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Hul share price support and resistance forex

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hul share price support and resistance forex

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Hul share price support and resistance forex operational forex analysis


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After the movement beyond the range limits, the resistance became the support level points 3 and 4. It is believed that the more often the price chart reaches the level and turns then back tests it , the stronger this area is and the harder it will be for the price to go through. It is not recommended to open trades in the middle of the range when the price is between support and resistance , as further movement can be an unpredictable direction.

After the price has started moving from level to level, open a position after the first new candle formed from the border inside the range. In this case, the trade should be closed even before the chart touches the opposite line, because the price may simply not reach it at all.

If the price chart goes beyond the support level, you need to wait until candles appear to confirm the breakthrough and then you can open a trade in the same direction. Then Stop Loss makes sense to set at the same distance just above the level. Similarly, if the asset price overcomes the Resistance, you can open a trade, for example, 5 points higher than this level, and Stop Loss will be below.

EN English. Create Live Account. Need Help? Visit our Help Section. Login Register. Quick access. Technical analysis. How to use support and resistance levels? When is it best to open a trade using support and resistance? Consider that in this case, the support will become the resistance. These descriptions are just for example and are not a guide to action.

Major currency pairs and exotic pairs do frequently in a non-trending market. The image below shows some nearly repetitive support levels in a larger time frame. Since we use multiple time frame analysis on 28 pairs every day, spotting pairs that are oscillating or ranging between support and resistance levels is fairly easy.

Sometimes a currency pair can get stuck in a range of prices. The ranges can be small or wide, and in these cases traders may want to avoid trading these pairs or only execute short term trades. Since the Forexearlywarning traders conduct daily multiple time frame analysis across so many pairs, it is easier for us to identify pairs stuck inside ranges or clusters of support or resistance.

This means that if a pair is bouncing up and down in a tight or fairly wide price range and looks difficult to trade, it probably is. The market is not always trending or oscillating in perfect, smooth cycles and patterns. Trading a market like this is riskier and the incidence of stop outs is more frequent.

Trade durations are shorter, or trading should be avoided. Another option we like is to set price alerts on either side of the cluster so we can be notified when the pairs are breaking out of the clusters or ranges. Breakouts are easier to trade, in general, and with our trading system. The overall recommendation is to stay away from clusters or choppy pairs or reduce the number of lots traded significantly, to reduce risk. Layers of support or resistance can also referred to as choppy markets, tight ranges, clusters, tunnels, and not to confuse anyone with terminology but they are all danger signs pointing to riskier trades.

Trading pairs with a lot of room to move up or down, and not stuck in clusters, is easier to trade and profit from. On this chart above is an example of a support cluster, and a cluster breakout point. This pair has moved down considerably on the D1 time frame and has now formed a support cluster. You can set a price alert below the support cluster or above the support cluster and wait for a clean breakout in either direction. If the pair breaks out it will be able to move better and be much easier to trade with larger trends forming outside of the cluster.

Price alarms can be set on both sides of, but outside of the cluster at resistance and support looking for a clear shot at pips. One illustration of a resistance price alert point outside of the cluster is shown by the yellow line, traders should set a price alert at this resistance level to notify of a possible breakout. Remember this concept - currency pairs move because one currency is strong or the other is weak, or both. The reason clusters form is because both currencies are strong or weak, or both currencies are not moving.

This simple fact is ignored by almost all traders but can be easily verified by the charts. Currency pairs can also form clusters on the smaller time frames. In this case the pair is just consolidating after a movement cycle. If these intra-day consolidations go on for more than one day, traders can set a straddle alert if the direction of the market is not clear. A straddle alert is two price alerts on the same pair, one is above the higher breakout point, and one is below the lower breakout point, on the same pair.

A resistance alert and support alert set simultaneously on the same pair to detect movement in either direction. In this case after a thorough analysis of the JPY it looks like this pair could reverse back to the upside. But the GBP remains weak on th hgher time frames, so there is some uncertainty as to what direction the pair will go next.

To compensate for the uncertainty, a straddle price alert is set on this pair. The reason you set two price alerts on the same pair is that you just do not know what direction the pair will go based on your overall assessment of the market. In this case if the resistance alert hit, you have a clear potential for movement back up for about pips.

If the lower price alarm hits, the next support level is about pips away, so essentially this pair is a good opportunity for a trader in either direction, once the sluster is broken. So now you know how to analyze pairs for support and resistance levels, and also how to set price alerts.

Now the question is "What do I do when the alarms go off? The main trading session starts and the heaviest period of market activity is starting, including a lot of the forex news drivers. At some point one or more of your price alarms hits and will go off and the forex market starts moving. Now you get in front of the computer to see if you should enter a trade. Price alarms will tell you that the market is moving but you still need to verify your trade entries.

Or it could possibly identify an entry on another pair in the same parallel or inverse group of pairs. Price alarms detect price movement but it could be a price spike or fake out, as discussed above. It is always best to verify your forex trade entries with a reliable real time tool like the heatmap. For different heatmap configurations you can quickly see the pockets of strength and weakness on the spot forex at a glance and get your trade platform ready when the configurations are set.

So after the price alerts hit, check the heatmap to verify any buys or sells. Our library of example forex trade entry signals will show you various examples of trading signals for 28 pairs. Most charting platforms have tools for drawing forex support and resistance levels.

These tools make it easy to visualize the levels that exist on any pair. On the Metatrader MT4 platform, traders can click on the cross hairs drawing tool and immediately start to move the cross hairs across any chart to visualize short term and longer term support and resistance levels.

Click on the cross hairs indicator and within 30 seconds you can see that the current support is around 0. Below there the next major support level is around 0. So if a price breakout occurs to the downside you have about pips of potential, which is much higher than forex traders are used to. So in under a minute you can know this information, then decide if this is a pair you might be interested in selling.

If so then go ahead and set a price alert to monitor for a downside price breakout. A complete library of support and resistance examples are available on our blog. These examples will illustrate forex support and resistance levels for most of the pairs we trade on various time frames.

There are over examples of short term and long term support and resistance on our blog, along with examples of layers and clusters and where to set price alerts. All of the images and charts you see in this article are examples of our free forex trend indicators , which are exponential moving averages attached to a simple open, high, low, close chart. Summary and conclusions about forex support and resistance levels:. Knowing the short term and longer term support and resistance levels of any pair is part of our trading system.

All trends start and end at support and resistance, all consolidations, retracements and reversals start at support and resistance. Setting price alerts can be useful in monitoring 28 pairs for price breakouts and for initiating trades. Support and resistance levels can also be used for setting price targets and estimating exit points. Looking for pairs with lots of pip potential and avoiding clusters and layers of support and resistance on your trade entries will improve your trading and increase the number of pips you capture week after week.

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HUL - Support \u0026 Resistance - When to buy ?

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