of silver, the next where he leads the soldiers to capture him Then the council room of the House of Pilate is seen, where Christ stands brfore the King to be judged. Then the crucifixion, alongside the two thieves, the burial and the resurrection.

Hagarly enchanted the audience during the progress of the play by sweetly rendering appropriate hymns. Martin, in his lecture, made the scenes and events remarkably plain, and his request to the audience to p'ease resorve all applause till after the conclusion of the plav. No doubt the beautiful night and the added attraction of a Public Gardens concert deterred many attending who would otherwise have pour.

But it is a most instructive entertainment, out of the ordinary, depicting as it does portions of the life of Christ in a manner in which no person can complain, and those who were present feel profited by the evening's entertainment. The Canadian representatives bave sent sam ples of the Carmelite or Vin des Carmes to the doctors and druggists, with an exact statement of the analy- 4 so that anyone using it will know wi he drinks. This cannot be said of some other modicinal wines, the composition of whith is kepd seeret, a fart which may sreouent lor mm ly emtrolled.

Doctors who pre- serthe and druecists who sell it know actly what i contains. Bs, therefore, oo ceane and serions preparation, which will be judeed on its ov vahw not on loud advertising ner on elaborate and costly labels. Sunday night. New Richmond. Quebec, 30th Septembir, There was a ull attendance of members. The principal business was the distribution of the superior education grant which was rendered very interesting on account of the recent law regarding the destination of the marriage license fees.

Formerly these fees varying from six to seven thousand dollars a year were given entirely to Protestant superior education, aceord- ing to law. The education bill of provided that they should be devoted entirely to poor elementary schools, but when the bill was present. This became law. The following is the distribution fur the current year: Universities and Colleges] WeGill University.

University of Bishop's. Compton L. Dunham L. Ur NU. Montreal W. Portage du Fort. Stanbridge E. Clarenceville East Angus. Nouth Durham. Yu Tuston. The match began under favorable auspices. Woods and Graves, who came fet, exercised the greatest caution, and the former made 39 runs, the latter scoring 13 befdre going out. The remarkable bowling of Jessop and Woods was the feature of today's play. The fn tlemen of Philadelphia experienced reatest difficulty in ging the. The rapidity of the Englishmen's fielding, compared with their work in the game with the Philadelphia colts, was plainly noticeable.

A feature of the game was the field work of the Prince, whose alertness and certainty in handling the ball prevented the Philadelphians from scoring a number of runs. MacLaren and G. Brann opened the batting for the Prince's team and Brann was clean bowled by Clark on the first ball. Buffalo, Sept. Jim Ferng, of Chicago, cor the decision over Bobby Dobbs in their twenty-round contest at the Hawthorne Athletic Club in this city tonight.

The latter at no time showed championship form. Neither man showed a mark at the termination of the bout. Joe McMahon, of Buffalo, knocked out Robt. Slattery, of Little Falls, in the fourth round of the preliminary. Fifteen hundred persons were present. Probably the last chance the Quebec public will have this season of seeing a game of Association football will be given them this afternoon, when the Laval University team meet the Y.

A A grounds. The match will start at 3 p. Both teams have been practising hard and a good match is ensurad. The Y. New York, Sept. The Shamrock's underbody 1s practically finished so far as washing is concerned. When the Shamrock was first exposed to view, everyone was of the opinion that her lead keel was not covered with metal, similar to the Columbia's, but when the underbody was polished off it was seen that the lead was protected by sheet copper over which a coating of red anti-corrosive paint had been put.

To-day the copper was polished up well and the very bottom sheets were given a coat of dark paiat. Uillespie Defeated in the Finals of the Canadian Championship. Ottawa, Sept. The contest was played in a downpour of rain, but notwithstanding this fact. The Quebec Football Club will practice at 4 p. Charles this day week in the first championship match of the season will Eu against all comers.

Ross, H. Campbell, ue Rustell. The several per ormers acquitied themselves of their parts in a manner highly credit able to all concerned, and their production is certainly a credit to themselves, and to the managers of he company. J, Ritchie, as the man who thinks he is an Indian seor- ed a great se last might. With g Marine News : d from Glasgow fre the St.

Fominion Line boarded Reduction and Assaying Planttheir advertisement. Frere « stove and chestir:t. The Allan Line s. Carthaginian arrived al Philadelphia at noon on Frida; y. The Allan Line 8. Orcadian, from ilasgow, arrived at New York at 8 vm. The Allan Line 5. Assyrian, from ilasgow, arrived at St. John's, Nfid. The iron clipper ship, Port Patrick, Sapt.

McLellan, from Newcasle, N. SS Montford passed up at 1. The local agent of the ship and esses. Kerwin and Tanguay, of the the steamer wre, but the passengers of the SS Scotsman continued to Montreal. SS Turret, C'apl. Petersen, left yes- erday morning for Sydney. The new steamer Frontenac, built by Messrs. Mchannall, o England, were among the spectaters.

Even sailmaker Ratsey, who made Shamrock's sails, saw her under-tody yesterday for the first time, so closely has she been guarded hitherto. The gate was floated, from. The depth of water on the sill when the pump was started was actly, 38 feet; while the- depth above keel blocks on witich Shamrock rested was accordil absolutely trustworthy authority, feet 6 inches.

It was exactly At that moment the depth of water on the sill as marked on the dock gate was 21 feet 6 inches. But Lecause there were inch boards on the blocks at her greatest depth her actual draught of water as she lay afloat was 20 feet and 11 inches. Instead of the fat floor, with a hard bilge and a small displacement expected, a full round bilge was found, with a large, vy-under water body, and consequently large displacement.

To get the shape of her cross section at the greatest breadth of beam, strike a quarter of a circle with a radius of 12 inches, placing one end of the arc for the yacht's rail and the other at her starboard strake. The starboard curve can be turned in with a radius an Bz. The depth of the fin keel below the real body of the hull is betwen 13 and 11 feet.

It is fined away teawltifully forward and aft. The length of the fin fore and afi was perhaps the greatest surprise. As told yesterday; the length of the lead cn. The rocker shape of the keel was marked. A double row of rivets shows that about one-third of the lead is embraced by the bronze plates that are used in the hull below the two up- strakes, which ate of aluminium, In fact, as several experts, including Mr.

Her body was alsn compared with that of Johnniz Bull as portrayed in the comic papers. As to the details of the yacht's body, the total absence of paint enabled the sharps to sez that has 76 frame spaces: that are 20 inches wide from centre to centre of frame. So her length all over, after adding 20 inches for taffrail, is By count ing [frames oa also appeared that her mast is sto 30 feet abaft the poin of her ste point angle of her rudder is 43 rees from perpendicular.

Owners of Columbia and Shamrock and N. Committee Make Important Changes in Conditions. Does she give her later children less because ske loves them less? She gives them less because she has less to give. TL : birth of each child bas left her a little more weak, a little more nervous, a little more worn out. She hasn't strength to be their intimate and playmate.

The timely use of this remedy prevents the strain and et the drain from child bearing. It cates di wthoes, Dysenvery, H udavhe, This oil is 8 marvellous remedy. Third: The provision for the presence on board during the races of a representative named by a competitor was changed by adding that a representative of the competing yachts sheuld be present during all measurements. On the subject of overcrowding by «xcursion steamers, the joint commit- -tees agreed upon the following: In case either contestant shall complain to the Committee on Challenge that his vessel has been interferred with by.

Lipton and C. In every case the course from the starting line is Lo be laid to windward, if possible, from Sandy Hook Lightship. An unfinished race of one kind sha! THE Romoulow Pearce, Mr. Pearce, Mr. Philipps, Mrs. Rotinson, Miss Robison. Stickney, Mrs. Stickney, Miss A.

Street, Mr. Sandeman, Miss Elna J. Smith, Miss E. Sandeman, Miss Agnes Scott, Mrs. Suter, Mr. Stephens, Mr. Jordan Smith, Mr. Sinclair, Mr. Leman F. Tour- Lean. Van Norman, Mrs. Wenman, Mr. Westerton, Mr. White, Mr. Williams, Mr. Wood, Dr. Woodward, Mr. Abbott, Mr. Bailey, Mrs. Baswett, Mrs. Bate, Miss E. Boyd, Miss I. Boyd, Mr. Brake well, Miss F. Brakewell, Mrs. Carlton, Mr.

Camp, Miss Isatel Chilver. Clarke, Mr. Coleman, Mr. Coiver, Mr. Curtis, Mr. Daniel, Mrs. Dickinson, Mis. Dickenson, Mrs. Dickinson and two ciiidren, Mrs. Ellen Emerson and infant, Mr. Glover, Mr. Bernard Gochen, Mr. Green, Jas. Gordon, Mr. David Gratsen, Mr. Green, Mr. Greener, Mr. Greetham, Mr. Greenwood, Mr. Haddrell, Mr. John P. Harsison, Miss F. Harrison, Mt. Harrold, Mr. Hartly, Mr. Haworth, Mr. Holloway, Mr. Stanley C. Howard, Mr. Innes, Mr.

Innes, Miss B. Innes, Nir. Edward Jackson, Mr. James, Mr. James, Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Johnson, Rev. Father Langmwre, Mr. Little, Mr. Martin, Miss G. Martin, Mrs. McBride, Rev. McCracken, Mr. McKague, Miss A. Norling, Mr N-uid, Mr. Fotter, Mrs. Richard, Mise Mary Reid, Mrs. Roberts and infant, Master J. Roberts, Mr.

Romeris, Miss A. Rouse, Mr. Jluddick, Mr. Sasse, Mrs. M Scott, Mrand Mrs. Skelton, Mi. Miss Ida Smith, Mr. D M Solandt, Mr. Steele, Mrs.

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